July/August 2001
Catherine's Crop
by FineArt

Gregory and Catherine had been at their friends, Bill and Abby's the night before for their monthly play party. It had been a particularly intense gathering of the four couples with a couple of group scenes. Usually, they slept in on the Sunday mornings following these parties, being quite exhausted. Annette, Catherine's sister, had their two kids. Gregory always spent Sundays following these parties doing special things alone with Catherine. To the casual observer, it would appear that he made vanilla love to her on these days, but nothing in their relationship was vanilla. After attending church services, they would do special things together... perhaps a walk in the park, a long drive, a movie, a concert or museum. Occasionally, it would be time alone in the small dungeon they'd built in their basement. On these days, especially, they would set aside time to just talk together about the events of the prior day and their relationship... how it was progressing, their individual desires, concerns. Those days concluded with an evening of easy frolic, lots of cuddling in the family room before a fire, in the hottub out on the deck, or in the bedroom. Those were special times for them, even more meaningful than the group activities the day before.

Theirs was an intense relationship based on an unequal exchange of power, distinct differences in how the two of them contributed to their growth and pleasures. They had been together for just over 11 years, married for 9. Gregory was a Dominant. He made nearly all final decisions on things, led them in what they would do, even deciding what Catherine would wear to work on many occasions. Much more important, Gregory took the responsibility of guiding Catherine's growth as a person, her happiness, and her well being. He constantly talked with her, almost daily, about how things were progressing, her growing interests, desires, troubles. He took great care to do things that would take those things into consideration when he made decisions... about things unique to the two of them, or the upbringing of their kids, Jason, nearly 4, and Allison, just turned 1. Professionally successful, continually involved in civic affairs, the real cores of Gregory's life were his wife and children.

Catherine was a submissive woman. It had taken a long time for her to develop the trust, the confidence in Gregory to give over virtually everything in her life to him, to give herself to him. She had loved him from their first weekend together, when their journey of discovery and growth into the world of Domination and submission had begun. The complete gift of herself to him had taken much longer. She was professionally successful, very intelligent, reserved and private, but functioned very well in social settings. She organized events for Jason's preschool, was the head honcho for their community association's progressive dinner and annual egg hunt. Catherine stood out as one who could make sure things got done by bringing together others, getting them to assist as she did many of the major, often less desirable things herself. But the center of Catherine's life was Gregory and the children. She lived to be sure he was happy and they were growing up safe and happy, with solid values. Few things if any in life gratified her more than hearing him say "You please me, Catherine. You please me very much little one." Her life was fulfilling and she was richly rewarded when she attended to his needs and desires.

Well, this was certainly not going to be one of those relaxing Sundays. When Gregory awoke, Catherine was not in the bed next to him. She was nowhere to be seen in their large bedroom suite. Gregory could smell coffee, heard pans rattling downstairs. He smiled, she was fixing a special breakfast, going to surprise him. He stumbled to the bathroom, pulled on a pair of boxers, and made his way downstairs. He was not fully awake until he entered the kitchen.

Immediately Gregory knew it was not going to be a leisurely breakfast. Catherine was not nude, as she knew he wanted her when they were home alone on these days. She was not even in one of her sexy negligées. Catherine was in an old sweatshirt and a pair of shorts, her hair tied back with a bandanna. Hell, of all things, she was cleaning out kitchen cabinets! Gregory groaned. This was going to be one hell of a day. He thought he knew what was troubling her, but it was nearing that time of the month, and he was never exactly sure what would trigger her mood swings during this week each month. Leaning on the door jam, crossing his arms "Good morning, little one. My, industrious today, aren't we." There was an edge to his voice. Gregory was not pleased.

"Hi" Her voice was sharp, strained. She did not even look up at him, just pulled out some more pots and pans, they clattered noisily. Gregory saw her move... damn, she was even wearing a bra! It had been years since she had worn a bra when they were going to be home alone.

When they were upset with each other, they took time to cool off, then talked. She was just beginning to heat up... a pile of pan lids fell off the large pot, clattering across the floor. It sounded like a thunderstorm in their kitchen. She did not look up, just crawled on her hands and knees away from him to retrieve the lids, banging them together.

"Catherine, I will be in my chair. Get yourself calmed down, prepared to come to me, then join me there." his voice was slightly louder than usual, each word was firm, crisp.

Still on her hands and knees, looking away from him, Catherine raised her head, biting her lower lip before speaking, took a deep breath, "Yes, Gregory. I will do as you ask. Just give me some time." Her voice was a combination of anger and resignation.

Gregory turned on his heel, went to their room, combed his hair, and slipped on a T-shirt and shorts. He went down stairs, retrieved the Sunday paper at the front door, and went to the family room in the basement. He needed a bit of time, too. But it would not be good if Catherine waited too long to clam down, make herself presentable, and come to him.

It was nearly an hour before she came down the stairs. He had heard things rattling for a while in the kitchen immediately above him, then water from the shower. Gregory had tried to read the paper, but he had hardly noticed the headlines. He had the sports page on his lap when she came in, dressed in a clean pair of shorts and a T-shirt, not nude, as she knew he would be expecting, to kneel before him. She crossed the room stiffly, knelt before him, staring at the floor. "You summoned me, Master?"

Yes, Gregory was certain now what was bothering her. Reaching to lift her chin, forcing her to look at him as he gazed into her eyes. Her eyes were cold, sad. This was going to be a challenging day. "What troubles you little one. Speak freely." His voice was calm, soft again. He was again in control of himself. He was pretty sure what he would do.

"Jill!" That's all she needed to say.

At the party the day before, Gregory had used a dildo on Jill as she was giving head to Matt, her husband. Matt had requested this assistance in order for Jill to master control of her release, to focus and concentrate. Gregory was expert with a dildo. Catherine, of course, knew this so very well. He had had Catherine bring him the dildo from Matt's toy bag, even kneeling beside him as he had slipped it into Jill. Catherine had been as close as she was to him now. It had bothered her a lot then, but her feelings had grown stronger as the evening and night progressed. She had dreamed of this and awoken early, angry. It was difficult enough when he touched Abby or Susan, but when it was Jill... well this was too much for her. Catherine knew that Gregory would never actually make love with Jill, at least she was pretty sure that he would not... but that had been her dream.. Gregory coupling with Jill and making her watch. Fucking Jill just to spite her... it was Catherine's worst nightmare. Catherine knew a part of this was the insecurity... that she was overly moody... but she felt what she felt!

"Little one, I was helping Jill's Master teach her important lessons. And there were lessons for you too. Things I wanted to talk with you about today. Catherine, to me, Jill is not appealing. If I did not have you, I would never consider her to be mine... little one, who did I make love with later, who did I hold and caress? Who did I take to my bed, and expect to make love with today? To share my deepest thoughts with today?"

"Me, Master." A little of the edge came off her voice. She knew, deep in her heart, all he said was true. But still... she dropped her eyes back down.. She did not want to look at him. She was not sure she could continue with this lifestyle. No, other than a hand on Jill's hip to steady himself, Gregory had not touched her... only the end of the dildo. And he had paced the use of the dildo at Matt's direction. Catherine knew, very, very well, that he was more proficient with the toy than he had been with Jill. Still, it had been his hand pushing it in and out of Jill, not 2 feet in front of her eyes. She had seen him shove it deep into her as Matt allowed Jill's release. Thinking back, yes, it had been mechanical for Gregory. But still! Much as she hated even the thought doing such things, if someone else had to do it, Catherine would have preferred that it had been her using the dildo instead of Gregory... at least with Jill... Women knew these things. Jill wanted to fuck Gregory... or have him fuck her. Abby and Susan wanted only to serve their Masters... Jill could be such a slut!

"Little one, so long as we live this lifestyle, so long as we participate in this group, we will help others to learn and grow. And we will utilize them to help us as well, Catherine. Do you understand!" There was finality in his voice. Both he and Catherine knew they would talk about this more, much more. Adjustments to how they interacted with the others would be made. But the direction was set. His decision was made. They would continue in the lifestyle unless she refused, changed the very foundation of their lives together. They would continue with the group. It would continue to involve things intensely sexual. Catherine knew it was time to move on past this event. To learn from it and continue to grow with her husband and Master.

"Yes, Master." In one sense, she was just resigned to this, in another, deeper sense, she was relieved. Gregory was in control. He was guiding their lives. The pluses outweighed the negatives.... manyfold.

"Catherine, I am very concerned about your reaction this morning. You turned from me. I just now am understanding your feelings. We had discussed this before, little one. We had agreed that what I did yesterday was well within bounds. Little one, I am very disappointed in you... the way you acted this morning. How can we grow together if you turn from me!" It was not a question, it was a statement... a biting statement. Gregory could feel his chest tighten as he spoke to her, but his voice remained even, firm.

Catherine's shoulders dropped and her head drooped further at his words. She was barely able to whisper "I am sorry, Master. I am sorry I have disappointed you."

"Catherine this cannot go unpunished. Go; prepare for us to go out. I will select your clothing for you. I want you to dress elegantly."

Together, they went to their room. As Catherine began fixing her hair, applying her make-up, Gregory was in her closet, selecting her clothing. He returned with a white outfit, one she had worn to an office party earlier in year. He had bought it for her, especially for that party. It was an off white, a skirt that was short, slit up the back. The top accentuated her curves. There was a see though net in the deeply scooped top. It was a wonderful outfit; she loved it, even if showed a lot of cleavage. The bra he selected was see-through, very sheer. It contained her more than supported. There were dark stockings and a garter, no panties, of course. She hoped that her monthly cycle would not begin while they were out.

Gregory showered, shaved and dressed quickly while she carefully applied her make-up, fixed her hair, dressed. They did not speak at all. Gregory was wearing a double-breasted suit, his freshly shined wing tips. They looked like they were going to do the town!

Gregory took her by the hand as they went down stairs, he opened the car door for her and helped her in. She felt the cool breeze on her bare pussy as she slipped her legs into the car. Gregory backed the car from the drive, and they drove for nearly an hour before he pulled into a parking lot. The lot was filled with pick-ups and SUV's. The stores were not familiar to her. There was a farm supply store, a feed store and something called The TacK Shop. Gregory parked, came around the car to get her, took her by the hand and that is where they went.

As they entered the store, all eyes turned to them. Everyone there was dressed in jeans and plaid shirts. Many had the big belt buckles, and most were wearing wide brimmed cowboy hats. The shop smelled of leather. They could not possibly have been more out of place the way they were dressed.

Catherine followed Gregory around the shop as he looked at things. Eyes were on them... well... on her. Gregory was watching them closely, and led her directly past some that were openly leering.

This was what he wanted. She knew that more than a few of the men there were mentally having sex with her, using her! She was used to that... she hated it except for those special times she and Gregory went out, when for him, she wanted to be slutty, extremely naughty. This was not one of those times. She was being punished, learning a lesson. She was just not sure how yet.

Gregory stopped at a basket of riding crops, it was on the floor. He told Catherine to bend down and sort through the crops. She knew about crops, they had a couple in their toys. She had learned to love the crop. But as she went down to sort through the crops, on her toes, her butt on her heels, knees together, she knew all eyes were on her. She flushed. Could anyone see down the skirt... see she was bare underneath? Gregory had her take three different styles of crops from the basket and helped her to stand, the crops in her hand. One by one, he tried them on a saddle displayed over a sawhorse beside him. He used many different flicks of his wrist with each, tossed two in the basket, made her kneel down to get one more, tested it. People were standing, staring at them. Gregory tossed one more crop into the basket, handed the other to her. It was 18" long, black, with a leather wrapped handle. "Come Catherine." He led her to the counter, where a 30ish woman, somewhat attractive, was checking. Gregory turned to Catherine and held out his hand, dramatically... Catherine handed him the crop.

Catherine stared at the floor and blushed as the clerk scanned the crop and started to put in a bag. The clerk was red, too. No one in the place thought this crop was for use on a horse. "The bag is not necessary. My wife will take it." The clerk blushed deeper as she handed the crop to Catherine, but she was pale compared to this elegantly dressed, beautiful blonde woman. Gregory paid the bill, turned without a word, and Catherine, carrying the crop, followed him out to the car. He opened the door for her, curious eyes still on them, and she slid into the car. He was entering the car on the driver's side as she was turning to put the crop in the back seat. "Hold it in your hands, Catherine. Learn this crop, caress it. It will serve only one purpose."

Running her fingers along the shaft of the crop, the other holding the handle, Catherine whispered "Yes, Master."

They did not talk on the way back to their home, each deep in their own thoughts. Right now, Gregory did not want to talk. He wanted her to be thinking, considering the big picture of their marriage, the very nature of their relationship. When they arrived home, Gregory helped her from the car, then walked in front of her into the front door. She was carrying the crop, wondering if the neighbors could tell what she had if any were watching.

When they got into the house, Gregory went directly down to his chair. Without questioning, Catherine followed. When he sat heavily in his chair, she knelt before him, holding the crop. "Little one, this crop will be used only for punishments of severe infractions. You turned from me. I can not make the right decisions about you... about us... if you do not talk to me, if I do not know how you feel, what you need. Catherine, this was very, very serious."

"Yes, Master, " The softest of whispers, tear-filled eyes glued to the floor.

Gregory extended his hand. "The crop!" Catherine laid it across her upraised palms, extended her arms.

"Your Crop, Master" her voice was stronger, but she did not look up.

Gregory took the crop from her, looking at her for some time. "Catherine remove your outer clothing. Keep the stockings and bra, stay in your shoes."

"Yes, Master." Catherine rose and stepped aside, carefully removing the top, then the skirt, folding each and putting them in a neat pile on a side table. She came to stand before Gregory, her hands at her sides, head lowered. "Master, your Catherine is ready for anything you wish to do to her. She is sorry she has displeased you."

Standing in her sheer bra, stocking and garter, in 3" white spiked heels, Catherine was beautiful. Gregory wanted to just hold her. To whisk her away, make wonderful love to her. He did not want to do this, but he knew that he had to... had to! The crop in his hand weighted a ton. Gregory rose, fought the urge to hug Catherine, but instead took her hand and led her to the padded incline bench. He had her lean over the raised end of the bench, spreading her legs, caressing her white asscheeks. "Catherine, learn what happens when you disappoint me like this, how serious this is. This hurts me, little one. But I must do this for your good... for our good."

"Yes, Master. Thank you for loving me as you do, Master. For caring for me as you do." Catherine braced herself for what she knew was coming.

Gregory caressed her asscheeks, trying to get her to relax; she, of course, did not. Then, with the sound of the crop whistling through the air, the crop landed on her left asscheek. He did not hit her that hard, it was meant to sting. The welt on her ass was immediate. Her voice was firm "One, Master. Thank you."

He caressed her between swats. She never flinched. When he was done, there were 10 welts spread over her cheeks and upper thighs. With each, she had counted and thanked him, her voice growing stronger as she was punished. None of the blows had been particularly hard, but Gregory knew Catherine's bottom would be very uncomfortable for at least a couple of days. He had not wanted to hurt her, but did want a physical reminder of what he felt was a serious breech of their relationship, the need always for open communications. Finished, he tossed the crop aside, onto the game table, and helped her to her feet, holding her close. Gregory was hurting. He never enjoyed this... never. Catherine's face was coated in tears, but the life was back into her eyes. She clung to him, sobbing, words spilling from her. "Gregory, oh Gregory, I am so sorry. Hold me Gregory."

Soon, Gregory led her back over to his chair, where he sat, Catherine sitting on a pillow at his feet, her arms draped over his legs, her chin on his thigh. They talked for over two hours. Gregory explained again, that she was entitled to her feelings. For each of them, emotions needed to be brought out, expressed and experienced, never buried! Gregory explained again that it was the closing of communications that led to her punishment, not having strong feelings. They talked about many other things... their participation in their small group. Gregory listened closely as she expressed her feelings, how she had accepted things she still felt shy or deeply embarrassed about because she knew how it had brought the two them closer together and greatly enhanced their own sensual pleasures. As Gregory probed with questions, she explained again how she did not, in itself, enjoy being nude in the presence of others. She ran her fingers nervously along his thighs, not looking up at him as she explained that she could not relax in the few and highly restricted times that the other Masters had been allowed to use her body for various reasons. She hugged his leg and spoke very quietly her appreciation that he never allowed any form of penetration of her or rough play with her sensitive breasts. She was blushing and genuinely shy when she looked up at him, saying, "Master, some things I can give only to you." Gregory had given a knowing chuckle and leaned to gently kiss her forehead.

Catherine's blushing smile radiated as she continued "But Master, you have made me a shameless voyeur. I love watching the others and then am ready to serve you in any way you wish, even in the presence of others. It is always difficult to begin, but (her eyes were shining and she bit her lower lip before continuing) you have a way of making me forget others are watching!" Gregory bust out in laughter as she dropped her head, feeling a mix of shame, joy and contentment at her admission.

Gregory expressed the immense sense of pride and love her felt for her... and the extreme power of her gift to him when he was able to make his twisted love to her in the presence of others. And he shared his commitment that he could never share the most intimate of her gifts to him with any other.

Finally, the discussion turned to Matt and Jill. It was Gregory who brought it up, but they both agreed that this couple was working to stretch things beyond the agreed purpose and restrictions of the group. It had become obvious that Matt wanted Catherine and Jill wanted Gregory for their own personal pleasures... nothing more than old fashioned wife swapping with some kink! Gregory again explained that his use of toys in Jill the night before had been for specific purposes of training and that all parties, including Catherine, had agreed upon the activities before hand. But they both agreed that their physical contact with this other couple would be even further restricted and Gregory said he would have a very frank discussion with Matt.

From this tense topic, they discussed many other things. And it was mid-afternoon when Catherine finally rose to go fix them a snack lunch. Gregory sat in silent contentment as he watched her walk away, the red welts on her bottom a symbol of what they had been through, the lessons learned this day.

From that afternoon, that particular crop was kept in Catherine's lingerie drawer. It was laid across the top of her folded dainties where she had to see it every day. Each day, she caressed it before she selected her undies from the drawer, using it as a reminder of who and what she was... who owned her. That crop did not need to be in his hand to serve its purpose. It was brought out of their room only when they traveled, so the lessons would go with them. Physically, Catherine never felt the sting of that crop again, but it stung again many times when, particularly around difficulties of communicating emotions, Gregory would say softly, but firmly "Catherine, will we need your crop?"