March/April 2003
The Pervertable Toybag
by Kyphi




This month we're going to meander down the aisles of a few different types of stores and see what we can find. Think about what you're looking at...let your mind wander through the possibilities. Some of them are easy to figure out what to use them for...others a little harder. Think about what you would do with each item. Each one has been used during one of our scenes.


From craft stores:

fake rose stem complete with thorns (on clearance $.75)

chain flogger makings (I'll show you how to make this next month)

braided thingie (I forget what material this is made from but it's nice and scratchy and very thuddy...around $5.00)

plaster wrapping (I forget how much this was but it wasn't much)

straw broom (under $5.00)

From hardware stores:

lawn watering tubing $.17

wood glue (under $5.00)

mouse and rat traps (YOUCH!!!! under $5.00)

twist ties ($.25 on clearance)

plastic drop cloth and table cloth ($.99 ea)

From discount/toy stores:

plastic jump rope (Under $2.00)

back scratcher (around a dollar)

boat paddle (around $10.00)

Got the idea??? THINK KINK!!!