May/June 2002
Colleen's Fantasy Weekend - Pt 1
by Colleen


Colleen was now back at Mistress’s house recuperating from her operations. Even so, every day she was required to follow a proscribed routine. At 5:30am she would give Mistress her wake up call and say her mantra. Then she would have an hour to get bathed and dressed, including the 3” heels and the waist corset, do her hair and put on her make up, which had to be absolutely perfect. She also had to ensure that there was no hair whatsoever on her body except for the little tuft above her mound and the thinnest of eyebrows, finishing up with the application of Mistress’s favorite scent. When she was finished Colleen had to take up the presentation position and wait for Mistress. While she waited there it gave her time to reminisce to herself about the sequence of events in her life, which had got her to this incredible situation. Today as she waited she couldn’t help but recall one of her earliest experiences, which had helped to get her hooked, the incredible time she had had when she spent a fantasy weekend at the wonderful exclusive Bed and Breakfast run by Master and Lady B, when she had first stood in the presentation position waiting for Mistress…….

It had all started one day with a chance conversation with a fellow sub, who had heard about this special Bed and Breakfast in the center of town, which provided a fantasy weekend for aspiring subs, especially those inclined to CD and TV. Colleen had been very interested at that stage, not having yet found a Mistress in town and becoming tired with the hollow offerings in The Beat, so he had asked to be given further details. Thus it was that a few days later, a charming lady, who identified herself as Lady B, had contacted Colleen and invited him to come to an orientation session at her apartment. Now Colleen had envisioned something like being tied to a cross or table and having awful things done to him, so it was a surprise when he reached the front door to see a note addressed to him. The first part sounded good ‘go inside, take off all your clothes and put on the maid’s apron provided’. However the next part wasn’t quite so exciting. It consisted of a list of tasks:

- Wash the underwear in the bathroom and hang to dry
- Clean bathroom especially the bath and shower
- Prepare a salad from ingredients in the fridge
- Clean kitchen including scrubbing the floor
- Iron blouses on ironing board

plus a timetable for each task, all to be completed within two hours. Puzzled by the absence of Lady B, Colleen however got down to the tasks on the list. What Colleen did not know was that there were hidden cameras in every room and every step he took was being closely monitored. At the end of the two hours the tasks were just about all completed, although a little skimping had been needed in the cleaning tasks. Suddenly a voice rang out of the audio speakers “you may dress and leave, you will be notified whether you are suitable later”. Too dazed to do anything else Colleen dressed and left.

Days had passed as Colleen had waited each day for an answer, until at last an email arrived with the booking instructions, which indicated that he had been accepted for the fantasy weekend and requiring a detailed response on the booking requirements. Basically there were fees for accommodation (standard or luxury) and food (standard or luxury) and required weekend dates. The price for luxury being double that for standard. Luxury gave you your own room, with a dedicated theme, constant attention and three meals a day, whilst Standard gave you your own cage and bread and water diet! Colleen returned the booking form and payment and started counting the days.

Shortly before THE weekend another email arrived giving arrival instructions. Colleen was now in a frenzy of excitement as he read the instructions. Basically they gave him directions to the B&B and said that he was to arrive at 6pm on the Friday, with no luggage and minimal clothing, everything else would be taken care of. So he had arrived just before the appointed hour, mouth so dry he could hardly swallow and walked trembling into reception. Behind the desk was a rather attractive brunette, who he would have taken for a woman in every respect until she spoke in a rather deep voice and asked him to register. He was handed a numbered key attached to a smart leather dog collar, and told to proceed into the arrivals area, which was a door leading out of reception, where he should take off everything and put it into the numbered locker. The key would also allow access to his accommodation. He should then shower, being sure to remove all body hair with the razor supplied, place the collar around his neck and proceed through the door marked ‘Initiation’. In a daze Colleen completed the instructions and half an hour later proceeded through the door.

At first it was difficult to make out anything as the room was almost dark, but as he got accustomed to the gloom he saw it was in fact laid out as a boudoir. After a few minutes the lady from the front desk entered turned on the background lights and beckoned Colleen to stand in the middle of the room. She then attached self-locking leather cuffs to his wrists and ankles and inserted a butt plug. She then motioned Colleen to sit in a large chair to which she proceeded to attach him with the cuffs and collar. She then proceeded to make Colleen’s face and body very feminine with the expert application of makeup, acrylic nails and painted toenails and topped it off with a shoulder length brunette wig. Now all that was required was to release Colleen and have him dress in the clothes provided. However before this could be done first Colleen was fitted with a most interesting device. It was a molded rubber construction in the shape of a vagina, which fitted between his legs and covered his cock. In fact his cock was inserted into it in such a way that he could only pee squatting with the liquid exiting from a position similar to that of a woman. This device was stuck to his skin. The clothes consisted of pink frilly panties with a matching padded bra, a short waist corset, knee length stockings, high heels (3”), a black mini skirt, which stopped about 4” above his knees and a white ruffled blouse with a plunging center.

When Colleen looked in the full length mirror he had caught his breathe because he didn’t recognize himself, so great was the transformation, and he had practically decided there and then that one day he would make that look permanent. When all was ready he was ushered through another door and into the presence of the owners of the B&B, Master and Lady B. He could see nothing of them initially as he had been instructed to bow before them on his hands and knees, whilst they inspected their guest. He was then instructed to rise but to keep his gaze downward. “Well” said Master B” and what accommodation did Colleen (for that was the name he had put as his fem name on the application form) decide on for her stay. Did she skimp on the money and choose the communal cages and bread and water or did she choose one of our themed rooms?” The choice of themed room or cage had been hard for Colleen, on the one hand the cage/bread and water was exciting but it could possibly get a trifle boring. The possibilities of each themed room had been enticing to win him over and the only problem had been choosing between them. The themes related to what each room offered. Each room was continuously hosted, so you were unlikely to get bored, and was decorated appropriately. There was the ‘Rope Room’, which offered you all sorts of rope bondages, including Japanese, plus suspension and flogging. ‘Pizzazz Room’ which offered all known electrical tortures. ‘De Sade Room’ which offered every kind of flogger. ‘Dark Room’ which involved different methods of body encasement, leather, saran, plaster, liquid latex etc. ‘Wood Room’ which contained a nice selection of wood structures such as a cross, bench, horse and suitable floggers. ‘Washing Room’ which specialized in clothespins, bones, enemas, showers, plugs, dildos, nipple clamps. “CBT Room” catered for every known form of CBT plus any extra ones requested, or there were two A La Carte Rooms where you could select a specified number of your preferences from an extensive menu. Those in cages got to choose a smaller number of preferences from a smaller menu, but also had to receive three choices specified by their hosts and were played with in a communal dungeon, but were put in their cages overnight and left. Colleen had chosen the ‘Washing Room’. “I understand you have a strong nipple fetish,” said Lady B and at this she added a pair of nipple clamps on a chain to Colleen’s dressage, which also attached with a loop to her collar. Colleen was then ordered to bend over a table and lower her knickers as Lady B worked her backside into two nice even pink globes and then Master B added some decorative lines across his thighs and bottom with a thin whip.

Having been warmly welcomed to the B&B by the owners, Colleen was lead to his selected room, the ‘Washing Room’. At the entrance he was introduced to his Mistress for the weekend Mistress C by crawling on his belly as instructed, through the door, and licking her shoes before being dragged across the floor, which he noticed was covered with a linoleum type covering, face down and left in the center of the room, whilst Mistress explained the rules. For the next 48 hours, Mistress or an attendant would be present at all times and Colleen was to ask permission for every single thing he required to do however trivial, even moving position, but unless the request was valid, it would be refused and Colleen would not be informed beforehand what a valid request could be. Furthermore any non-valid request would lead to immediate punishment, inflicted either by Mistress C or the attendant on duty. Whilst Mistress C was present Colleen would be used for Mistress’s pleasure. There was a safe word, which consisted of the phrase “I wish to leave”. On use of this phrase the weekend would be completed and Colleen would strip, be given his clothes and depart immediately. These rules sounded draconian to Colleen but it made him all the more determined to stay the course because he really wanted to find out what it would be like to be under TOTAL control and this seemed his best ever chance.

Colleen was instructed to strip of everything except his chastity device and cuffs and collar and was placed on a St Andrew’s Cross. As soon as he was securely attached, a ball gag was placed in his mouth and Mistress snatched off the clamps and rubbed his chest hard as he writhed from the after shock. Mistress also decided that it was time that his Butt Plug was changed after she had given him an enema. The new plug while scarcely much bigger had the added advantage that it had a remotely operated shock device built in, which Mistress could administer at any time from a hidden switch. The chastity device and the Ball Gag Colleen now found had similar built in facility so Mistress could administer shocks to genitals backside and mouth at the same time or choose any combination. Mistress decided that a Bull Whip would be a good way to get Colleen started, so after blindfolding him she applied a delicate tracery of lashes from neck to ankle, turning him half way through so that she could continue down his back side. With Colleen now tastefully decorated from head to toe, Mistress decided that a Wartenburg Wheel should add to the decoration and she concentrated especially on Colleen’s feet, hands, face and nipples. Pleased with her handiwork she brought out the small clothespins and started making interesting designs on Colleen’s breasts, armpits and inside thighs. She also added some strings of pins connected by string for unzipping later. For Colleen’s nipples Mistress reserved the bones on three clicks and also between each finger and thumb on two clicks, whilst the one between the two sides of his nose was on one click to start with.

Although Colleen’s penis was somewhat spared tonight due to the chastity belt, Mistress was still able to reach the tip and insert, using a Q-tip, a modest helping of Tabasco sauce. Colleen had not been very quiet or still during this process whilst bound to the cross, but luckily it was the constant adding of so many more pain points that had a slight deadening effect, as the multiple bursts of pain from every direction created a blurring of the pain inputs into one total flow and gradually his struggles lessened as he entered subspace for the first time. Earlier Mistress had promised Colleen a Golden Shower and she now proceeded to prepare the necessary ingredients by filling up a jug with her nectar and pouring the warm liquid over Colleen’s face and letting it in run down his body, smearing his beautiful makeup in the process. Now Mistress proceeded to pull off some zippers and then removed the nipple clamps, followed by vigorous massage of the nipples. Finally when all the pins were removed Mistress unfastened Colleen, who at last stopped writhing in agony, and after a quick shower, Mistress held him for a while whilst he came down.

Now it was bedtime and Colleen looked forward to a collapse on to the King size bed in his bedroom. However this was not to be. Mistress lifted one side of the bed and Colleen saw to his horror that where there would normally be springs was a ventilated steel box, on which the mattress rested. Colleen was fastened to the four corners of the box by his ankle and wrist cuffs whilst his head and neck was held in a leather helmet, which fastened to his neckband. Finally a blindfold was pulled across the helmet and fastened and the bed mattress replaced. The metal of the box was very uncomfortable on his bare skin but eventually through a mist of pain, Colleen fell asleep with a satisfied smile on his face. Tomorrow would be a long day.

After a night punctuated with arousals to ease the pain of his position, Colleen was woken early by someone he guessed was an attendant by his attitude. He unfastened Colleen and led him to the shower area where he bathed and shaved. He was then told that he had 30 minutes to put on his own makeup and the attendant would then dress him in the clothes provided, after which Mistress would be down for inspection. Colleen managed to do what he thought was a good job of his makeup with the items provided and then summoned the attendant to get dressed. The skimp lacy bra was placed over a pair of realistic breasts, which were glued to his skin. Then a stiff corset was laced very tightly from his breasts to his groin. On top of this a one-piece latex suit was added which covered him from ankle to wrist and neck. He was placed in the presentation position and waited for Mistress. Mistress soon arrived and looked at her submissive. Naturally she found fault with his makeup and chalked up the first set of beatings for tonight. However she was soon ready to play with Colleen and had him kneel on all fours while she held him by a lead attached to his collar. Whilst Mistress ate her breakfast she fed Colleen morsels of food or had him lap water from a bowl on the floor. Of course the inevitable happened and Colleen was soon wanting to use the rest room. According to the rules he did not know when would be a correct time to ask. Eventually he summoned up courage to ask and of course it was not an appropriate time. He was given two choices, he could have his garments removed and go to the rest room and as punishment spend the morning back in his bed space, or he could find a solution without taking off his suit and enjoy Mistress for the morning. Colleen decided on the latter and suffered in silence as a warm feeling circulated his loins.

Mistress informed Colleen that she really felt that he needed a good paddling, so he was secured over a suitable arm chair, after Mistress had taken of his wig and fitted a leather hood over his head, which included an inflatable ball gag, no eyeholes and just two nostril vents. Colleen was now tightly arched with his bottom upwards and his hands and ankles tightly locked to shackles on the base of the armchair and totally constricted in his corset and suit. He could just hear Mistress tell him that she was going to toss two dice five times and he would get the resultant number of paddles. “Twelve” boomed Mistress’s voice “how unfortunate” and immediately the first paddle stroke hit his bottom and created an intense fire in his backside, but before he could react the next one and the next one crashed down. “Twelve again, how unlucky” and twelve more strokes crashed down on Colleen who could hardly move, then twelve more and twelve more and Colleen knew that he was going to receive a full sixty, but then a funny thing started to happen, the pain became more distant and he was floating on air. When the final twelve was announced, Colleen was ready, wanting the strokes, wanting even more. So this was subspace, just as he had experienced it last night, he was hooked! After he was released, Mistress slowly stripped him of all his clothing until he stood naked before her in just his false vagina and breasts as she tenderly sponged him down, dried him and then held him tenderly in her arms for what seemed like eternity. Mistress had Colleen touch up his make up, put back on his wig and put on a full-length dress, tight at the waist over the small corset, medium heels and then accompany her to lunch where they joined the other guests and their Mistress’s.

The standard guests were served with a piece of bread while the luxury guests had a nice lunch. Mistress however used her switch to turn on the stimulators in Colleen’s butt plug and false vagina at the most inappropriate moments, such as when Colleen had taken a large mouthful of food, but otherwise the meal passed with idle chatter from the Mistresses and responses when prompted from the subs. At the end of the meal Lady B appeared and announced that she had decided that the luxury guests needed to achieve a wider range of experiences, so she would draw lots for each sub to be allocated to a new room for the remainder of their stay. Colleen soon found out that she was now assigned to the …..