July/August 2001
Life Under the Three Moons

by Michael

Tal all,

Here is the continuing story I promised in the March article. I apologize to those that looked for this in the May issue but due to some personal issues that had to be resolved, I had to postpone “The rest of the story”.

Getting there.

Mika and I had planned for 2 months to get together for a face to face meeting. Our initial plan was to meet at a local park near her work. Due to my car staying in the shop for almost 40 days the date was postponed.  Eventually as time went on and she came to know more about me we agreed to just meet at her home on June 15th, 1999. (Remember folks, we had been talking on-line and on the phone by this time for six months.  She had made the arrangements for her safety net which we would highly recommend for anyone meeting in this fashion.) Her five acres and home was in a very remote part of Arizona to the east of Tucson.  The instructions I received directing me to her home were very good except for one small detail. The way I read it I made a right turn instead of a left. People that live in the desert in Arizona tend to be cautious of strangers pulling into their driveways. Desert dwellers like Goreans tend to see strangers as enemies. Well I got to meet several of her neighbors that were not real helpful but were more interested in having me leave the premises. Going back to the main road I decided to try the left turn and everything then fell into place.

Arrival at her home.

I was now quite late and more then a little distraught about the directions Snafu. The door was opened to reveal the woman I knew I wanted in my collar. She was dressed in short red silk, wearing silver slave bells on her left ankle and a small loose knot tied in her hair. The pictures below tell the story best.



My instructions to her had been simple, she was to wear the red silks and bells, a bondage knot tied in her hair and to have a rotisserie chicken for my lunch. So far three out of four were carried out beautifully. I brought into the home a case with my “tools” in it and a bondage table. My plan for this day was two fold. First, to show her I wasn’t an axe murderer. Second to place my collar on her gorgeous neck. A girl is far more pleasing if she trusts her Master and can fully relax and give herself to him completely. Mika sat wide eyed as she watched me set up my table. Attaching chains to the four legs and another to the end where a girl’s collar would be secured. Mika had studied the ways of Gor online. She was expert in the positions and customs but had never felt the lash or found herself in chains. At least before that day. I was slow and precise in setting out the Heartwood deerskin flogger and horsehair whip. She watched apprehensively as I withdrew the various implements from the case. Some being obvious in their use and others being less so. Having carefully placed all of the “Toys”, I went to the couch and called her to me. I gave here the command  “NADU”. She knelt before me in the traditional Gorean fashion. With the back of my hand I stroked her hair and felt a slight shiver come over her and saw goose bumps flush over her body. I then slowly stroked down to her shoulders and gently brushed her erect nipples with the back of my knuckles. Slowly down her stomach and between her wide spread thighs. A slight sound came from her when I touched the moist heat of her engorged sex. Mika had not been with a man at this time since the death of her husband three years previously. My gentle touching and stroking soon resulted in Mika writhing and squirming in ecstasy. After her first yielding at my hand, I pushed her over on to her back and inched my way between her legs to find her erect clitoris and took it into my mouth.  I brought her quickly to the brink of yet another yielding when I suddenly stopped and sat back upon the couch and told her she had a decision to make, that decision would be the last decision she would have as a free woman. She had the choice of begging my collar or showing me to the door. My timing was not unplanned dear reader. I have never been a fool and I believed she would not wish me to go without finishing what I had started. I then presented a wide leather collar and a binding fiber of black leather.  

Mika then knelt before me in true Gorean fashion, assuming the position of female submission, (in nadu, with her arms raised and wrists crossed, her head lowered between her arms)  and said so softly I almost didn’t hear it, “Master, a girl submits to you in all things.”  This being said, I tied her wrists with the binding strap and placed the collar on her neck. Just then knock came on the door and a concerned neighbor came to visit. Quickly clothes went on and bondage items came off.

I will continue the story of that first meeting and up to the eve of our twelfth month anniversary in the next edition. Until then "Be Well". Feel free to write me with questions and comments at Michael@desertvista.com .