May/June 2001
The Bar
by ~sapphire~

He had observed her for a long, long time. He had sat in His office each weekend as she came into the bar. She had immediately caught His attention on her first visit. She was different than the other women who came here. She never got drunk and she never left with anyone. She knew the bartender and the bouncer well and if any got out of line they always came to her assistance.

She talked with the men who came to the bar. She danced with a few and let them buy her drinks. But she always left alone. She was not there to pick up men, just to be with them.

He had heard many of the men talking about her from time to time. They called her the "cock teaser" and vowed that one day they would take turns with her.

He knew all that went on because it was He who owned the bar and the adjoining restaurants and hotels. He observed all that went on knew which women were in the bar to make a few bucks, which followed the men to their rooms. He knew a lot about everyone in the place well... all the regulars anyway. She was different she was obviously looking for something or she would not return each weekend, but she never seemed to find what it was that she was looking for.

That night He left His office deciding to come from behind the mirror that He used to observe the bar. He spoke quietly with the bartender and then sat toward the back in a deserted booth as she sat at the bar. The bartender handed her a new drink and told her it was from the man in the far booth.

She said thank-you to Tom the bartender, calling Him by name, since they had known one another for a long time. "Who is the guy in the booth?" she ask him.

Tom just shrugged.

She decided "oh well" and picked up her drink, went to the booth and thanked Him. He was a large man, with distinguished features. He asked her to join Him, so she sat across from Him, and introduced herself as Marie. He smiled and said to call Him Max. They made polite small talk for awhile, He ask her if she came her often.

"Yes" she replied. "I enjoy being around people. It beats sitting home alone."

He studied her calmly for a bit then said "I know."

She was surprised at his words. She had not seen him before.

Then He said, "I have watched you here before. You always talk with the patrons, dance with a few. You always look very sensual when you are here, never cheap or trashy, but very feminine, like tonight. Marie was wearing a clinging deep blue silk loose, a lacy low cut black bra, a black tight short skirt. Max had also caught a glimpse of a black garter belt and black lace topped hose when she had slid into the booth across form him. "You are a woman of quality indeed.

She blushed and started to stand. Immediately His hand was around her wrist, and His voice, as cold and as stern as a schoolmaster, commanded "SIT!" It was not the pressure on her wrist that made her sit but the force of His voice.

He continued. "You are looking for something aren't you Marsha. You like men, but you have not found one who touches the desires buried deep within you. You come here each weekend hoping and then leave alone. You don't want a one-night quickie. You want a man who will posses you, dominate and own you."

She looked at Him first shocked and then embarrassed. "You are crazy, she said. "You don't know me or what I want or need." She started to get up again, but stopped when He simply calmly said "Stay."

He motioned to Tom to bring them another drink and asked him to send the bouncer over. As Bill approached, Max spoke to him quietly, telling him that those who were now in the bar could stay, but to lock up as they were closed to new customers for the rest of the night.

Bill nodded and did as instructed.

She looked around the bar and was a little uncomfortable to see that it was just her, Max, Tom, Bill and a dozen of the regulars... all men.

Max kept his eyes focused on her. "Des this make you uncomfortable? You know everyone here, don't you"

She stammered. "Yes. But it is time for me to go. Thank you for the drink." And again, as she started to stand, she felt His hand around her wrist and heard a stern "Sit!"

She sat back down.

"My dear, you have two choices. One is to accompany me to my room, and to become mine for the night. I will show you what it is you have been searching for. Or I will leave without you, leaving you to these men who for many months have vowed they are going to take turns with you for being such a cock teaser. The choice is yours, but one way or the other tonight, you will face what you run away from night after night."

She looked at Him, feeling the panic...unsure as to what to say.

He continued. "If you come with me, you will do exactly what I say or you will be punished. Or perhaps you will be returned to the bar and tied to the table for the pleasure and use of all here."

She looked at Him, the panic heightening, but also something within her drawn was to Him. She knew if she spoke up, Bill and Tom would come to her rescue. They always had. But something deep within her wanted to go with His room. After several moment, she replied "Yes I will go with You.

"Then followed me He said and speak only when spoken to and you will address me as Sir." He slid out of the booth and started for a side door.

Her legs did not seem to want to move but somehow she followed Him, through the bar and into His private office, and then onto a private elevator that took them straight to the penthouse. He said nothing as they entered the room but seated Himself in a large chair in the middle of the room. His eyes were cold as He looked at her. He uttered but one word "Undress."

She looked at Him hesitantly, but knew from His tone of voice and the look in His eyes that she must obey. So she removed her blouse and skirt standing before Him in underwear and hose.

He glared at her and repeated "Undress."

She trembled as she slipped the bra, garter, from her body as she started to remove her heels and hose. He stopped her, and stood taking the hands that she had tried to cover herself with and placing them behind her neck. She shuddered as He touched her. His foot went between her legs spreading them and His hand went to her sex. He smiled coldly as He found her wet, and receptive. His fingers explored her wetness as he continued speaking to her. "This is inspection position," He said. "You will assume it when prompted to do so. Now go into the bathroom and shower, and remove the stench of the bar from your body. And you will find a razor... shave. And that includes this," He said as He clutched the soft curls surrounding her sex. His eyes bore into hers as His fingers plied her. "Do you understand?"

He eyes dropped from His and she stood there before this stranger, feeling her body respond before finally replying, quietly. "Yes."

His hand slapped her ass cheek, she looked at Him shocked and then realized what He wanted and said softly "Yes Sir."

After a few moments, He spoke again. "Now bathe and hurry. When you return. dinner will be waiting.

She did as He had requested, feeling silly shaving her sex but did doing as directed. When she'd finished, she looked about and found a robe on the door, slipped it on, and stepped back into the room. He was sitting at a table filled with food but only His chair and His plate. She looked at Him and He growled "Take the robe off and come kneel beside my chair."

Feeling very self-conscious, she dropped the robe and knelt beside Him. He reached to a side table and put a large leather collar around her neck and then attached a leash to it. Her heart raced, wondering what she had gotten herself into, afraid to speak. He smiled and said softly "I will not harm you. I will just train you to please me."

She knelt quietly at His side, as He ate. Occasionally He would hand her a bite, for which she was to thank Him and then clean His fingers with her tongue. He then gave her wine, which He seemed to purposely spill over her chin and across Her breasts. He then had her stand as He licked the wine from each nipple. She gasped as He did this, her body beginning to shake. He spoke firmly as He saw her aroused grow. "You will not release your sexual desire without my permission, do you understand?"

Marie moaned as His hand again found her wetness. "Yes, Sir" she managed to whisper.

When He finished eating, He stood... pulling gently on the leash, leading her to the large bedroom portion of the penthouse. He told her to get onto her hands and knees on the bed, and to spread her legs widely. She did so and He stepped behind her.

"Now I will check to see if you did an adequate job of shaving what is now mine, for my use."

His hands spread her ass cheeks and His fingers inspected her sex, pushing into her and pushing her clit about. Her juices coated His fingers as He probed her. He laughed evilly as she moaned. "It is an adequate job," He said. "But you will be punished for returning wearing a robe." She moaned again as His fingers left her, then heard the drawer to the side open. She knew that He was again standing behind her. He body jerked as she felt cool leather strips against her ass cheeks and as he pulled the flogger over her cheeks and up her back. She moaned ands fearfully said "But I did not understand,"

The blow off the flogger caught her off guard. He said "I did not give you permission to speak."

She turned quickly, glaring at Him. He glared back. "I told you when you came through that door that you were mine. If choose to leave do so now. I'm sure the men in the bar would love to see you. But decide now. If you stay you will obey me."

She was not sure why, but she obediently moved back to her hands and knees... her bare and stinging ass toward Him. He administered a dozen more stinging blows to her ass cheeks. Then she felt His hands against her clit... exploring her... learning her.

He stepped to the side again, then returned. Without warning, a dildo pushed deep within her wetness. She moaned loudly. He pumped it into her over and over. She cried out. He stopped just before she came Leaving the dildo buried deep inside of her, He again repeated "You will not come. I want you in great need for when the time is right." Suddenly, the dildo was pulled from her... leaving her feeling empty and wanting more.

He had her stand. He moved in front of her. He licked and flicked each nipple, and then attached a clamp to each one. Tears formed in her eyes as she gasped. Then he reached down, rubbing her tender bud... and then clamped it also. He took the leash and led her back to the middle of the living room. Then He left telling her to stand still until He returned.

He was back shortly wearing only an elegant silk robe. His arousal was evident through the thin fabric. He walked around her looking. At her, caressing her. He adjusted the nipple clamps slightly, and then gave one more swift slap with His hand to her ass cheek. "A wonderful ass" he chuckled. It reddens so nicely."

There was a knock at the door. He pulled at her leash, leading her toward, keeping her a short distance behind Him. When He opened the door, she saw to her horror the bartender, tom and Bill the bouncer were standing there. He motioned for them to come in.

"Gentlemen, I believe you already know Marie. She will serve us tonight... she will provide us each with a great deal of pleasure."

He offered them the bathroom as a place to shower and change.

Soon they were each changed into a silk robe and stood staring at her. He offered each of them a chair. The chairs were placed in a circle with her standing in the middle. He then had her kneel in front of Him. He reached down and removed the clamp from each nipple tossing them aside... then reached between her legs and pulled the clit clamp off, also tossing it aside. She gasped as the clamps were released, the blood rushing back into her sensitive, swollen nipples.

Max then pulled gently at her leash. He opened His robe and told her to take His cock into her mouth and arouse Him. She hesitated. As she looked and Him, He motioned to Tom. "It appears she needs some motivation."

Tom stood, retrieved the flogger and administered a stinging blow across her upper back. She quickly took Max in her mouth and aroused Him with her tongue. He became very hard and erect and then He pushed her head back and told her to do the same to Tom and to Bill as He watched. As Max held the leash, she crawled in front of each of them and sucked each until they were hard and erect.

Then He pulled at her leash, returning her to His side. He stood and she followed Him back to the bedroom, accompanied by Tom and Bill. He looked and Tom and said "I think it is your turn for the bottom. Quickly Tom lay upon the bed, his erect cock sticking up into the air.

Max tugged at the leash. "Mount him." His voice was commanding.

She looked at Him hesitantly.

"Do I need to tell you again?" His voice displayed His displeasure at her hesitation.

"No, Sir" she said... and she crawled up onto the bed, squatted over Tom with her legs at either side of him. As Max held the leash tight, she lowered herself down on the hard cock it filling her wetness. Tom pushed His hips up, driving into her. She gasped and shuddered. Max pulled at the leash telling her to take Him deep. Then He instructed Bill to stand at her side and had her lean forward, her breasts swaying over Tom's face to take Bill's balls in her hand and his cock in her mouth as Tom continued to pound into her pussy.

Then she felt Max onto the bed behind her. He was applying a warming liquid to her anal star. Again, she gasped as the sensations moved through her. Then she felt the slap of His hand to her ass cheeks and then His cock pressing deep into her anus, filling her. She cried out as He plunged into her. His voice was stern. "Now you will pleasure each of us until we cum. Then you will be granted your release."

Marie moaned and gasped at the three men fucked her simultaneously... one in each orifice. All thinking stopped, her body moving with each of them as they each pounded into her. First Bill came spurting deep into her mouth. Then Tom filled her pussy with his juices. Her body went out of control as, at last Max spurted deep in her ass.

The next several hours were a whirl to her. Time and again, the three men took their turns with her. She was led back into the outer room, where the men enjoyed some wine, smoked cigars as they watched, lying on the floor, pleasuring herself with the dildo.

Several times, she felt the sting of the flogger on her buttocks, upper thighs and even her breasts when she did not follow Max's instructions or failed to respond as he instructed. She soon found herself seeking more from each of them... looking to Max for his direction.

Sometime in the night, Bill and Tom left. Max led her, on her leash, into the bathroom... where he had her draw a bath in the large Jacuzzi tub. He had her join him in the tub, directed her to scrub his body.

Then, he had her sit between his legs as the Jacuzzi jets foamed the water. He massaged her shoulders, caressed her breasts as they relaxed in the tub. Finally, after she had toweled them both following the relaxing bath, he led her back to the bed. There, Max attached the leash to the sideboard of the bed. He pulled the comforter from the bed, leaving it on the floor for Marie to make her bed as he slept on the mattress.

Marie, exhausted, sore... feeling a contentment she had never felt before, managed to find sleep, wondering what the morning would bring.