May/June 2001
The Long Stemmed Rose
by FineArt

Gregory and Catherine were struggling. They had been living together for nearly a year, in a small apartment near the university they both attended. Gregory was in his last year of school, Catherine in her second. Both were taking full loads of challenging course work. It was nearing the end of the semester, time for papers and exams. Both were working tiring, stressful jobs in order to support themselves. Money was tight. The holidays were coming, and Catherine's parents were pressing her to come home to celebrate... alone. They did not accept Gregory, knowing he had spirited Catherine into an immoral life, stealing her innocence, then coaxing her into this living arrangement that they could never accept! Little did they know just how wrong they were... nor how right!

Gregory did everything with an eye toward his life with Catherine. She had not come to him the innocent virgin her parents believed her to have been, but she sure had not been a tramp! Anything but! And Gregory was not the bum her father had called him. Yes he worked with his hands. And yes he had brought Catherine into his life in ways many found unacceptable! But neither of them were in this relationship just for the kicks. They had made plans together, and they had made commitments to one another. They studied hard, performed very well in their studies. They supported one another.

And they loved one another... in every way!

Their relationship bucked the trends of society as well. The 60's were just passed. Women's lib! Free love! Equality in relationships!

Theirs was a relationship where the roles were not equal. They did not share decisions. They did not share responsibilities equally. Theirs was a relationship based on Domination and submission. Catherine had given herself to Gregory, he was the one to make decisions for them, who was overall responsible for their well being... for Catherine. And she provided her input, then followed his lead, supported what he decided... and served his needs.

The sexual revolution had happened around them, without them. Like all newly formed couples, Gregory and Catherine led a very active, aggressive, passionate love life! Even in these times of open sexuality, free love, nearly everyone they knew would not have understood their sex life. They had not moved into this by plan: this had simply evolved for them, and both felt it was completely natural for them. It was not something they could discuss with their friends or families except for Catherine's sister, Annette and her husband Paul. But even here, Catherine was a very private person. They took their journey of discovery alone, exploring, learning, growing together.

Catherine had given herself to Gregory... really in all ways, but it was physically, sexually that it was most obvious. Gregory used her for his pleasure... he explored her, pushed her, and did things to her that she would have never, ever imagined! She seldom took the initiative sexually with him... when she had, without his permission; he had punished her... nearly always in subtle ways. Seldom physically except for withholding his physical attentions... or attending to her in ways that sated his needs but left her wanting, frustrated. When he did this, he always explained the lessons to be learned, why he did things as he did... what it was he wanted. And he always listened to her, but what was to be done was up to him.

Gregory learned the moods and needs of his Catherine. He did not need her to tell him when she was amorous, or when she was not. Seldom did he miss the moods. In time, well, she just wanted to please him.

And in return, Gregory provided Catherine with sexual pleasures she had never even imagined! Her earlier lovers had all seemed interested only in their own pleasures. Gregory got his by bringing her to levels of intensity she had not imagined possible. In fact, it was not at all unusual for them to "make love" without his removing or even loosening any of his clothes! He just used her, playing with her... physically and mentally, to achieve his pleasure. For Gregory, having this control over Catherine, to have her available for any use he wanted to make of her, or to have her do whatever he commanded brought him immense sexual satisfaction. Sometimes, he did not even touch her... just using words... directing her actions... or thoughts to get his highs. Gregory seemed to get immense pleasure when he made use of his Catherine, often only verbally, in public places. Only the two of them would know... but they knew!!! Catherine's orgasms, struggling to be quite, to not let her body go wild, her squeals and yelps and moans resound as they did when alone, were, none the less, intense.

In this way, Catherine's dad was right! Gregory's sexual appetite was insatiable... and he satisfied it with and through Catherine. And Catherine was passionate, she was up to the task! She was often embarrassed, uncertain of what was to happen... but she always obeyed. And she was richly rewarded for her gift to him... the gift of herself!

But, as stated before, right now they were struggling. Catherine was home, working on a paper due the following Monday. She was hungry, but she would not eat until Gregory got home. It was three days to his payday. All they had in the apartment were a couple boxes of macaroni and cheese, a few cans of vegetables. Catherine had not eaten lunch, had only eaten some crackers for breakfast. She knew Gregory had done the same.

He had not given her money for the grocery store. Catherine turned her checks over to him immediately. She was not on an allowance, nor a fixed budget. Things were too close for that. They talked about what it was they needed; Gregory allotted the money. Catherine knew, without being told, the reason he had not given her money.... There was none!

The night before, they had fought... it was over her dad, her going home alone. But they both knew it was really the stresses. She had these stupid papers due... he had taken two exams that morning, then worked 10 hours... pumping gas, dirtying his hands and busting his knuckles working on cars. She had still been sleeping when he had left, there was a note left on the bathroom mirror... "Running late, love you!" signed with the initial "M" for Master. Catherine knew things were OK, they had ended the night making love and holding one another. Still, she was worried. In addition to everything else, she knew Gregory felt he was not holding his end of their bargain, not being responsible in the ways he should... even failing his cherished Catherine. It just added to the stresses for both of them.

It was after 11. Catherine was tired and hungry. Nothing was going onto the paper in the old, manual typewriter Gregory had scrounged up someplace.

She heard him coming up the creaky staircase in the old, rundown building of their apartment. She wished, suddenly, she had prepared for his arrival. She was still dressed in the sweatshirt, jeans, bra, stocking and panties she had word to school. He would want her in only a T-shirt. But the apartment was chilly, and she had not thought... just too many things on her mind, too.

She was just turning to face the door, move from the kitchen table that was continually used as their study desk when the door opened and Gregory came in. My God, she had been so wrapped up in her thoughts she had forgotten to lock the door! Gregory would be upset with her, punish her... for thoughtlessness, for her own good. He always watched for her well being, her safety. This was not a bad neighborhood, but it was not the best either. He always instructed her to keep the door locked. Yes, he would be upset with her... he had reason to be.

Gregory entered without saying a word. He looked tired... he was tired. It had been a long day. The exams had been even more challenging than he had expected... but he thought he had done OK. Many people were getting cars ready for the holidays, he had worked virtually non-stop all day. He was hungry. He'd split a Snickers with a coworker early in the afternoon. He had had to borrow $2 from his boss to get gas to drive home. He had been surprised to find the door unlocked.

All day, Catherine had been on his mind, They had been spatting a lot lately... always over little things. Yes, Gregory had thought a lot about last night... it was so obvious that her dad disliked him... everything about him! They had only met twice, once when he had taken Catherine home for the summer... she had come back to join Gregory only two weeks later! She had brought everything that was really hers with her then. The apartment was very crowded for 6 weeks. Frank, Gregory's roommate, and his brand new wife, Gwen, were in the cramped apartment then as well. The other time Gregory had seen Catherine's dad had been when he was passing though town a few weeks ago on a business trip. He had come to the apartment for supper. He had made an attempt to be civil. But it was obvious he did not approve of Gregory or of the sinful life Gregory had sucked his beautiful little girl into. Dad had tactfully refused to tour their apartment... he would not enter the room where his daughter slept with this man! Gregory had chuckled when Catherine had explained this later. And he had used her, sought his form of pleasure in her, in every other room of the apartment over the next couple of days, and it was not until the next month that he sought his pleasure in her in their bedroom again!

Gregory actually liked the old guy, in a way... he certainly respected his views. After all, they both wanted the same thing... one the best possible life for his little girl, the other the best possible for his life little one.

The real purpose of the visit had been to coax Catherine to come home for the holidays. That had been, the subject, if not the cause, of the tiff the night before. But mostly what Gregory had been thinking about was the stresses they both faced and how they were coming between then. And today he had concentrated on their time in bed together, holding one another, their bodies pressed together... and their physically joining when they made love, as he had tenderly taken her, and she had wrapped herself around him... arms, legs. Despite their difficulties, they were one. Neither was complete without the other.

Neither said anything when Gregory was inside the apartment. He reached behind him to close the door with his left hand. Catherine jumped, blushed and looked down when she heard the solid click of the door lock, pushed by Gregory's thumb! She could not read his expression. He just looked tired, exhausted. Catherine wanted to run to him... she knew she could not.

Gregory had removed his jacket outside, it was draped over his right arm. He said nothing as he went and sat, slumping down in the single, worn, overstuffed chair in their apartment. Catherine stood still, watching him. She was uncertain. She knew he would indicate what she should do. She started to go to kneel down, sit on the floor beside him, by his chair, as they often did. He held up his hand to stop her. She stopped, dead in her tracks, uncertain....

Gregory took the jacket off his arm, put it on the floor beside the chair. Then, only then, did she see it. In his right hand, Gregory held a single long stemmed rose. The jacket had hidden it. Now there was a twinkle in his eyes. Catherine gave a mischievous smile felt the urge to rush to him. She was somehow able to resist.

Gregory held the rose up, twirling it slowly, directly in the line of sight between the two of them, near his nose. Catherine had heard this once before, in this very room, in this tone of voice "Catherine, undress for me. Now Catherine, I want to see you... just you."

These were the very words he had spoken to her here, in this very room... he from that very chair, she standing just where she now was, on the weekend they had become lovers! Suddenly, all the stresses were gone, pushed away. For the moment there were no worries! They were one again!

Slowly, sensuously, Catherine removed the sweatshirt. She was much more practiced now; Gregory often had her strip for him. She was very seductive as it went over her head and off of her arms, to be tossed back toward the kitchen. The bra came next. She would never tell Gregory that she had practiced removing it in front of a mirror, perfecting the way she revealed herself to him. Catherine was always pleased by the smile, the catch of his breath that accompanied the revealing of her magnificent breasts in her very, very sensual way. The air was slightly chilly in the room, but that was not the reason her nipples were already swollen, throbbing!

The jeans and panties came off quickly as well. Catherine made sure Gregory could catch the full effect of her swaying, jiggling breasts as she stepped out of the legs of the jeans. She was smiling softly, eyes shining when she stood back up, spread her legs just enough that the slit of her sex was highly visible beneath the tuft of golden curls at the juncture of her legs. This summer, she had had to trim herself there to wear the bikini Gregory had gotten for her. She had kept that way.

"Everything Catherine" Gregory as demanding!

Catherine blushed and quickly removed the white socks and returned to her upright position.

"Ready yourself for inspection, little one." Gregory's voice was soft, calm, almost cold. He was not smiling, and the rose was still twisting slowly in front of his nose. Only the twinkle in his eyes, a twinkle Catherine had come to look for, belied that he as not in a foul mood!

Catherine stood very straight, spreading her legs to shoulder width, raising her arms to lace her fingers behind her neck pressing her raised elbows back as far as she comfortably could. She could feel her breasts rising, as he wanted them!

"Yes little one, you are very pleasing to the eye." He was now standing, the rose in his right hand, just the tips of his fingers and thumb, moving toward her.

Not looking directly at him, but toward the floor, Catherine replied, "Thank you master, I want to be pleasing for you."

Gregory walked slowly around her, three times; the rose now in hands clasped behind his back, twirling it in his fingers as he visually examined her. The very first time he had done this, Catherine had been embarrassed because he was the first man who ever wanted to just explore her, not rushing to get naked himself... to just screw her. She was now accustomed to his exploring her... but not without touching her. Now, he was just studying her. She could feel his eyes on her... it was as intense as he had been using ice or sandpaper on her. She wished her breasts were a bit smaller, her legs better formed... even for a bit more butt! He thought Mattel would have done better to use her rather than whatever else it had been when they designed the Barbie!

He was beside her, to her left, had turned to her. Out of the side of her eye, she could see he had the rose back in front of his face, twirling it in his fingers. "Close your eyes, Catherine. Keep them tightly closed."

She did, in silence.

She was not sure ... but she thought she felt something, like a small bug, crawling along her left arm, moving lightly along her underarm toward her body. She shivered; it went away...

"Be still, little one. Stand straight." His voice was soft, but the words pierced the air. Catherine straightened, lifted her arms again, and pressed the elbows back, felt the breasts raise.

That silly gnat was back... it was now on her left breast, moving from her side, just below the breast toward the nipple. She shivered, fought to keep her eyes closed.

"I said, be still!" the voice was louder, sharper this time!

"Yes, Master." She whispered.

"Straighten up!"

She did, pressing the elbows back even more, raising them. She felt her breasts rise.

The gnat was back; it seemed bigger. It had landed directly on the nipple. I began running in circles around her nipple! Larger and large circles, tickling her breast. She fought to not shiver or drop her arms... or to just swat that damned gnat!

She smelled the rose...

It seemed forever that Gregory tormented her with the petals of that rose, there seemed no part of her sensitive body that did not feel its soft, tickling brush...

Her arms, the back of her knees... her inner thighs, the line of her chin... the slit of her womanhood... the tip of her nose!

Each time she shivered or moved it stopped and his voice, each time more demanding, made her still and upright. Catherine felt like she would explode! Her breasts were throbbing. She felt like the wetness was flooding her inner legs!

Each time the rose was removed from her body, then came, so very softly, back to another place, she would catch her breath, she could not help herself, she moaned.

"Be silent, Catherine, be still!"

She was fighting to obey, she was losing the fight!

He stopped for a short time; she wanted to open her eyes, but knew she would pay if she did. She calmed a little.

The rose tickled her bottom, then moved ever so slowly, almost so gently as to be unnoticed along the crease separating her cheeks, moving until it slipped between her legs, caressing the flower of her womanhood! She could not help it, her entire body tensed, her legs spasmed! The rose was gone.

"Please, master" she begged.

"Be quiet, little one, and be still!"

Her breath so ragged her chin was shaking, unable to hold her arms as high as they had been, Catherine straightened. She sensed him standing in front of her.

Catherine reacted with a start when she felt the rose thorn, sharp, like the point of a knife or a large needle being dragged across her right breast. The sting of the sharp thorn burned like a fire! She fought the shivers, she fought the need to squeal!

It seemed forever that Gregory now alternated the petals of the rose with the thorns. She did not know how she stood it... every muscle of her body was quaking! She wanted to scream! She needed to have him take her, fuck her with raw passion! Catherine did not know how much more of this she could take!!! In all this time, for over half an hour, Gregory touched her with nothing but the rose. He never spoke except to tell her to be still or quiet or to reposition her. Her muscles were aching, quivering when finally he reached and took her hand, led her to the bedroom. He had told her to keep her eyes closed, or the night would end immediately. She was, somehow, able to keep them closed.

Gregory positioned her on her back, arms and legs spread eagle. She dared not move, barely able to breathe as she heard him undress. Then it began again... as he moved from side to side of the bed, the rose petals or the thorns. She could feel the small scratches on her body... then she could feel him move onto the bed, sensed he was on his knees, between hers, up over her... the thorns again, on her inner thighs, then the left breast, her tummy, the right nipple, then a thorn scraping her clit! She fought her physical reactions! Just as she was about to lose control, he stopped!

She felt the petals, one after another, falling on her body. One on a breast, sliding off to her chest! One on her tummy, resting over the navel... again and again, until they were, she assumed, gone. Normally, she might not even have felt the soft, light petals falling on her... but now!!! Each was like a heavy, burning ember.

She felt him move over her, not touching her anyplace, but felt the bed move under the weight of him on his extended arms, on each side of her, felt the heat of him over her.

She felt the heat of his swollen cock as it pressed against her clit, and then as he moved to press into her... entering her slowly. She raised her hips to accept him, to take him as fully, as deeply as she could. He paused as his pubis pressed solidly against hers, his testicles resting against the crease of her ass. Then, with one jerk, he pressed rapidly deeper yet and her body failed her...

Catherine's orgasm was intense, she was loud... the release cascaded again and again though her entire body... nothing mattered but the merging of their bodies... the entire universe concentrated where they were joined!

Gregory could control himself no longer... he was savage in his loving of her. Their bodies crashed together in passion. The rose petals were pressed between them. The next day, they would both be sore, even bruised, where their hips had crashed together! Her release had been continuous, and he had not stropped after a first explosion. His excitement, his arousal had been so complete, he never wilted before he exploded again.

As they both calmed, going from gasping for air to the shallow breathing of contentment, neither left the embrace of the other. Their only words before they drifted off to sleep...

"I love you, Master."

"You please me, little one."

The lights in the outer room were still on in the morning. Catherine fixed macaroni and cheese for their breakfast. Gregory decided Catherine would spend one week with her parents...

...Years later, as he was searching for a book in their library, Gregory came across the book from the course Catherine had been writing the paper from that night. When the book fell open, between the pages, there were rose petals, pressed and preserved. And there were the thorns from the stem. Gregory felt the body rush, he looked at the reminders for a long time. Then as he closed the book, returned it, with its priceless contents, to the shelf, he whispered: "You still please me, little one. You please me very much."