May/June 2001
Their Dark Possession -- Part Two
by dark whisper

"How can I serve you, Master?" 

Ann's words hung on the air like a soft breeze flowing past fields of waving grass - smooth, soft, gentle. Will looked down at her and saw that her fingers glistened lightly with the fluids of her own body. He was pleased. 

"Well, my pet… since You still wear the marks of last night, I think something entirely different is in order for this evening, don't you?" A quirk of one dark eyebrow as he stepped close enough to scent her arousal. "Come, I think the sling is best suited for my needs at the moment." 

Ann's eyes widened at the mention of the sling. He only used that on special occasions, and she knew that his needs must be very dark this morn. Shakily, she followed. The track lighting cast tiny spheres of illumination against the walls and ceiling, relieving the utter blackness of the painted walls. The soft jingle of golden chain followed her every move as the tiny links shifted with each step. She had grown used to the chain over a several month period. Will and she had decided together that she should be pierced through nipples and labia as it opened up an entirely new world of play to them. The chain was an addition after
the piercings themselves had healed fully. 

She stopped before the sling and turned her back to it. The gortex material gleamed hazily in the soft lighting. Will stood looking at her for a long moment - taking in the full breasts and dusky nipples before allowing his eyes to slide down her body, making no attempt to hide his perusal. The slightly nervous look flashed in her eyes at his intense gaze. She wondered silently to herself if she would ever get used to him looking at her so thoroughly. 

His voice was that conversational tone that sent shivers down her spine. "Pet, please remove the rings and chains, all right?" His back was to her as the sound of drawers opening and closing reached her ears. Ann's fingers trembled only slightly as she worked the rings free of nipples and labia. The moisture surrounding the labial rings made her job more difficult as the gold rings slipped from her grasp again and again. In her concentration, she missed the light thump of the box onto the bench. 

Finally, the last of the rings slipped free of her flesh and she hefted 8 small rings and a long, Y shaped golden chain in one hand. Lifting her head, she encountered the dark blue gaze that haunted her dreams and fulfilled every one of her needs. The look that passed between them carried far more than words ever could. Will held out his hand for the river of gold as it tumbled into his palm, then placed them onto the workbench against the wall. 

"I love you, Ann. More today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow. You are my one." His voice was soft and low, yet seemed to vibrate with intensity. "Are you ready, my love?" 

Ann's gaze flickered to the bench and to the box resting so innocently upon the broad, wooden surface. A flare of nostrils was the only indication that she was slightly nervous, but she truly did trust him with her very life. Her voice was husky, pure eroticism, low and deep. 

"Yes, Master… I am." A tilt of her head as though listening to his voice in her mind. She met his gaze fully as he turned with the unit in his hand and moved toward her. 

"So be it." Will's voice still carried that even tone that seemed so detached as he placed the shockbox at her feet and straightened up to hold the edge of the sling steady. Words would have been an intrusion, so she merely… settled deeply within the custom made harness. 

Her position was slightly inverted - ass and cunt raised slightly, back and neck resting against cool, cradling material. This position worked very well for much of their play, and she knew he had more in mind than the electrics just from the mere choice of this piece of furniture. Ann's heart raced as Will buckled her thighs into the straps of nylon. Each fastener made of heavy duty nylon with velcro closures to avoid burning her as the voltage raced through her form. She was completely open, stretched wide, and quivering by the time the straps were all fastened. Wrists and arms stretched outward and slightly raised as one by
one, the straps encircled her flesh and secured her totally. 

There was a sense of ritual about it all. His hands sliding over her flesh, warm and possessive, as each strap fastened. She was caught. There was no escape, and in her very captivity, she was free. 

Ann watched as he bent down… adjusting knobs and stretching the leads carefully outward, checking to ensure there was no break in the wire, and the contacts were strong. She gasped as he attached the modified wooden clothespins to her labia. Each pin had a hole drilled through the legs and a fine cord ran upward to end in a small metal clip. The ends of the clips were coated in rubber to avoid any "accidental" surges. After clipping her labia, he attached the cords to each side of the sling, effectively drawing her cuntlips wide open, and leaving
her open… gaping. 

"Shhh, relax darling," his voice still held that calm, controlled tone that she knew so well. "You know that I love you, yes?" A tilt of his head as he stroked her stomach lightly. 

"Yes, Master… I know." Ann's voice was low and husky, and Will simply smiled at the soft tremor just barely audible. 

"Good. And you also know that I have need to use my pet this morning, fully… don't you?" The soft stroking of her stomach continued as his other hand moved between her thighs and slipped slowly up and down along the wet, open slit. 

"God… yes, Sir I do." She closed her eyes, still seeing the burning of his gaze behind her eyelids. The sling gently moved back and forth as Will began to gently press two fingers into her wetness. A gentle moan was her only reply even as her body clutched tightly around the long fingers. 

"Open your eyes, pet. I wish to watch as I take my pleasures in my possession." His voice was low and calm, controlled, as he thrust deeper into her, the sling swinging slowly back and forth under the slow plunge. 

Ann's eyes opened slowly, revealing the deep pleasure flickering through the depths of her gaze. She watched, entranced, as he pulled his fingers from her sex and lifted them to his mouth, sucking slowly upon the slick flesh. Everything felt surreal, as if the very air was visible as she swung slowly, a pendulum of spread arms and legs. 

Will bent once more to the box and slowly, lovingly, placed one of the copper clips over her clit. She sucked in her breath at the tight, cold grip - knowing that it would not be cold for long. Her eyes were mere slits as he smeared lubricant over the length of the metal cylinder, then pushed it gently to the dark star of her anus, pushing and twisting it gently, until it was buried completely within the dark tunnel. His gentleness never ceased to amaze her as he prepared her for his use. It was in direct opposition of what was… to come. 

"There, that's a good girl. Do you know how lovely you look like this? Your arms and legs spread wide, your cunt and ass open to me? Mm, yes. You are so beautiful." He reached down and lifted the box to the table next to her. 

Ann couldn't help but stare at the dials and gauges that looked so innocent but brought forth such trepidation. Yet, she uttered no protest, fighting to keep her muscles loose and relaxed. She met his gaze fully as he reached down, and cranked the handle of the box. 

Immediately, she felt the tingle of electricity flowing through her ass and her clit. Jerking at the feel of the slow, throbbing tingle. A soft moan slipped past her lips as he stopped cranking and tilted his head slightly to the side. 

"More, pet? Do you want more?" Sing song, controlled, calm - his voice pierced the haze of pleasure. 

"Ye… yes, please." Her voice was low and husky. 

"Good, that's very good, love because we are nowhere near… done." A smile pulled at the corners of his lips, but did not reach his eyes. 

"Who are you?" His hand reached for a knob and flicked it upward a notch. 

Sweet god in heaven, she wanted this. The tip of her tongue flicked out to moisten her lips before speaking. The hand crank turned again. The tingles were stronger now, strumming through her ass and spreading into the clenching muscles of her cunt. She jerked in the sling, but only her hips and back were able to move. 

"I asked you a question, slut. Who are you?" His hand continued cranking the box. The sensations were strong, but not yet uncomfortable. 

"I'm… I'm your whore, Sirrrrrrrr…" The last word pulled from her as the cranking stopped, and her muscles unclenched. Breathing deeply, a slow whimper of sound rushing from her lips. 

"Yes, you are. And whose cunt is this?" Two fingers stabbed into her sopping sex, filling her. 

"Yours, Master. Your cunt, god." Inner muscles clutched at his fingers as he fucked her slowly. Each twisting thrust sending them deeper within. 

"God, my little whore? No, God can't help you here, my one. Only I can." He pushed savagely into her tight hole, curling his fingertips against the spongy wall up behind her pubic bone. She arched high in the sling, gasping as he probed. 

"And I, won't." Will pulled his fingers from her and turned the knob another notch. His eyes seemed as black as pitch as a cold smile took his lips. 

Ann bit her lip hard as the voltage hit. So much stronger than before, so much deeper did the vibrations ripple through her. Arching and twisting her body, the sling swaying as he grabbed hold of one of the nylon straps and held her in position as she whimpered and mewled. 

Once more, the cranking stopped and she was able to breathe. Will watched her carefully, taking in the flared nostrils and the wildness in her eyes. His finger drew slowly over her inner labia, playing gently with the swollen, wet petals. 

"Mm, you like this, don't you love? You like when I use you this way." It wasn't a question, but a statement of fact. His head dipped and she shuddered as he drew his tongue slowly up her wide open sex. Probing at her entrance, thrusting his tongue deep and then away. Slowly, as if they had all the time in the world for him to explore and taunt her. 

"Master, oh yes… fuck yes." Her voice was raw as she tried to thrust her hips upward to meet his tongue, but he pulled back and simply stared into her eyes. 

"Fuck yes, my little slut… fuck yes." Quickly, he turned the knob several clicks and cranked hard and fast. 

She was unprepared for the hot jolt of pure fire ripping through her. Muscles clenching involuntarily as the voltage snapped through her. A live wire. Her body jerked as she shrieked out, barely able to draw breath. Tears sprung to her eyes at the immense pain of stomach and legs going into spasm. It seemed never ending as she danced within the sling, jerking and twitching. 

Finally, he stopped. Her body went limp as she cried and tried to catch her breath, her whole body tingling… burning. She was completely unaware of the whimpering coming from her own throat, but Will was not. He loved seeing her like this. Sweat clinging to her face and chest from the pain she took from him, for him, and for her. 

Theirs was a dark love, and both fed on the desires of the other. His need was to watch her as he used her body, took her to new heights… and then pushed her from the edge to tumble headlong down into the deep chasm, only to catch her and hold her close as they climbed the peak once more to do it all over again. Her need was to give everything she had to him, to know that he found within her, a dark need to complement his own. The pain drew her, fulfilled her, excited her. And in the two, they became one. 

"Very good, pet. Very good indeed. Is this enough?" A sardonic lift of one brow as she gulped at the air. "Or does my little painslut want more?" 

"Please…" Barely coherent. 

"Please what, bitch?" His fingers clicked the knob up higher, as he looked at her through fathomless eyes. 

Ann's teeth were chattering slightly as she tried to force out the words. Her eyes begging him to stop, to not stop - a jumble of confused need within her mind and body. 

"Mm… more, Sir?" Mewling like a kitten. 

A slow nod of his head, his voice utterly devoid of emotion. "Yes, pet… more, always more." 

The next jolt slammed through her with an unbelievable force. Ann lost all cohesive thought, her body simply taking over as muscles locked, and she jerked and spasmed in the sling… not even enough control to scream at the excruciating pain tearing through her entire body. Her eyes rolled backward as she danced like a puppet on a string, jerking. She was unaware of when her bladder let go, but Will moved closer as the liquid poured from her and over his body. It seemed interminable - a lifetime of pain. Until finally, the cranking stopped. 

Her body twitched even after the electricity no longer flowed, muscles clenched into hard knots, burning. Then the screams came as the pain wracked through her. Deep, blood curdling screams, one atop the other as Will's hands moved over the charley horses in her legs, working them out as she writhed and cried. The tears never stopped as he made soothing sounds and continued to rub. 

"Ssshhh, love. It's alright. You did so good, my pet, so good. Shhhh, it's okay." Will's voice was tender as he massaged away the pain, and once again she fell limp into the sling. 

He leaned over her, and she caught the musky sent of her urine. Her eyes drifted downward over his light pants and the dark stain from belt to knees. A flush of shame, at being unable to stop her body from releasing, yet a tingle in her cunt at the excitement. Neither of them were strangers to urine play, but somehow having it literally pulled from her was so damned exciting. He leaned down and kissed her swollen lips possessively - deep and full. 

"I love you, my one. You did well, but we… are not quite done." He set the sling in motion as he moved away from her and began unbuttoning his shirt. Bare-chested, he reached for the tube of thick, slippery lubricant. Ann strained her head upward to watch him as he coated his right hand and wrist with the clear slick fluid. A low moan escaped her throat as he lifted his eyes to hers and slowly flexed his fist. 

"Master…" the word almost hissed as she swung slowly back and forth, his hand glistening wet. 

A slow curl of lips, "yes, my one? Is something… wrong?" He took a step forward and steadied the slowly swaying sling with a hand to her belly. The forefinger of his right hand began to lightly toy with the wetness of her cunt. "My goodness, pet… you are near sopping wet." His tone once again conversational as he slipped two fingers into her. 

Ann's mouth was bone dry - as if all of her body's moisture was concentrated between her widely spread thighs. She couldn't speak, could only manage a slow shake of her head as the fingers twisted slowly back and forth, separating, stretching at the tight inner walls. She could feel the light pull of the wire to her clit whenever his hand brushed against it, and she shuddered with each slow thrust. 

"I didn't think so, love. I didn't think so." 

Gently, tenderly, he added a third finger. The stretch felt good as the fingers almost glided into her - her own juices mixing with the lubricant as Will fucked her slowly, taking his time. Tiny moans escaped as her hips rose against the restraints until his hand pressed more firmly against her stomach, stilling even that little bit of movement. She bit her lip hard, fighting not to move as the three fingers twisted and thrust. 

She forgot about everything as Will took her with long, strong fingers. No longer aware of anything but the feel of him between her open thighs, the stroke of hard fingers, the press of his hand. She swam in an ocean of sensation - pleasant, aching, needy. Her eyes drifted closed once more as she gave into the pleasures of her body under his utter control. 

SMACK! The blow came quickly and fiercely across her right breast. SMACK, SMACK! Twice more in quick succession. Her eyes flew open, Will's handprints were vivid across the pale flesh of her breast. 

"Ah!" Tears sprung into her eyes at the burning, stinging pain even as his strokes never ceased inside of her. 

"I told you, bitch. Keep your fucking eyes open. Do I need remind you again?" Another quick flash of his hand to her burning nipple. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK… 

"No Sir! I'm sorry, Sir!" Ann whimpered, but they both knew the moment her fluids thickened around his thrusting fingers. 

"If your eyes close again, slut… you won't like it. Understood?" Still that maddeningly controlled voice, as if he were speaking to a group of businessmen. 

The slap landed again and again over the same burning spot, and she knew she would be wearing his mark for a day or two as tender capillaries burst under the stinging blows. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! 

"Oh goddamnit! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir I understaaaand!" She was no longer breathing, but sucking the air into burning lungs. 

She never even noticed that he'd added a fourth finger until the ache in her cunt spread through her hips and upper thighs. 

"Do you know how beautiful you look? Have you any idea how utterly gorgeous you are with your tit fiery red and your legs spread like a common whore? My whore. Mine." 

A sudden deep thrust into her, the fingers hard and stabbing, stretching her quickly around them as they plunged deeper inside. Ann screamed at the sudden flash of real pain as it ripped through her. 

"Yes, my whore… scream. That's it, scream until you can't scream anymore. God, I love taking you like this, my fingers stretching you wider and wider. You have a beautiful cunt, did you know that?" His eyes were trained on his hand as it slowly began pumping into her once more. "All nice and red as it stretches over my fingers. Do you know what, slut? We're still not done." 

Will's fingers pulled almost from her and she felt the coolness of more lubricant against the heat of swollen labia and then the slow push of fingers once more. 

Full. Aching. Burning. Stretching. Ann's head turned slowly back and forth as she fought to stay relaxed, knowing how excruciating it would be if she tightened up around the pushing and twisting fingers. Breath shallow, hot, burning. 

He never stopped, just that steady pressure and gentle thrust. Each press pushing deeper into her stretched vagina. She was moaning continuously, unable to separate the agonizing thrust from the withdrawal as he fucked her slowly with all five of his fingers. His voice seemed far away as she met his gaze with glazed eyes. 

"Are you ready, my pet? This may… hurt." There was no softening of voice or eyes, simply a statement as he waited for her response. 

The pain shot through her, she felt like she was being ripped apart. Her eyes grew fiery with the slow torture. A low, keening wail filled the room and then she simply snapped. 

"No! Motherfucker, don't DO this to me. You son of a bitch! Let me down, now!!!" spittle flew from her lips as she bucked against the pain. Feral eyes flashing pure fire as she struggled against the bonds, fighting to get free as he continued pushing upwards. 

"That's it, my little whore, curse me. It's not going to stop me, you know." A dark smile pulled his lips into a grimace as the widest part of his hand slipped past the bones of her pelvis and his hand sank deeply into her clenching cunt. 

Ann's scream echoed through the room, bouncing off the walls as she bucked under his hand. Suddenly going limp as her body accepted the hand of her master. She felt the slow curl of his hand inside of her… knew his wrist rested against her outer labia as he held utterly still and allowed her body to stretch and accommodate a body part never meant to be pressed into a woman's sex. 

"Look at me, Ann." Only the barest hint of emotion in his voice. "Yes, that's it. Do you know what you look like with my hand buried deep within your cunt? Do you have any idea how fucking sexy it is to see my wrist emerging from your body?" As he spoke, he began to slowly move the fist within her body… stretching… fucking. "Whose cunt is this?" His fist moving slow and deep as he stared deeply into her eyes. 

She couldn't answer. Her head whipped back and forth as his fist pushed into her and simply exploded into a mind numbing orgasm. Her whole body clenched tight. Clutching and squeezing at the fist inside of her. She never heard his grunt of pain as strong muscles contracted rigidly around his hand and wrist, she was beyond hearing anything as she screamed out again and again in the mix of pleasure and pain. 

Finally, the intense grip of orgasm loosened its hold and she slumped back in the sling. Will's face held a mix of pride, lust, and pain as he began once again to move his fist inside of her. 

The first awareness of tingles began in her clit, followed quickly by the probe still buried in her ass. Ann's eyes flew to Will's as he gritted his teeth and flicked the knob higher… the hand crank turning slowly, the tingles growing once more. 

Every nerve ending was firing as he fist fucked her while the current moved between them both. Her body contracted again and again as the orgasms came strongly. She lost all comprehension as she twitched and jerked. Will's cry came to merge with her own. 

"Fuck yes! Come for me, bitch. Come for me until you no longer can!" 

Her hands clenched into fists as he punch fucked her, deep, strong thrusts of closed fist moving deeper and deeper. She didn't know, had no way of knowing, that his forearm sank deeper and deeper into her wildly squirming body. The sling began to swing wildly as he continued to crank, adding more and more voltage until she jerked hard… and the world went… black. 

She opened her eyes slowly. Her entire body ached. There was no pain, just a steady ache that centered between her thighs. She became aware of Will holding her closely on the bed in one corner of the play room. Ann was cradled in his arms as he stroked her face gently. A look of utter love and possession was clear in his eyes. 

"You, my love. Are simply amazing. My god, what you just took for me. Sweet lord, darling. I love you so, Ann." His voice was soft and gentle. Gone was the fierce control that he held when they played, replaced by the love they felt for each other. 

Ann lifted a shaking hand and caressed his cheek. Her own eyes soft and tender. A raspy sound escaped through swollen lips and finally emerged as voice. 

"Welcome home, Master… I love you."

© 2000 - 2001 dark whisper