July/August 2001
The Arrangement
by dark whisper

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Karen's voice was hesitant, as she looked her friend in the eye. "You know I don't agree with it, and I don't know why you feel you have to subject yourself to the degradation."

"It's what he wants me to do. I can't deny him, that's how we are." Her voice was matter-of-fact, but the look in her eyes betrayed her nervousness. "Zachary, for all practical purposes, owns me. I know you don't agree with my lifestyle, but he and I have an agreement. He is my Master-I am his pet." She finished up her packing by placing a slinky, emerald green teddy in the lingerie flap of the suitcase. "Besides, I'm kind of looking forward to this. It's exciting as hell."

Deanne kissed her friend's cheek goodbye as she hoisted the suitcase, and gave the somewhat messy room one last look. "Well, I think that's it. Now, you have the number to reach me in an emergency, and I'll check in with you at least every other day. Okay?" She knew that Karen would worry, and since she was only going to be gone a week, she felt that her friend wouldn't freak out too much as long as she kept in touch.

"Please be careful, Deanne. And remember, you ARE your own person." Karen gave her a swat on the butt as she pushed her toward the door, and the taxi waiting on the street below.

The door closed, and Karen leaned back against the jam. "Zachary, if you hurt her, I'll make sure you regret it."

The hustle and bustle of London's Heathrow Airport surprised Deanne as she stepped into the waiting area. She'd somehow expected it to be less frantic than in the states. She saw the customs area, and took her place in line.

An hour later, she found herself back in the waiting lounge. She knew Zachary would be busy, so she expected to wait for quite some time. She ran one hand through the long, dark red strands of her hair, and picked up a magazine.

"Miss Monroe?" The voice was smooth, sexy, and definitely British.

"Yes?" She turned blue eyes up to the good-looking man standing in front of her. Her eyes lingered for a moment on the well-sculpted body hidden beneath the Armani suit he wore with a casual grace.

"Mr. Silver sent me to collect you, and take you to your accommodations." His eyes briefly moved over her face and then made a quick perusal of her lush body. She noticed that his gaze lingered for just a moment too long on the fullness of her chest. "Follow me, please." He picked up her bags as if they weighed no more than a feather, and motioned her ahead of him.

The car was long and lean. She recognized the Jaguar emblem on the bonnet as he opened the boot, and stowed her bags. She watched the play of his muscles as he moved. There was no doubt that he was in very good condition. She sighed slightly.

"Are you all right, Miss Monroe?"

Ah, his voice.

"Yes, I'm fine. Do you work with Zach? And what's your name?" She smiled at him as he opened her car door and helped her into the low-slung car.

"I've worked with him on a number of occasions, but no, we don't work together. My name is Alex."

She extended her hand and said, "I'm Deanne, when you call me Miss Monroe, I'm not real sure whom you are addressing! It's very nice to meet you, Alex."

He took her hand and briefly pressed it to his lips. She felt an immediate tingle run up her arm, and pulled her hand from his grasp. Zachary was her Master, and this man was merely someone he worked with, whom he sent to pick her up from the airport. This wouldn't do at all.

He smiled when she pulled her hand from his, and then started the car. The powerful motor purred to life and he pulled smoothly into traffic.

Alex was a wonderful tour-guide as they drove through the city. He pointed out the Thames River as they passed over its muddy waters. She found herself wishing that Alex were the one-the one her Master had arranged for her to accept into their lives. But of course, it wasn't. Zachary moved in very powerful circles, and the associate he wanted to share her with was just as powerful as he was himself. Deanne curled her fingers into her skirt and thought about Zachary's voice as he told her his plans. There was never any doubt that she had the option of saying no, but she also knew that if she did, he would kiss her lightly, hand her an expensive bauble, then walk out of her life.

The merest thought of him consumed her. If she only heard his voice over the telephone, her pussy flooded with slick juice. When he told her that there was someone he wanted her to meet, her heart dropped to her knees. He went on to explain that he'd been discussing her many charms with one of his business associates, and had made arrangements for them to spend a week in London.

Deanne didn't know at first if he was serious, but when she laughed in disbelief, he grew silent. He didn't say another word to her about it, but she felt the stoniness about him for three days until she dropped down in front of him, and accepted his wishes. Immediately, his countenance improved, and she once again felt like his treasured pet.

Twenty minutes outside the city, they pulled into a long, winding driveway. The house was huge. Deanne looked in awe at the gorgeous landscaping surrounding the house. She had no idea she would be staying anywhere other than one of the nicer hotels.

"Wow, this place is fantastic." Deanne's breathed. "Is Zachary here?"

"No, he'll be here shortly. He left you a note in your room, so I'd better get you up there." Alex led her through the doorway to a beautiful foyer. Everywhere she looked, she saw expensive antiques, and tasteful décor. Her legs were trembling as she followed Alex up the wide, winding staircase.

Her bedroom was stunning. It seemed as though the room had been decorated with her in mind. The room's predominate color was deep forest green, though soft mauves and even a muted yellow was scattered throughout. She felt immediately at home.

"Alicia will be up to help you unpack, but in the meantime, just relax and get your bearings. Welcome."

She smiled and watched his ass bunch as he turned and left the room. "Phew, what a butt," she whispered after she was sure he'd cleared the room.

On the table by the bed, was an envelope addressed to her in a strong, masculine scrawl. Zachary.

"Welcome, My pet. This is the home of My business associate--the one with whom I have agreed to share you. Please remember your status as 'guest' and behave accordingly. You will find clothing in the closet and drawers. You will ONLY wear what you find here. I will join you shortly, and we will begin your training."

Deanne read the note several times, searching for something in his words to reassure her-finding nothing. He seemed almost cold in the note. She turned to look at the beautiful room, and instead of seeing its beauty, now only saw it for what it was-her cage.

The mirrored doors of the closet held a dazzling array of gowns, all in various shades of green or burgundy. She ran the material of a deep emerald gown between her shaking fingers. Heavy, silky material slithered over her skin. She pulled the gown from the closet and held it to her body. The cut was deceptively simple; square cut bodice and nipped-in waistline. The gown was obviously sinfully expensive, and as there were no labels, she wondered if perhaps it had been made specifically for her. Green was her color; it made an exquisite foil for her dark auburn hair.

After putting the gown back into the closet, she moved to the ornate mahogany dresser and opened a drawer. She caught her breath at the stacks of silky wisps of material. She picked up a bra, and wondered briefly how the scrap of lace could possibly hold her heavy, full breasts.

She was still holding the bra when she heard a knock on the door, followed by a cheerful voice. "Miss? I've come to help you with your bath." Alicia was a stunning blonde, and the contrast between the two women was striking. Deanne stood just over six foot, and Alicia, though tall herself, barely came to Deanne's chin.

"Mr. Silver left very specific instructions for me, and asked that I see to your every need." Alicia bustled around the room and collected bits and pieces of lingerie, before pulling the emerald green gown from the closet. She moved into the huge, attached bathroom and arranged the clothing for easy access once Deanne was out of the bath. She then turned on the faucets and poured a generous amount of wickedly fragrant bath salts into the swirling water.

Deanne looked at Alicia, then the water, then back at Alicia. She felt almost as if she were drugged. She seemed to have no control over the sequence of events that held her tight in their powerful grasp. She found her fingers unzipping her skirt and tugging it over the curve of her hip, before the material landed in a silken pile at her feet. She moved automatically, and each article of clothing came off to expose more and more of her creamy skin.

At last she stood naked in the middle of the room: tall, poised, and utterly beautiful. Alicia's eyes moved slowly over Deanne's long body, lingering on the swell of her breasts before moving down the curve of her belly and finally resting on the soft patch of pubic hair at the apex of her thighs. Deanne felt the heat of her gaze as she moved toward the steamy tub and stepped into the hot, fragrant water.

Deanne felt as though this was some sort of dream from which she would awaken shortly. Surely this wasn't her body in the hot, swirling water, while another woman stroked a washcloth over her tingling skin. Alicia's touch was sure and smooth as she spread the rich lather over Deanne's skin. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the thoroughly erotic cleansing ritual.

When Alicia's hand reached her sex, her eyes opened and saw the intense look on the other woman's face. Her heart beat quickly in her chest as Alicia's fingers dipped into the inner folds of her pussy. She moaned as the slippery fingers circled her clit and pushed their way deeply inside her vagina. When Alicia's mouth met her own, Deanne's lips opened for the touch of her tongue.

"What a pretty picture." Zachary's voice was smooth and sexy in the steamy bathroom. Deanne jerked upright in the bathtub, but Alicia moved with her, still stroking her pussy. "You look like you are enjoying yourself, my pet."

"Master," Deanna breathed softly. "I…I am sorry." Her face was a mask of confusion, but Alicia's fingers never stopped their assault on her now throbbing pussy. She looked into Zachary's face and saw the pleasure deep in their smoky depths.

Then she understood. He had arranged for this whole little scenario. She felt a flash of anger that he'd not only allow her to be shared by his business associate, but by Alicia--a maid. But he WAS her Master, and as such, had the right to share her favors with whomever he wished.

"Come out of the water, babe." He held out his hand and she took it with trembling fingers. He led her to the bed and gently pushed her onto the satin spread. She turned to see Alicia strip off her clothes and then join her on the smooth material.

Alicia was gorgeous. Her blonde hair shone in the muted lights of the sumptuous bedroom. Her body was as lush as Deanne's own. Her light blue eyes gazed deeply into Deanne's deep blue as her hand began a slow exploration of the still damp skin. Deanne's fingers followed those of the girl, lingering on the luxurious warmth of her slick flesh. Tanned skin met creamy white as Alicia pressed herself against Deanne's fairness.

Zachary watched the slow exploration of his pet and Alicia with an intensity that almost startled Deanne. His eyes lingered on searching fingers and wet skin. When Alicia's fingers slid across the smoothly shaven lips of Deanne's pussy, he yanked off his belt and pulled down his trousers.

His cock was hard, and thrust itself into the air as his pants hit the floor. "Yes, My pet, I love watching your pleasure at the hands of a woman, but soon, I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

His hand began rhythmically stroking his long, thick cock. Deep, full strokes with his clenched fist. The underside of his shaft shone with moisture in the bright light of the bedroom.

Alicia watched the look on Zachary's face, and knelt between Deanne's open thighs. Her head bent, and her lips settled on the shaven lips of the redhead. Two distinct moans reached her ears as her tongue snaked out, and slid slowly up Deanne's glistening slit. Ah, the wetness. Two fingers joined her searching tongue, and pressed slowly inside the wriggling woman.

Deanne couldn't believe this was happening. She'd never thought herself capable of enjoying the soft touch of a woman. Always before, she wanted only to feel the rough, thrusting power of a man and his rock-hard cock. She liked to be taken. But this--this gentle sucking and licking was driving her mad! Her hands reached for the blonde head and pressed her closer. Every stroke of Alicia's tongue made her arch with pleasure. She forgot about Zachary standing at the foot of the bed watching them, thought only of the feel of soft lips and wet tongue. When Alicia sucked her swollen clit between her lips and flicked at it with her tongue, Deanne whimpered loudly. She knew then that she was close to orgasm.

"Alicia, that's enough." Zachary's voice was unsteady as he uttered the command.

Immediately the gentle lapping and sucking ceased, and Deanne bit her lip to stop the protest that rose unbidden to her lips. He was her Master, and his word was law.

"I want to see My toy's mouth on you, Alicia. Please change positions." His hand was now a blur on the rigid length of his shaft.

Quickly, the women changed places. Deanne sat back on her heels and let her eyes drink in the view of the blonde and her lush curves. She saw the way the full breasts heaved with excitement as her eyes lingered on the puckered nipples. She drug her eyes down, over the curve of her tanned stomach, and finally settled on the thick mat of hair between Alicia's trembling thighs. Very slowly, very deliberately, she lowered her face, and kissed the puffy outer lips.

Alicia arched upward with the first touch of Deanne's lips, and felt her juice slip down between the crack of her butt-cheeks. Deanne's tongue followed the wet trail and licked upward, digging between the wet folds of Alicia's warm cunt.

Deanne was startled at the taste of a woman on her lips and tongue. She'd only tasted her own flavor, and was surprised at the difference. Alicia was almost sweet, where she was tangy. She tentatively slid a finger between the moist inner folds and felt it sink into tight wet velvet.

"Mmmm, yes. That's so good." Alicia's eyes were closed as she moaned the words.

Deanne bent farther at the waist, leaving her ass waving gently in the air. Her pussy was open and gleaming, and Zachary watched with greedy eyes as Deanne licked and sucked on the blonde's open cunt.

The tip of Deanne's tongue stroked over the swollen nub of Alicia's clit, pushing back the little hood and finding the smooth, silky head. Experimental little flicks with the tip had the woman whimpering with pleasure. Wetness coated her chin and cheeks as she pushed deeper between spread thighs.

"God, you taste so good." The words were dragged from Deanne as she pulled back and watched the look on Alicia's face. Two fingers pushed their way into steamy pussy and curled upward. Alicia screamed as they found her pleasure zone. Deanne's hungry mouth sucked on puffy lips and drew them between her teeth.

Zachary moved up behind Deanne on the bed and steadied her hips. One smooth thrust of his hips, and he was buried fully inside of her hot cunt. Long, deep strokes of his cock rocked her forward-tighter into Alicia's crotch. His hands dug into the soft skin of her hips, pulling her back as he pounded into her. He felt huge inside of her.

"Yes, My toy, suck her pussy while I fuck your cunt. You like that? You like having My hard cock slamming deep inside of you while your mouth sucks on a pretty pussy. Don't you, My little pleasurebox?" Deanne moaned when she heard his words, and felt a new rush of juice lubricate her already dripping hole. His next words were barely audible, "I fucking knew you could be like this."

Deanna felt the clenching of Alicia's muscles as she finger-fucked her, and knew she was going to come. Her tongue attacked the girl's clit as her fingers slammed in and out of her. Alicia grabbed a handful of dark red hair and yanked Deanne's head into her burning crotch.

"Oh…GOD!" Alicia shrieked out in pleasure as she came against Deanne's mouth. Long, drawn-out shudders wracked her body as she lunged and bucked. Deanne's mouth stayed with her the whole time--tongue flicking quickly across Alicia's clit while she jammed her fingers into her as hard as she could.

Zachary thrust deeply and kept his cock stationary as he watched the blonde come from his lover's mouth and tongue.

"Yes, sweet, come for us." His voice was unsteady.

Slowly, so very slowly, Alicia ceased her frantic undulations, and Deanne began kissing her wet pussy gently. She leaned up and looked Alicia in the eye. A slow, sensual smile spread across her mouth as she saw the lust reflected from the other woman's eyes.

"I want to fuck Alicia now, Deanne. I want you to straddle her face and let her eat you. I want you to watch Me as I fuck her." He pulled his cock out of Deanne and waited for her to obey his demand.

Deanne hadn't expected this. She should have, but until he said it, she really hadn't thought about him fucking another woman, especially while she watched. Her eyes searched his. He looked deeply into her eyes, and smiled. She saw, for the first time, the love he felt for her deep in his dark eyes. He would not utter the words, but they were there, if she chose to look.

Deanne smiled into his eyes, then dropped her gaze. "Yes, my Master, whatever you wish of me."

"That's my girl." His hand stroked the curve of her butt-cheek as she moved up the bed to straddle Alicia's face.

Zachary rocked back on his knees, and guided his hard, thick cock between wet blonde curls. Alicia gasped when she felt how thick he was inside of her. His cock sank slowly into her wet hole. He turned to look at Deanne as he pulled back, and thrust slowly into the other woman.

Deanne slowly lowered her dripping pussy until she felt the soft lips of the woman her lover was fucking. Her head fell back as Alicia's tongue darted out to lick up the wet slit, and brush against Deanne's clit. Soft moans filled the air as both women were pleasured.

Zachary's eyes never left Deanne's as he slowly levered in and out of Alicia's wet cunt. It was as if they were caught in an eerie tableau. Deanne could almost feel Zach's cock in her own trembling pussy, even though he fucked another woman. They were connected in a way she would never have believed possible. Three intensely sensual people engaged in new exploration.

"So good, so fucking good." Zach uttered the words as he pushed forward and started moving faster inside of the blonde. Her hungry cunt seemed to almost swallow him whole, and he felt her muscles clench down, holding him inside of her.

Deanne's hips were rocking back and forth on Alicia's hungry mouth. She reached back and grasped the ornate iron headboard in her hands, using it to hold her above the wildly moving tongue and lips. Every jab of Zachary's cock slammed Alicia's mouth against Deanne's throbbing clit.

Zach hooked Alicia's knees in the crook of his elbow and slammed himself into her wide-open cunt. He saw Deanne's eyes glaze and knew she was once again on the edge of intense orgasm. He thrust mightily into Alicia and watched his pet explode into the sucking mouth of the woman he fucked.

"Yes! Oh, God…" Her cries of pleasure were drowned out by Zachary's grunt of satisfaction as he felt the hot come rush up from his balls and spurt from the tip of his dark purple cock. He pulled the jetting cockhead out of Alicia and watched his come splash over heaving breasts and land on his pet's curls of pubic hair.

He leaned forward and kissed Deanne hard. His tongue thrusting down her throat and swirling over the roof of her mouth. His hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed them almost painfully.

Deanne felt Alicia's tongue slow it's frantic pace as she lapped up the thick juice of her orgasm. Long, gentle strokes against Deanne's tender clit had her trembling and jerking with reaction.

The three collapsed on the satin spread and caught their breath. Soft hands caressed Zachary and each other. He kissed each woman deeply, and sighed with satisfaction.

The bedroom door opened, and Deanne looked up to see Alex standing in the doorway. His eyes took in the three nude lovers and he smiled slowly.

"I realize that the agreement was for Alicia to share your pet, Zachary, but surely it can be renegotiated to include your other business partner as well?"

Deanne turned confused eyes to Zachary. "Alicia is your business associate? But, I thought…"

"Yes, My sweet. You thought I'd agreed to share you with a man, didn't you? Well, perhaps that can be arranged." He turned to Alex and held out his hand.

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