May/June 2003
The Sex Show
(Donna & George, Part Six)
by dark whisper

"Oooh, I like this one." Lisa held up the decidedly beautiful nightgown and ran the soft material through her fingers. The slinky material was gossamer fine, and looked like spun gold as it shimmered in the store's strategically located spot lighting. Donna turned to her friend and caught her breath at the sheer sexiness of the garment Lisa held up for Donna's inspection. It couldn't have weighed more than a couple of ounces, and it was undeniably erotic. The cut was deceptively simple - thin straps at the shoulders, gently draped neckline, tucked waistline and a hem that fell to just the bottom curve of a rounded ass. What drew the eye though, was the shimmery, translucent quality of the material itself.

"God Lisa, you'd better try that thing on. 'Cause if you don't, I'm going to have to snag it right out of your hands." Donna said this with a smile, but underneath she was deadly serious.

Lisa grinned and turned toward the changing rooms to begin her transformation. Donna walked around the store, looking at a multitude of lingerie. Most of it was softly romantic with lots of lace and delicate material, but one section held the 'naughty' clothes. Just a month ago, Donna would have passed this section by - she didn't normally buy these types of garments, but since meeting George, she was always incredibly turned on, and ready to try just about anything.
Donna reached for a pair of red and black crotchless panties and grinned. She didn't dare. Or did she? She tried to envision herself wearing the sinful panties, and blushed at the mental image that flooded into her mind. She saw herself walking toward George, wearing nothing but these panties, a half cup matching bra, thigh high stockings, and 5 inch spiked heels. Her mental play continued with her reaching out a hand and trailing it down his cheek to the strong column of his neck. She'd then straddle his lap and sit facing him, legs spread, her pussy open to his view and the cool air. Another thought popped into her mind of wearing the same outfit (minus the 5 inch spiked heels) under a demure dress. She'd be oh-so-aware of what she was wearing that her pussy would be constantly damp as they went about their business, George never knowing about the siren within until she was ready to do a slow strip-tease for him.

She felt her body respond to the last thought, and mentally planned the scenario. She heard Lisa call out to her, and she yanked her mind back to the present, and Lisa in the extraordinary gown. Lisa looked absolutely stunning; her blond hair was a perfect foil for the gold of the gown, and her green eyes had an added depth. The gown fit her like it was tailored only for her, every curve shown to its best advantage. Donna chuckled as she realized that Lisa had actually touched up her makeup and lipstick before emerging from the dressing room. Lisa's nipples were hard and visible through the sheer material, and she stood in a model's pose. Donna went over to her roommate and gave her a warm hug.

"You look wonderful Lisa. You've GOT to buy that gown. It looks like it was designed just for you." Donna turned Lisa to the full length mirror and gave her friend a pat on her ass. "Okay, go take it off, and we'll both splurge on stuff to pamper us."

Lisa laughed like the schoolgirl she'd been only a few years before and told Donna, "Oh yes, you'd better believe we will. Let's go to the bath & potions store next." Donna grinned and agreed. Lisa went back to the dressing room to change, and Donna went back over to the table which held the crotchless panties and demi-bras.

When Lisa re-emerged, Donna had her purchases safely tucked away in her large 'shop-till-you-drop' purse, and they headed off for the bath & potions store. They spent two hours and a couple hundred dollars before they left the crowded mall for the relative quiet of their apartment.

The rest of the day passed quickly for Donna; she worked several hours on a difficult homework project that was due on Monday, finally completing it just before the sun dropped over the horizon. Lisa had disappeared into her bedroom as soon as they got home, and Donna hadn't seen her since. Donna leaned back in her chair and stretched luxuriously, feeling her back pop with a satisfying snap. She ran her fingers through her thick auburn hair and sighed. She was glad to finally have some guilt-free play time. She'd arranged to take the night off from the bar, and George was picking her up at eight o-clock for dinner. Donna smiled to herself as she decided to make good use of her purchases and made her way to the bathroom and the jacuzzi jetted tub.

She turned the water on and rummaged through her purchases from the bath & potions store, finally settling on an oil that brought to mind a spring day in a field of wildflowers. To this, she added just a hint of musk, and poured the mixture into the swirling hot water. Donna slipped out of her clothes and sank into the fragrant water. The oil laced water felt silky smooth on her skin. She bathed slowly, caressing her skin with a soft washcloth, concentrating on all her most intimate areas. Next, she drew a razor slowly up her legs, removing every trace of stubble, finally washing and conditioning her hair with sinfully expensive shampoo and conditioner. She lay back in the steamy water and let the aroma and heat relax her tensions away. She only stepped out of the tub when the water lost its heat, and began to get too cool. Before drying off, she poured more of the scented oil into her palms and spread it over her inner thighs, breasts, stomach, and neck, working it into her skin. After patting dry, her skin was glowing and soft as velvet.

She spent an hour taming her hair into an upswept concoction that was held in place by one strategically placed diamond studded pin. Soft tendrils of auburn hair teased the nape of her neck and brushed the tops of her shoulders. She dabbed a bit more of the scented oil behind her ears and in the hollow of her throat. She applied her makeup sparingly, making sure she looked as demure and innocent as possible. Then she stepped into the panties.

Donna felt her pussy throb the teeniest bit as she pulled the thin panties up her thighs and settled them on her hips. The open crotch seemed to hug her pussy lips while a little tuft of hair pushed between the two sides of material. As she took the stockings out of the package, she smiled with pleasure at their softness. She smoothed them over her freshly shaved calves, settling them about mid thigh. Next came the demi-bra. The cups just barely covered her nipples, but left the darker skin of her aureole exposed. She stood facing the mirror for long moments, turning this way and that, examining herself from every angle. She still wasn't sure if she should go through with her plans, but the thrill of excitement racing up her spine convinced her.

Finally, she pulled on her dress. The dress was navy blue, and covered her from neck to calf, just hinting at the lush body beneath the material. A long row of buttons graced the front of the dress, leading to a modest slit up the front to just above her knees. She had just finished applying her lipstick and stepping into her shoes (a respectable 2 inch heel instead of the 5 inch fuck-me pumps) when George knocked on her door. He smiled approvingly when he saw the way she was dressed. He didn't tell her where they were going, but apparently, she had dressed appropriately.

On the way to the restaurant, they talked little - content to just enjoy each others company. Donna was very conscious of the way the smooth material of her dress brushed the exposed tips of her nipples every time she moved her arms. George's hand rested on her knee for most of the trip, and she couldn't help but mentally project what he would say and do when he saw what was underneath the sensible dress. They dined at one of the area's most expensive restaurants, and Donna was glad she'd dressed the way she had. Her outward appearance was blending in with the other well dressed diners. She felt a thrill though, whenever she crossed her legs. Halfway through dinner, she slipped her shoe off and slid her stocking clad foot up George's calf and thigh, finally settling against his crotch. He raised one eyebrow at the movement, but reached under the table to press her foot closer. Donna chuckled as she felt the yielding flesh beneath her foot begin to lengthen and harden.

The rest of the dinner was fraught with sexual tension, each of them trying to outdo each other with double entendres and subtly sexual remarks. By the time they got up to leave the restaurant, Donna was so wet she could feel her juice slide down the inside of her thighs. George drove to the opposite side of town from either of their homes, and Donna wondered where they were going. George slipped a CD into the player and something soft and sexy started to play. Donna slipped her hand over to George's thigh and rubbed gently back and forth over the taught material of his slacks. George just kept driving, his eyes on the road, but Donna knew her caressing fingers were having an effect on him - the material of his pants was extremely tight over his cock, and she could see the bulge that proved he was getting excited.

They drove up to a men's club Donna had never seen before. She turned surprised eyes to George and asked, "George...what are we doing here?"

George turned to her and said, "Well honey, you said you'd never seen a sex club before, and I thought you might enjoy seeing one."

Donna laughed lightly and said, "Sure, why not."

They went into the club and settled into a booth close to the stage. Donna watched wide-eyed as the women came onto the stage in outlandish costumes, bumping and grinding to wild music. She watched George's face closely as the women paraded back and forth in front of them. George was definitely turned on, his eyes never left the buxom women as they danced up a glistening sweat, then stripped to nothing. As George watched the women spread their pussies and slip fingers deep inside, his breath came faster and shallower. When their partners came on, both Donna and George were squirming in their chairs. They watched wide eyed as young well-hung men fucked the ladies on-stage, sometimes slowly and tenderly, and at other times with barely restrained violence. When the current couple on stage began a bondage scene, complete with leather masks and whips, George loosened his tie and slumped a bit in his seat. Donna couldnít believe these people were actually fucking on-stage in full view of the audience. She looked around and saw several men staring with glassy-eyed intensity at the writhing couples on the stage, and realized that both participants and audience alike were engrossed in the action to the extent that many of the audience members had their cocks out and were busily jacking themselves in time with the scene.

Donna reached her hand down and settled it on George's erection through his pants. He was very hard. She pulled his zipper down, and took his cock in her palm. George groaned as she slowly pumped him up and down in time to the music. The club was dimly lit, most of the light was concentrated on the stage. Donna slipped off her chair and took George's rigid cock in her mouth. She was very skilled at fellatio, and she used all of her expertise to bring him right to the edge of orgasm in the crowded bar. When she knew he was getting close, she slowed down her licking and sucking and drew away from his glistening cock. He moaned and tried to pull her head back to his lap, but she wouldn't allow it. She smiled a secret little smile, and got up from the table, telling him she'd return shortly.

George felt like he was in agony - his cock throbbed with the need to release the buildup of cum her lips had pulled to the surface, then denied him the opportunity to explode. He started to stroke his cock up and down, and kept concentrating on the woman in front of him. She was pretty, but he realized that she was no where near as beautiful as Donna was. Donna was one of the sexiest women he'd ever met, and probably the best in bed as well. His hand slowed its stroke as the music changed to a low throbbing beat. One spotlight trained on a gorgeous auburn haired woman with a navy dress.
George caught his breath as he saw Donna on stage. "What the hell...?" he thought as the woman began to sway to the music. Her eyes were closed, but he could tell by her high color that she was highly aroused. Her hips were moving back and forth as she slowly undid one after another of the long row of buttons down the front of her dress. After hastily putting his cock back in his pants, he stood up and faced her. She moved toward him as she undid the last button on her dress. George looked around the crowded bar and saw that most of the men's eyes were riveted on his girlfriend.

Donna stood right in front of George and danced for him. Her body was fluid and graceful as she turned her back and slowly dropped the material from her shoulder. She danced like the old-fashioned strippers from the vaudeville days - slow, flirty and sexy. The patrons at the bar were used to bored looking women who performed by rote, not this vibrant woman dancing for her boyfriend in such a seductive manner. George decided he would allow her this exhibitionism, and sat back down to watch; he was merely another of the enthralled audience. Donna let the dress drop to the ground, revealing her skimpy panties and thigh-high stockings. When she turned around, George goggled at her demi-bra. Her nipples were rock hard and stood out from the lacy edge of material. His eyes traveled downward, and saw the slit in the material of her panties. His cock surged in his pants at the sight of her as she rotated her hips, giving those closest to her a glimpse of her pouty pussy lips.

Donna gracefully dropped the straps of her bra, pulling her arms slowly from the straps while leaving her breasts mostly covered. She slid her panties down until just the top of her pubic hair was showing, then pulled them back up to settle back on her hips. She reached behind her and undid the hooked to her bra. She let the material slide down her arms, leaving her firm breasts exposed to the hungry eyes of the audience. She slid her hands down her body, stopping when her fingers brushed against her nipples. She drew circles with her fingertips around the puckered skin of her areolas, and arched her back. George was torn between pride and arousal, and the desire to pull her off stage and keep that incredible body all to himself.

Donna sank slowly to the stage floor, coming to rest on her knees. She gradually spread open her legs and George caught his breath as he saw her sex wide open and obviously very wet. She trailed her hand down her belly and slipped one finger between the folds of her pussy, sinking it between her pussy lips. Her hips surged upward as her finger found the rigid skin of her clit. She looked straight at him and put out her hand.

George yanked off his tie as he joined her on stage. The audience was forgotten as he kneeled down next to her and began kissing her deeply. His fingers reached for her pussy and slid back and forth in her incredible wetness. He pulled Donna to her feet and she faced him completely. She started to unbutton his shirt, but couldnít wait that long, and yanked the material open, popping buttons as she frantically exposed his chest. He shucked off his pants and pulled off his shoes and socks at the same time. Donna still had the crotchless panties, thigh-high stockings and her shoes on. She faced away from George and bent at the waist, grinding her ass into his crotch. He was hard as a rock, and his cock stood straight out from his body.

She felt the tip of his cock nudging her ass and pussy. She pushed back against him and bent over farther, resting her palms flat on the wooden stage. He entered her pussy quickly and smoothly, letting out a groan when his balls slapped against her clit. His hands grabbed her hips and settled her tighter against him. He pulled out slowly then thrust deeply inside her once more. Donnaís hair was a vibrant curtain over her face, and her vision was tinged red as she felt George begin to fuck her slowly. She tossed her head, and saw a man in the second row wildly pumping his cock in his meaty fist.

She licked her lips and reached up to pinch her nipples. She was extraordinarily turned on, her body was on fire from the thought of fucking in front of so many people. She noticed a woman seated on top of a manís lap at a table further back from the stage, the woman was bouncing up and down in abandonment.

Donna felt her pussy spasm on Georgeís cock as he trust into her with such power he pushed her to her knees. George dropped down behind her and pulled her onto his lap. He trust up, his hips surging into her heat, slamming himself deep. Donna felt her body gather and spiral out of control. She saw stars when she clenched her eyes closed and allowed herself to cum with wantonness.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a thick cock in front of her face. She looked up and saw the man from the audience standing in front of her. His cock was dark red and thick veins stood out along the shaft. His fist was still pumping up and down, and she saw thick drops of pre-cum seeping out of the tip. He moved closer to her, his cock mere inches away from her parted lips.

She reached out her tongue and licked up the thick drops. She felt George shudder inside of her when she opened her mouth wider and took the strangers cock into her mouth. George pulled all the way out of her clenching pussy and literally slammed himself deep. Donna was pushed forward onto the manís cock and she felt him thrust his hips at the same time. His cock went past the back of her mouth, and slipped down her throat. She gagged slightly on the thick cock, but then her throat opened up and she started sucking him as deep as she could. She felt Georgeís finger probing her ass, and she moaned around the manís shaft, sending vibrations deep into his belly. His hips kept up a steady rocking motion, fucking her mouth as George fucked her pussy.

George pushed his finger against her ass as she rocked back and forth on his throbbing cock. She was like an untamed animal, whimpering with pleasure as she took two men at once. He felt her asshole open for the tip of his finger, and he pushed it deep inside of her. He trust his finger in time with his cock. She was bouncing up and down on his lap. He pulled out of her, and lay down on the wooden floor beneath her. He could see her sucking on the strangers cock a foot above his head. He pulled her back down on top of him, his cock buried deep inside her sopping wet pussy. She pulled her mouth off the stranger and kissed George deeply, all the while riding him up and down in front of the appreciative audience. The stranger sank his fingers in her hair and pulled her head back up to remind her of his twitching cock. She smiled and took him again in her mouth.

Donna was in heaven, Georgeís cock in her pussy and a thick cock in her mouth. She was completely startled when she felt another hand slowly caress her asscheek. She turned her head and saw another man standing behind her, his cock out and held in his hand. She had a moment of indecision, then nodded slightly and went back to sucking on the cock in front of her. George was aware of the man at Donnaís back, and he was even more turned on when he realized that with Donna taking two cocks, she would be stretched completely, and would become even more tight than she normally was.
Donna stopped her rocking to give the third man time to probe her asshole and make it ready for his long cock. He wet his finger and pushed it against her tight little hole, widening it enough to let him finger-fuck her. She moaned again and started sucking the man in front of her with even more pleasure. George continued to thrust up into her clenching pussy, feeling her tighten up as the third man pushed a second finger deep into her ass. He was trying to avoid coming until the man had gotten his cock deep inside of her and was fucking her in earnest. He wanted to feel the other manís cock stretching her and pushing against his own cock as they both trust into her together.

When Donna felt his cock push against her asshole, she pushed her hips back and up - giving him more leverage as he sank into her butt. She was completely filled. George groaned as he felt the pressure from another manís cock stretching her and pushing against his own shaft. Donna was immobile on top of him, letting the two men set the rhythm as she sucked on the first strangerís cock. The man was holding her hair and thrusting deep into her throat, groaning and grunting in satisfaction as her mouth kept up itís steady sucking. He kept muttering ďGod, thatís hot...God thatís fucking hot.Ē Donna felt his cock stiffen even more and then with a mighty shove, thick streams of white come shot out the tip of his cock, painting her tongue and throat with his seed. He shuddered and his grip on her hair tightened painfully. She swallowed convulsively, tasting his unique flavor and loving every minute of it.

He withdrew, and watched as George and the third man sandwiched Donna between them. Donnaís face was twisted with pleasure as both men fucked her hard. The man in her ass had a long dick, but it wasnít particularly thick, which was perfect for anal sex. George held onto her hips and pumped hard into her stretched tight pussy. He started groaning, and his back arched up off the floor as he started to cum deep inside of her clenching body. His body shook and spasmed with gratification as the last jet of cum spurted into Donnaís pussy. Donna was twitching and moaning on top of him and he knew she was caught in her own vortex of pleasure. He felt her juices gushing out of her pussy and pooling beneath his ass on the floor as the third man jammed his cock deep inside her ass. Finally, the man threw back his head and pulled his cock out of her just as thick streams of cum came shooting out of his twitching dick. He came all over her back in thick spurts.

Donna collapsed on top of Georgeís warm body as the last of her strength left her. She lay panting with fulfillment, as the other two men left the stage after giving her one last glance. Slowly, they became aware once more of the audience that witnessed their act, and Donna blushed deeply. She had planned on stripping for George, but certainly not this way!
They picked up their clothes and ran for the door, laughing about the experience that would stay with both of them for a very long time.

© dark whisper - A Dark Whisper of Sound