July/August 2001
Dominant Care
by Lady Bleu


We hear all the time about the things that a submissive needs. What about the things that will help or make a dominant comfortable? Granted this just touches the surface of what you might do to pamper your dom/me, but here's a few suggestions:

  1. Ask about his/her day, and lend a sympathetic or interested ear to what is said.

  2. Does he/she have a favorite sport or type of music or author? Make an effort to learn at least enough to carry on an intelligent conversation about his/her favorite topic.

  3. Make his/her favorite dinner, or favorite treat just because. Don't wait to be asked.

  4. Don't pop surprises on your dominant, unless he/she has expressed a love of surprises.

  5. Make every effort to follow instructions to the letter, and don't whine or complain when asked to do the simplest of tasks. How long does it really take and doesn't the reward of their pleasure outweigh the small inconvenience it might cause you?

  6. Don't manipulate. If there is something you'd like, or need, simply express it. Don't try to trick your dominant into providing what you need. It seldom works, and can undermine your relationship. You won't always get what you want... but then, who ever said life is fair?

  7. If your dominant is in showering... lay some fresh undies and socks on the bed and have his/her favorite soaps and talcs at the ready.

  8. Give him/her a nice foot rub upon his/her return from work.

  9. Make sure full pitcher of iced tea (or other favorite beverage) is in the fridge.

  10. When in public... place yourself on his arm or offer her your arm... let people see that as a sub you are happy and proud to be with your Dom.

  11. If you know your dominant must diet or be on a special diet... take the initiative to research interesting and varied menus.

  12. Send flowers... and remember... men like them too!

  13. Initiate sex... it's considered a compliment to many (however, if this isn't something that's allowed... DON'T!)

  14. If allowed to touch them, make sure all of your dominant's leather is properly cleaned and oiled... make sure his/her "toys" are all kept neat and orderly.

  15. Tell others about your Dominant, even within their hearing. Hearing you tell another how much you love your dominant or how much he/she has taught you makes him/her feel good.

  16. Take good care of yourself both physically (clean and fresh) and emotionally (don't flake out over every little thing).

  17. Take a hi-liter and underline stuff in the TV guide that you 'know' he/she will enjoy watching.

  18. Does he/she have a candy or nut dish? Keep it full of his/her favorites.

  19. Organize video, CD, cassette tapes or books so he/she can easily find them.

  20. If your dominant has a favorite scent for you to wear, always make sure you keep some on hand. But don't bathe in it either... a little bit goes a long way.

These are 20 simple things, and the list could go on and on and on. Use your imagination... take the time to find out what things DO please your dominant... and then... DO THEM! What's important here is that these things, however little they seem to be, are greatly appreciated. A pampered dominant is a happy dominant.... and guess who else is happy as a result of it? YOU!