March/April 2003
That Old Bar on Bleecker St.
by Randy

He went into that old bar every Friday night, never missed. Not sure why, but that doesn't matter here.

She was sitting on a barstool sipping something. He'd never seen her before. Sure of that, he was.

The power of sensual spiked heels-worn by beautiful and ordinary women--can strike a man sensless, harder and more quickly than lightening. Spiked heels can wreak havoc on a strong man's soul. He was a strong man. She was alone at the bar.

When a woman knows how to use these tall magnets of man's obsession, her sexual game can evolve in so many ways and take on many forms. The teasing, the running of a hard stiletto heel up a man's leg and resting in his eagerly awaiting lap. With her heel openly exposed across his legs, it becomes impossible for him to control his arousal and his embarassment. Yet, at the same time, he wishes that embarassment would last forever. This is how we stand with our he and she.

She finally takes him home to her apartment on Sixth Avenue, private, filled with sexual tension between the two.

He does what he's told to do. A long, thin black heel, is gently pressed against the man's lips. His tongue leaps from his mouth to taste the sensation of its slender magic. He is owned. He knows this. The moment she first spoke with this man in the bar back on Bleecker Street, she caught him glimpsing downward at her delicious heels. She knew she owned him then.

Now she has him on his back. She sits looking down at him with one heel gripped tightly in her hand. She's sliding the entire length of that heel into and out of his pursing lips. His cock is rigid wih passion, the heel heel has reached the very bottom of his throat. He can only moan with pleasures as she pulls the long, slim stiletto heel back slowly from the depths of his gulet, only to slide the length of it back into his sucking mouth and lips-down the distance of his throat again. As he sucks her fetish cock, she whispers in his ear.

"You suck my long cock until I tell you to stop, do you understand me?"

He nods with submission. Her other heel remains on her foot. She presses it downward- hard across his penis. Little drops of cum fall from its small opening. She turns her ankle until the sharp tip of her stiletto digs into his cock without mercy. No mercy is needed. He continues to moan and suck harder on her other heel in a distant pleasure. The pain has awakened his sex, his arousal.

She controls every aspect of his sexuality now. He'll do anything she tells him to.

"Now, roll over," she commands. "Get on your knees with your ass in the air!"

She takes a leather strap and ties the heel already in his mouth-to his head, knotting the strap tightly behind his ears.

"You know what's going to happen to you next. Don't you, my little slut?"

Again, only arousing moans answer her.

So that he may watch her, she sits in front of him, her other heel held in her hand as her finger tips run lubricant up and down the shaft of it. His eyes are wide, his senses open. Her stiletto now shines with the lubricant's completion.

She is behind him again. He cannot see her, but he begins to feel the slim, hard entrance of her heel entering his anus. Slowly, her lubricated spike ventures deep inside him-until there is no more spike remaining to enter him.

With her one heel strapped tightly to his face, wedged down his throat where no escape is possible, she begins a ritual of fucking him with the other. His ass takes it well, as expected. He is openly submitting. Hard and shiny, he takes the length of it in all the way. She withdraws it slowly and then she slams it back into him-harder with every sexual thrust. She increases the speed of the heel until she is pumping him furiously, he moans and moans, deeply in love with his role right then, that instant.

His moans have now changed to one long one. She reaches under him and gives his throbbing cock one hard yank down on it. Only one. His sperm squirts from him in gobs and turrents. He collapses flat against the bed. One spiked heel he still clutches with his anus, the other remains strapped to his face.

She unties the heel from his head and pulls her other heel from his ass. Leaving for a moment, she returns from the bathroom with a towel.

"Here," she throws the towel at him, "clean them off before they return to my feet!"


She slides them back on her beautiful feet, and gazes at them with admiration.

She looks at him suddenly. "Get dressed and get out! Now!" This he does with the utmost of speed. However, before he can close the door behind him, she yells "stop!" He stops, half in the hallway, doorknob in his hand.


"Wasn't that a nice conversation we had in the bar last night?" Then she tilted her head slightly and looked up at him. No answer was required.

Still he said "yes" to her, closing the door behind him. ~

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