July/August 2001
Techniques of a Striking Sensation - Part 1

by Lord Wolf

There is a world of difference between someone who is dominant and a Dominant.  For those who are just starting on their path, yes you were born dominant, but the techniques of a “Top” must be learned and practiced. Some who have been in the life for a long time may be expanding their repertoire into new areas of sensation. Sensation includes everything from whips and floggers, to ice and violet wands.

First, though, a few words of caution. Each tool or implement on this list is a dangerous weapon, all the more so in the wrong or uneducated hands. You are responsible for their use, and for the well being of your submissive.  YOU are the only guard between a wonderful experience and a trip to the emergency room. (If it seems like I am preaching, you’re right.)  If your submissive or bottom is seriously hurt, you will be the one explaining it to your local Doctor, Constable or in court. These types of practices may be considered abuse in the eyes of the state. So be sure as to what you are doing and whom you’re doing it with. “Safe sane and consensual” are not magic words, they are a mandate.

If you have any plans to use a whip in anger, put it down, close this text, and walk away!  Anger has no place in this.  Even hard core sadists who enjoy the pain of others know that it is for the pleasure of both parties involved. The worst punishment a submissive can receive in most cases in NOT to be whipped.  In my household sensation is a reward.

Tools of the Trade

There are many distinctive types of implements:

      WHIPS are specifically single-tail lashes: signal whips, snakes, dog whips, and bullwhips. Although the most dramatic type of whip, a single tail, is also the most dangerous.  Specific training is recommended and extensive practice is necessary to use a whip safely and create the intended effect.

      QUIRTS are a type of whip, but deserve their own category. There are both singe and double-tail quirts. They generally have short tails (15-36” is common), often with a long striker at the end of each tail.

       FLOGGERS is a broad category which includes multi-tailed flat lashes (and flash braided lashes), in a wide range of materials and weights. Leather floggers run from the very light (pig or goat skin) through the general purpose lashes of cow and game hides (deer and elk) to the heaviest bull, buffalo and oil tan leathers. Flexible non-leather materials, such as rope, rubber, vinyl, cord and ribbon may also be used.

      A SCOURGE is a nine-tailed flogger traditionally made of stiff rawhide or hemp cord, knotted at the ends, and soaked in water.  No two of the nine lashes are the same length, and the lashes are very stiff and hard, putting this evil piece in it’s own category.

      CATS (or Cat-o’-nine tails) are most often composed of nine leather or rope tails attached to a rigid handle, but the number of tails in traditional cats may vary from as few as three to as many as eighteen.  The tails themselves may have a blunt or knotted striking end.  Often the tails have a large knot with a large number of slender strands falling from it. “Cats” also are covered tails with spiked balls attached to them and those with metal or barbed end (i.e. flails).

      STRAPS are wide lengths of flat leather, such as razor strops and belts.  The strap is sometimes doubled to add weight and severity.

      A CROP is a rod, typically encased in leather, with a strike at the end.

A hand-crafted whip of any kind will have a unique ‘hand’ or feel. The style of whip, materials used length, weight and balance combine to create an individual personality for each piece. Tail weight, length and density all combine to create the “ intensity” of a flogger. A short lightweight pigskin will have a lot less sensation than a 28” Elk hide. Finish also adds variables; a kip, oiltan or patent leather will have more ‘bite’ than the same length and weight in a softer, more flexible finish.

But before you think of play you should practice. And practice. And practice some more.

Okay, so now you have a whip and you’re feeling powerful and masterful.  If you want to keep that feeling, a) be careful and b) don’t let people watch until you’ve gotten in some practice. And what are you going to practice on?  If your answer was “HER” and a silly grin- siddown!  I recommend a teddy bear or a pillow, the bigger the better, not too furry.  Naming it is optional (I call mine Bob). Beginners should wear protective clothing when practicing.  Full-length jeans or pants, long-sleeves shirt, even gloves and eye protection are a good idea. You should remove earrings, bracelets, or other dangling items.


Place a target pillow about the height where your submissive’s bottom will be. First take a comfortable stance - you will be here awhile. Again, a good stance is a modified fencing stance or a martial arts “ready” stance, with one foot pointing at your target, and the other foot behind and at an angle.  Practice swinging to get the feel and balance of each piece. I like a Cross-swing alternating sides. Stand directly behind the submissive pillow or bear bottom of your choosing (be sure to get it’s consent). This is your first position. Now watch closely, as it will not tell you in words (pillows rarely cry out) if your are doing it wrong. You need to concentrate on the changes in the surface of the pillow after each swing.

Swing your arm out straight in front of you, and move forward until you see the tips just brush the pillow. This is the outside of your swing. You should extend your arm fully at this time to reach the pillow without leaning at all.  Now lean forward a bit until you can see the lashes fall a little flatter in the middle of the pillow. This is the inside of your swing. Any closer and you risk “wrapping” the tails around the side of your subject’s body, which is very painful.  In this position, you want to practice brushing the sides of the pillow but not allowing the tails to wrap around the edge. You will wish to bring the lashes overhand at a slight angle.  Brush down from the outside to the inside, on first the right side of the pillow (right buttock) then the left, using a figure eight pattern. Start by just brushing lightly with the tips. As you get the feel of the movement, increase speed and flatten the lashes on your subject. You will hear a satisfying <<thud>>. Try to make the same sound over and over again. Since you can’t feel the force of your blows, the sound lets you know how hard or soft you are stinking. This is a good movement for warm ups. Figure eight’s allow you a lot of control. From this position, you can also practice “flicking” the piece for a stinging effect. Practice this until you can strike the same spot either softly or with full force. You need to be able to do this with the tips, and also dropping the falls flat so you can hear the thud. To flick, draw the falls through your free hand and snap the piece like you did towels in that high school locker room. The same movement can be used on the shoulders, with care not to wrap over the shoulders or strike the base of the neck.

The second position you will most likely use on the buttocks only or on a Subject bending over or reclining on a spanking bench. Care is needed, as the chance of wrapping is greater. Stand to the left side of the pillow. Draw your hand in an over or underhand circle, and drop the fall straight across the pillow.  Make sure the tips do not wrap around the side of the subbie pillow. The force of the tips increase if they wrap, also if you draw back on the whip in a wrap you increase the speed of the tails, again, it will HURT.

Practice until you are sure not only where the lashes will fall but also where the tips will land. To switch from the left to the right, you will need to shift your position to the right of the subject, otherwise the tips may land between the cheeks of the buttocks or if flogging the back, may strike the Spinal area. These are extremely sensitive areas, and any welts in the cleft of the buttock will not only last quite a while but will be extremely uncomfortable for your sub. Not only does switching from side to side give your pet a breather, but the break breeds anticipation, and if you “flail air”, alternating the speed from fast to slow while you change position, your subject will not know when the next strike will fall.

The first position is great for flogger and cat, the second for floggers, canes, straps, and quirts.

The Live Target

Now that we know more about the implements, let’s look to the subject of our passion for a moment: your submissive/slave/bottom/lover/mate/friend.  These guidelines assume your target is a normal, healthy adult, with no pervious injury or other physical limitation.  You have, of course, already discussed these matters with your intended target and will make necessary adjustments to avoid specific problem areas.  Caution and good judgment are required.

Visualize her/her back, and draw an X. Start at the shoulder blades and end at the top of the buttocks. This is zone 1, and area of mostly light play. This is not like the movies; harsh strikes in this area will cause damage to the skin and underlying structures. In some cases serious and irreparable damage. AVOID THE HEAD AND NECK AT ALL TIMES.

Starting at the tops of the X is the shoulder area. On most people, this area is lightly muscled and can be struck with care. You can flog upon the back, and you can also use whips, if you are accurate and controlled in your strikes. Adjust your distance and throw to guard against “wrapping “ over the shoulder or around the body. Draw an imaginary line 2 to 3 inches down from the shoulders and concentrate landing the ends of the flogger or whip on the top points of the X, avoiding the center of the X for hard flogging or whipping. An occasional mis-strike may land in the spinal area, but the spine should never be the intended target.

The bottom of the X should be avoided completely by most. A good rule of thumb is to feel the bottom of the rib cage on the back and avoid the area below the ribs where the muscle starts. Under a very thin layer of muscle and fat lie the kidneys and other vital organs. With time and skill you will be able to lightly work the surface of this area.

I have saved the best for last! Zone two! The buttocks, bottom, butt, tush, fanny you know that cute thing your Submissive or Bottom sits on, but not for long!  This is an area of muscle and fat that you can use a much heavier strike on with less fear of damage. Remember the best sensation is built up slowly, light to heavy. I have found that the best technique is to find the point where it’s just starting to hurt, and hold the Tempo and “force “ of the Blow right there :::grin::: I also vary the area. Hitting the same spot repeatedly may cause your subject to squirm more, but it also leads to deep bruising. Try to avoid repeated Hard strikes in a limited area.

Other areas for light play include the chest or breasts, the belly, the inner arm, the inner thigh and back of the thigh. And for the most extreme sensation, the bottoms of the feet. There are more nerve endings in the bottom of the feet than most anywhere in the body (with the exception of the palms of the hands and the lips) and they are very close to the surface. Remember that the feet are made up of dozens of small, delicate bones, which are easily damaged. The same nerve endings, which create those delicious sensations, may also be damaged by improper or excessive sensation play.

Remember, harder in sensation play is not necessarily better! To me Longer is better. In a preliminary or a punishment scene, time varies, as long or short as you like as it does not matter. But intense sensation sessions should be built slowly for maximum effect. The general response to sensation play, in most, is much the same as if the subject has run a marathon. The sensation in itself is not traumatic, but it does involve rhythmic vibration and exertion related to exercise. Any sensation session should be treated as a workout. Liquids will be needed. Over heating must be watched as well as heart rate. You should have towels, septic pencils, antibiotic creams and so forth. A first aid kit as well as a CPR course are very good ideas.

Most importantly, great care must be taken not to strike the spine directly and repeatedly or the back of the neck, fact, etc. Practice with your toys before playing with your partner will improve your accuracy and strokes to avoid mis-hits to these areas.

Sensation play, good sensation play (like when you have to walk your pet to the couch and tell them their name) takes time. Most sensation sessions I do take from 2 to 4 hours, often more. Yes, I am darn tired when I am done but it is well worth it. Another little hint is showmanship - yes, a modicum of acting. You are creating a fantasy, not fixing a toaster. Big movements, acting, whispering in their ear. You are creating a world. Fill it with fantasy.

If the text at times sounds like I am preaching, I am. Most people will act responsibly, but some do not. One reason for this text is a hope you take this single source of information and see it as a starting place, with the intention of practicing and learning more. I have seen too many flail away in a public dungeon or private party and cause harm to a wonderful sub, just because they didn’t take the time to learn proper ways to use their tools. It damages all of our reputations when something like that happens. Your submissive/bottom is looking to YOU as the Dominant / Top to heighten their pleasure. This is the role you have assumed. And the whip is a tool, albeit a dangerous one, for accomplishing that. Before you consider using any of these tools on the one you love, seek information. Find someone to teach you technique. And about all spend time with each piece.

Remember with all these techniques, PRACTICE. This includes taking the time to know how each piece you will be using will react. It is more important to know hot to make the softest strike with each, than how to strike the hardest. Knowing how to strike softly will give you control. And control is what we as Dominants and Tops are supposed to have, right?

I have written this piece from my experience only. Opinions will vary and as with all subjects involving this lifestyle, I recommend you get a wide variety of opinions. I do feel the best way to know what you are actually dispensing is to feel both sides of the lash.

If I have not covered something you are interested in or you have questions I have not answered in this piece, feel free to contact me either through e-mail (Lordwolf00@aol.com) or on AOL Instant Messenger (LordWolf00). I have written this piece as a public service with safe consensual play between adults in mind. I assume no responsibility for use of these techniques on a human target nor for any injuries sustained in practice. Practice all techniques at your own risk.