May/June 2003
Letter from a submissive

by Twink

Dear Dominant Type Person,

I would like to thank you for the conversation last evening, unknowingly I am sure, you provoked me to self examine myself again. I understand that not everyone understands the meaning of submission, nor can they comprehend what a true gift it is. Some Dominant type people think that any submissive type person is theirs to plunder, this my friend is not necessarily the case. There are those who give their special gift away, and there are those of us who are proud of who we are, and hold tight to that which is ours patiently waiting for our Master to come along.

Let me assure you that asking a submissive a question, followed by "answer me NOW!" will not intimidate the submissive type person into responding to you in the manner you wish. And your continuous asking of very personal questions at an inappropriate time will not win over a submissive's heart, but may tend to push the submissive away. Personal questions are best saved until you get to know the submissive on a more personal level. Also, Dominant type person, we are not pets, lil ones, or any other term of endearment that you choose to call us upon first meeting, we have names and feelings. Your pet is in the back yard and probably gets just a tad more respect than you are willing to offer us submissives. Terms of endearment are best saved for someone who you feel near and dear to, you cannot feel this way about a submissive five minutes after you met them.

Finally Dominant type person, my future Master thanks you, you are right! I am not very submissive at all, at least not to those I do not know or feel worthy of my gift. My future Master will be happy knowing that I did not give what is mine to every Tom, Dick, and Mary that came along. He or She will be proud in the fact that I cherish that which I have to give enough to save it for him or her.

Ooopsie, darn it!!!! One more thing Dominant type person, in response to your offering me 24 hours to decide whether I wish to be your submissive or your slave..................I am afraid I have to joyfully decline your invitation to serve you. The acceptance of a collar from a Dominant is a very special and sentimental moment in the life of a submissive, 24 hours is not enough time for a submissive to determine if a Dominant is the right one for them.

I would once again like to thank you for your time Dominant type person, and hope that you find what it is that you are searching for. As for me, I know I will <smooches>


Submissive type person