July/August 2001
Trubled Times
for those times when you're having troubles
by Celeste aka BitaTruble

Dear Bita,

I've been Domme all my life but several months ago met someone who really has me in subspace. Our D/s relationship has recently moved from slowly unfolding into luscious blooming and now I want to be his sub. This is all quite delightful, but I have a question. Is there a graceful way to kneel down when one is 52 with somewhat crotchety knees? When I was young I would have slowly moved into a squatting position, bending my knees and rising on the balls of my feet as I came nearer and nearer to the floor, until I was more or less
sitting on my heels, from which position I would have then simply rocked forward onto my knees. Now, however, I have to get down on one knee first and it doesn't feel graceful at all. I've never knelt before my Dom, but I will be the next time he comes to town. Any suggestions?

Not a Spring Chicken Anymore

Dear Spring,

I'm sorry to say that as lifestylers we don't have any more ability to reverse the effects of time and aging than anyone else.  As we age, our bones creak and pop, our skin thins and the wrinkles start to show up whether we safeword against them or not.  My advice would be to have a long talk with the Master in question telling him your concerns and the limits that you are experiencing because of maturity.  One thing that may help is doing regular exercises that are designed to stretch the tendons and ligaments but I strongly advise going to a medical Doctor first for a complete checkup before starting any kind of regime. You might want to try heating pads before a session as well to loosen up tight muscles. Being the best submissive you can be does not depend entirely upon your ability to kneel .. what's in your
heart and head are much more important than anything you can physically accomplish.  Best of luck,


Dear Bita,

Ut-oh! Sure hope not many others have done this, but some time ago after we played I was unexpectedly interrupted during cleanup and today found the dirty toys, months later. Everything is now clean as a whistle except forthat pesky anal probe that she loves so well, made completely out of rubber.Despite lots of soap and water and a good long soak, I'm thinking we need to throw it out and spend a pile of cash on a new one. What do you think?

Confused over Plugs

Dear Confused,

I went to the expert for this one. You didn't specify if the probe wasinflatable, vibrating or something else so I just asked a general question. Beth Tyler is a long time aficionado of enema play and if she can't answer this one, no one can!

""Bita - Thanks for the e-mail (enema mail as I call it) and I wouldn't say that I'm really an expert on the subject but I can tell you how we clean our own latex nozzles and this should apply equally to rubber.

First of all, it's important to NOT get any moisture into the air valves on the inflator bulbs so I remove the inflators and plug the air tubes on the nozzle with small plastic plugs.  This prevents any moisture from getting into the tubes which would then transfer that moisture into the air valves when they're replaced.

Next I wash the nozzle thoroughly in plain Ivory Hand Soap and warm water.  Next is a rinse with warm water.  The last step is rinsing it again with a solution of one table spoon of bleach (I use Clorox) in about 2 gallons of warm water.  This should sanitize the unit quite well.  I don't think time is the issue since you are effectively cleansing the unit with the bleach.

'Hope this helps  - Beth""   

Thanks Beth! Bita


Dear Bita,

What is your ethnic ancestry?  One of my core passions is to become involved with ladies of Greek, Italian, Egyptian, and Spanish culture.  Can you direct me to a group that features such ladies?  Your picture reveals the Mediterranean Mixture, which is quite stimulating to me. 


Dear Stimulated,

I'm sorry to say that I don't direct people to specific groups other than to advise them to check out their local scene.  As for my own heritage -  I am half Sicilian and the other half is a melting pot of Irish, Dutch, English and Chickasaw (my Mothers side of the family is from Mississippi and couldn't quite figure out what they were so just threw in all the ingredients and called it done).  Basically I'm a mutt but thanks for asking.