March/April 2003
The Pervertable Toybag
by Kyphi




his month's pervertable is a Long Dong Maker submitted by one of my favorite sadists, Master John Gault of Phoenix, AZ. This dandy little number is sure to be high on the list of "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE" of your favorite bottom boy.

The Long Dong Maker aka Penis Stretcher
Retail as high as $300!!!!
Your cost to make: under $2.00

(I mean how good is that!??!!!)

You will need a 3/4' dowel, bamboo or some type of rod, a wire hanger, piece of carpet padding or other padded material, glue gun, to fairly heavy rubber bands, and weights. The foam paintbrushes in the pic are nice because you have a rod just the right length plus you can use the foam for the padding.

Begin by cutting the rod into 5-inch lengths. (All measurements can be modified to suit your needs.) You will need two of them. If you are using dowel rods you will need to drill a one-inch long hole through the end of the rod in each end.

Next cut a length of the padding to fit the rod. Then glue one piece to each rod.

Take the wire hanger and cut two pieces about 8 inches in length. You will form each piece into a partial triangle with the bottom of the triangle ending in 1 1/2-inch pieces. (see pic) These will slide into the ends of the rod.

Wrap one rubber band around one end of the two rods. Place the head of the penis between them and then wrap the other end of the rods with the other rubber band, thus imprisoning the cock head. Attach the weights to the hangers and watch the fun begin!!!! (Ohhhhhhh this might be a nice place to hang on of last month's bumble ball, too! I haven't tried it but would fun to experiment with!)

Modifications can be made as far as your own devious mind takes you. Depending on the severity of your play you could glue sandpaper, scotchbrite or whatever to the padding. Placement can also be anywhere on the cock. The rubber bands can be used for snapping the cock, too.


Toooooo much fun!!!!!!




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