March/April 2003
A Way To End An Evening
by Randy Burns

Thank God the party was over and everyone had gone. Janice hadn’t left. She remained in position on the couch with those perfect legs of hers, crossing and uncrossing them back and forth-slowly and deliberately, as she dangled a spiked heel from the tip of her toes. Janice’s tight leather skirt was pulled high so I could see the black garter belt that held her silk stockings. This was heaven for me. Instead of glimpses she’d flashed me during the party, Janice was pulling out all the stops now. No one was left but the two of us-so she was teasing me using everything I loved. We’d played around with each other a few years back. She knew all my fetishes and just loved to push the buttons. I was so happy we were alone. She knew I loved to be sexually teased and she could tease me better than anyone. Janice loved knowing that. She’d once possessed a control over me that no one else could equal.

She was enjoying herself now. With a sly grin across her bright red lips, she would tease and taunt me until I would do whatever it was she required. Janice’s sexuality came shooting out at me in waves. All night she’d been doing this to me. She knew what I liked and wanted. It was hard taking my eyes off of her, but I had to be polite to the guests. Janice was also a guest, but she’d be staying after the others left. She told me she’d be staying when I invited her! She wanted me to know that she had special plans for us after the crowd had gone home.

“I will own you again,” she’d whispered on the phone to me, “my ability to control you has never been more powerful.”

I was hard instantly and she knew it!

“You’re hard now just thinking about me, aren’t you? How long has it been since we’ve seen each other? Will I be wearing my five or six inch heels? Will they be open or closed toed? What stockings, what color lipstick?” She knew the answers to her teasing questions, as I did. Janice was spreading her power over me again and I loved it.

Now we sat opposite each other in real time. The ‘party’ was over and we were finally alone.

“Lock the door and pull the curtains closed-I’m ready,” she said. Then Janice began to finger herself through her sexy black panties, as I went around the room pulling the drapes closed. She was into it, really into it. Whatever she had planned would be fantastic!

The door locked, all the curtains closed, I sat down next to her on the couch. I was very excited.

“Sitting next to me?” She glared the words. “On your knees in front of me, with your pants off. Don’t you think that would be more appropriate?”

“Yes,” I said to her, and did exactly what she’d asked. Now, from my knees, looking up at her perfect legs and body, her black panties and stiletto heels, I found her idea of where I should be appropriate indeed. This was wonderful….

“Hand me my purse from the coffee table, would you?” I reached from my knees and handed her the purse requested. She opened it and pulled out something with black leather straps and silver snaps on it. Leaning down to me she stuck her tongue down my throat and grabbed my hard cock at the same time. “This will only take a second,” she said, as she pulled her lips back from mine. “You don’t mind if I do this to you, do you?” That sly grin of hers returned to her to bright red lips.

“No,” I answered, “do anything you want to me. I knew you had plans when we talked on the phone.”

“I do have plans,” she said, “many plans. Do you feel like playing my way for a long time?”

“Yes,” and that was all I said. Janice tightened the leather straps around my cock and balls and then snapped them on so tight that my cock was useless. She now had control.

“There,” she said. “That should take care of anything your cock might do without warning. You know, something you’d be ashamed of, the one thing that might ruin all our fun?” What I have planned for you will take a while. I am taking no chances that you will unexpectedly lose what is rightfully mine. Do we still understand each other?”

“I understand you perfectly, Janice.”

She reached into her purse again and took out something long. It was a thin leash that she attached to a small ring on my cock straps. She pulled the rest of the leash toward her as she leaned back on the couch again, hooking her end of it to a silver ring on the belt of her black leather skirt. Then she crossed her legs again for me so I could see her long spiked heels move slowly in front on me. The leash pulled tighter between us the farther back she leaned on the couch. It was more than a little painful for me, but the view was tremendous! From my knees on the floor in front of her, she looked like a Goddess. I realized then that she WAS a Goddess! She smiled each time she gave a few tugs on the leash attached to her belt. I was overwhelmed by her power, her confidence, and the mystery of ‘what was coming next!’ I’d never been so excited. And yes, she knew that too…

Janice pulled me toward the couch using the leash attached to my cock and balls. It was still hooked to the silver ring on her belt. Slowly she pulled on the leash until I was up against her on my knees with my head between her beautiful legs. My mouth was a few inches from the crotch of her black panties that she kept fingering until my tongue took that silently offered job away from her.

She had the leash wrapped tightly around her left hand, pulling at my cock and balls, as she held my head hard against her wet pussy using her right hand. I licked and sucked her through the panties until she tore them off and literally pushed her pussy inside my mouth. I sucked and tongued her until she made me stop. She had to pull up straight and hard on my cock leash to calm me down- to keep herself from orgasm. I was still getting over the pain she’d caused by the sudden yank on the cock leash, while she lay back on the couch catching her breath. With deep breathing she re-gained control of her sexual plans. Janice had almost cum. She wasn’t going to let that happen again.

“Now it’s my turn to watch you.” Her voice stiffened as she spoke, she was definitely in control now. With my cock pulled up against the side of the couch, she slipped a spiked heel off of her stocking foot and told me to lick the heel and the bottom of her exposed foot. I licked back and forth between the two. Then she took the spiked heel and slid it in between my lips. “Suck on this,” she ordered, “suck it like it’s my cock. You suck it good and hard for me or I’ll punish you unlike any punishment you’ve ever known.” I willing obeyed. I was being perfectly Dominated.

My cock ached as I sucked on her hard slender heel that she was pumping in and out of my mouth without allowing me a breath. Then she pulled the length of the stiletto out of my mouth and began sliding it across my mouth and lips.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” Then she began sucking on the heel herself as I watched. Janice pushed her long blond hair back from her face. Throwing her head back she slid the length of the stiletto down her own throat like a sword swallower. Then, she slowly withdrew the heel from her mouth and throat and licked thin tip of it like she was licking the head of a cock. It was good she had my balls strapped tightly or I would have cum then. She was incredibly sexual and knew it. That’s what made her so exciting to me and gave her the control she’d perfected. Janice placed the wet heel upright on the coffee table where we both could see it.

Sliding that long heel down her throat and pulling it out again slowly, was an erotic dream come true, an incredible cock breaker.

“I love to watch women do that too,” she said. “It makes me suck their clits so hard that they cry. Did you know I liked Dominating women too? No, no you couldn’t have. When I first started playing with you, I hadn’t discovered women. I use a strap-on with them. They beg me to treat them like whores, and they act like whores in my presence. Spiked heels are my main tools and my legs bring them to life, don’t they?”

“Oh yes,” I told her. “I can’t take my eyes off them whenever you have them on. They come to life on you. Your legs and heels make me lose control of my thoughts. I can think of nothing else.”

“That’s the way it will always be between us,” she said to me nicely. “This is an exciting way to enjoy life, isn’t it?”

“I love playing these games with you, Janice, and I always will.” She was so beautiful. She could have controlled anyone, male or female.

She got up from the couch and walked to the kitchen to make herself another drink. The sudden pull on my cock made me follow without question. I loved the idea of my cock being attached to her belt. She could move anywhere she wanted and I had to adjust. If I did not adjust quickly enough, the pain could become unbearable. Well, almost unbearable…

It was so taboo and erotic, and the pain of it took nothing from the joy of my participating. With two fingers, Janice unhooked my cock leash from her belt. “Go fetch my heels, slave!” I went back into the living room and grabbed both her heels and returned to the kitchen as quickly as possible.

“Listen,” she said to me, “whenever you notice me without my high heels, it’s a mistake. A mistake that you will correct the moment you see it. Now, slide them back on my pretty feet for me please.”

She leaned against the counter holding out one leg at a time to me, her toes pointed. I put her heels back on for her slowly, licking each one as I did.

She attached me to her belt again as I stood with her at the counter. Her breasts were heaving, her lips pursing, she was as excited as I was. I could see it!

Janice glared at me. Suddenly, she looked down at my tightly strapped cock. It was purple and bruised, but not a drop of cum had leaked from it.

“I have one more experience for you that you will love and enjoy, and if you don’t -you will learn to, you will learn to love and beg me for it, do you understand me? You will submit to me completely now, won’t you?” Janice’s glare continued long after the question had been asked. She knew I would do anything she wanted, anything. She knew she owned me. I knew it too.

“I take your silence to be a yes. Now come back with me into the living room and see what I have for you.” She pulled brutally hard on the leash to make sure I followed quickly. I think she was mad that I’d seen her aroused.

“Lay down on the floor with your ass in the air-knees under you. Stare at the floor until I tell you to look up!” She disappeared for a minute. Then I could feel her kneeling in front of me. I didn’t dare look up.

Staring down at the carpet, she whispered to me. “When I tell you to look up at me, I want you to start sucking on the first thing you see, I want you to suck it as hard as possible. Now, look at me!”

I raised my eyes from the floor. Directly before my lips was a dildo that I began to suck immediately. It was strapped to her waist and her hips began thrusting it in and out of my mouth like a guy getting a blowjob from a whore. I was choking on it, catching glimpses of her heels and legs. She was pumping my mouth furiously, yelling “Suck my cock you whore, suck it, make it cum bitch!” And I sucked as she demanded, for she was in charge and I was her whore.

She pulled the dildo from my mouth- then she pulled hard on my cock leash again. It hurt a lot, but I said nothing. I loved what she was doing to me…

“Get up on your knees and lick the head of my cock for me, then suck on my spiked heels again before I finish you off.” She was into it even more than I was, and I never wanted it to stop! I licked the head of her dildo as she held the back of my head to it. I had to keep my tongue on it as she’d ordered.

“Now, suck my heels again.” I took the length of them into my throat and sucked on each one with a dedication to her that I hoped she’d appreciate. She was smiling when I glanced up at her.

“Now, bitch,” she ordered, “get your ass up in the air again. It’s time for your fucking! Yes, that’s right. I never did get to fuck you when we used to fool around, but you’ll be fucked and owned by me now!” She took my cock leash and ran it up my chest and over my shoulder, so she could pull it tightly as she fucked me from behind.

I felt a cold jelly inside my ass as her fingers probed me deeply. Then I felt the pressure of her cock pushing its way into me, slowly at first, then she deliberately thrush her hips hard until it filled me up completely. Jesus, it hurt so much at first. Then she started moving it in and out like she was fucking me, and the pain began to ease a little. As the thrusting of her hips continued my fucking, the pain was replacing itself with an excitement I’d never known before. I pushed my ass back willingly for her to fuck me harder. When she noticed how much I was enjoying it, she pulled on my cock leash as hard as she could until I screamed out loud in pain.

“Fuck me even harder, you bitch,” she yelled, “fuck me like the whore that I own!” I fucked her cock as she was fucking me. She was fucking me as hard as she could, while she was ramming her dildo so far up my ass I could taste it!

“Stop,” she ordered, “roll over on your back, NOW!” The moment I did, she snapped off my cock straps-freeing my bruised and swollen cock. With one hand full of jelly, she wrapped it around my beaten cock and began jerking me off as hard as she could-into the palm of her other hand. Gobs of cum came pouring out of me and into her open palm.

The moment my spasms stopped, Janice ordered me to open my mouth! She used her palm and fingers to push my own cum into my mouth and ordered me to swallow it. Janice made me lick and suck it all from her fingers. She continued rubbing her sticky palm against my lips and face until the humiliation was complete.

“You’ve now been fucked and fed by me,” she said. Then she put her heels back on and headed for the door. I was still in shock. I couldn’t think of a thing to say to her.

Just before she walked out, she turned and spoke to me. I was still on my back in the middle of the floor.

“Those black panties I ripped off of myself, you leave them right where they are. Do not move them! If someone comes over tomorrow and asks you about them-tell them anything you want. I will be back tomorrow night and they better be right where they are now. Exactly as they are, or you will never cum like that again. Do I make myself clear?”

I was thrilled she was coming back tomorrow.

“Janice, I promise they will not be moved or touched. They will be there for you to check when you come over tomorrow, OK?”

She smiled at me wickedly. “They’d better be exactly as they are now,” she warned.

Then Janice left me with the promise of another day. ~