May/June 2001
Life Under the Three Moons


by Michael


From the middle of the 1960’s to the end of the 1980’s, John Norman (Lange) wrote a series of 25 books called the Gor novels. This series of books created a fictional world called Gor that shares an orbit with Earth but 180 degrees apart. There are men and woman that are said to be originally from Earth, as well as creatures that are from other places in the universe. Intermixed in the 25 books are several history lessons, high adventure, and a underlying battle that looms between inhabitants of Gor and a race of creatures called Kurii that wish to have Gor and the Earth for their own. Within the books also lies the most important part of Mr. Norman’s writings and that is the Gorean codes, rituals and customs. They are what set the Goreans apart from the rest of the D/s lifestyle.

What makes a Gorean? Why would one wish to live by harsh Gorean codes of conduct? The format of this column will be to give you the view points of some lifestyle Goreans that have been so kind as to send me their inputs. This edition’s comments come from some Goreans that are known to me and I know that they live as well as possible by the Gorean ways.

First the Masters:

Neptune: He is the Master of his full time kajira xayla. Neptune requires a 24/7 situation. He requires a slave to be a slave whether she feels like it that day or not. Like many Gorean Masters he believes it should be the kajira’s wish to make the Master happy anyway possible. He believes that being Gorean is the ability to be whom ever you are without social ties and restrictions. A man chooses his fate if he is strong enough he is a Master and if not he is a slave. Unlike the rest of our society the followers of the Gorean ways do not judge a man by their color, wealth, or religion. The only thing required of a man to be called Master is HONOR. In his writings to me he acknowledges that there is a place for free women in the Gorean lifestyle as well as male slaves called kajirus but he says “ Myself, I would rather die first.”

Randy of Rikon Falls, Master to the kajira naji~malaika{R}. Randy tells us that that he began reading the Gorean novels in the mid to late seventies. After reading them he unknowingly began living by what he calls a strict code of honor in his daily life. Randy says that he grew tired of the sameness of the traditional BDSM lifestyle. That it had grown boring and stale. That after an invitation to a chat site to join some friends that embraced the Gorean ways he packed up his submissive and a conscience journey to Gor had begun. He writes that he was “Gorean “ only online at first but that the values he expounded in the virtual world, deepened in his real life outlook, actions and mannerisms.

Here is a quote from Randy’s letter that I wish to share with my readers. “ I have found peace (relative), happiness (a glance at the slave at my feet), and a sense of belonging that had been missing my life. I do not force my outlook and precepts upon anyone other then myself and the slave I own. If they feel disturbed or outraged by my actions, it is more their problem than it is mine. I know who and what I am.”

And now the kajirae:

Paula is a 32-year-old kajira from the New Jersey area. She found Gor 5 years ago. She met a Master on line that lives a few hours away from her and they talked online for many months. She says “ I served him with my heart and soul online.” She describes him as a very strong man physically and emotionally. She says he was kind, though knew when she needed him to be harsh. Never cruel but taught her that punishment had a place in the lifestyle. The first real life meeting was in a diner, Paula was scared but excited. She knew she wanted to serve him in anyway he desired. She describes the experience as a deep burning inside and a natural high that she can not put into words. When first alone he had her kneel and she describes that very moment as a turning point in her life, she had never been so scared, enthralled and so needy in her entire life.

She believes the Gorean relationship differs from the traditional D/s relationship because it is more structured and that rather seeking the wilder side of sex a kajira seeks total servitude. She says that servitude is her freedom, not freedom in the conventional sense but the freedom that lies dormant within her. The freedom she needs to be whole, be all she can before the one she serves so totally.

najida~malaika {R} is the kajira of Randy of Rikon Falls, her name is Arabic for “courageous angel”. She says “A woman named Bonnie had been wandering around the net chatting and having fun when she stumbled upon a Gorean RPG ( role-playing Game) chat room” She was drawn to the beauty of the slaves and spent some time in lurk mode. Eventually she asked the Tavern Master how she to could become slave. She says his answers and subsequent training along with his friendship changed her life. She walked into the life of a kajira thinking it was a fun role playing game but now three years later she is kajira everyday to her Master. naji credits her Master for what she has become , each thing she does is with his pleasure in mind. Will her action bring a smile to her Master’s lips? When describing discipline naji says that her Master meters out the punishment. He insures she understands why it is being given and when the punishment is finished it is never to be brought up again. naji says that she has lost her family and friends because she is a very public slave girl. She closes with the following thoughts “She hopes for greater understanding and acceptance from the community of BDSM and Goreans alike. Too much has been battled over and picked over. Perhaps the time has come to look at our similarities and put away the differences.”

I have always enjoyed the quotes from the Gor series, in reading these you will learn much of the Gorean beliefs concerning the relationship between a Master and his kajira.

‘A man can truly love only that woman,’ he said, ‘who is truly his, who belongs to him. Otherwise he is only a part to a contract.’ ‘A woman,’ I said, ‘can love only that man to whom she truly belongs.’ page 444 Slave Girl of GOR

In denying it we deny our nature. In betraying it we betray no one but ourselves. The master will never be happy until he is a master. The slave will never be happy until she is a slave. It is what we are. page 159 Explorers of GOR

The love of a slave girl is the deepest and most profound love that any woman can give a man. Love makes a woman a man’s slave, and the wholeness of that love requires that she be, in truth, his slave. page 31 Magicians of GOR

Slavery, of course, is the surest path by means of which a woman can discover her femininity. The paradox of the collar is the freedom which a woman experiences in at last finding herself, and becoming herself. page 160 Magicians of GOR

A man in his heart desires freedom, and a woman in her belly yearns for love. The collar in its way answers both needs. page 180 Slave Girl of GOR

‘Though I am slave,’ she said, ‘yet for the first time in my life, I am free.’ page 303 Nomads of GOR

In my 25 years of discussions with Gorean Masters and kajira, as well as other Gorean free persons the one common thread in all their stories seems to be that they read a book or several of the series and they had a revelation. They felt as though they had finally arrived, or perhaps had simply come home. The Gor series by John Norman is available at many of the new book stores in it’s latest release format and can be found in the 1960-1980 covers at many used book stores around the country as well as online on the auction sites. I thank everyone that contributed their time and keyboard in the writing of this page. Next quarter I will be discussing the Gorean relationships outside of the usual Master/kajira situation. There is a group of Goreans that refer to themselves as Free Companions, We will be hearing from a few of them. I always enjoy hearing from both non-Goreans and Goreans so please feel free to contact me at .