March/April 2003
Donna, George & Brad
(Donna & George, Part Five)
by dark whisper

The bar was crowded and noisy. Donna moved swiftly from one table to the next, keeping a smile plastered firmly on her face. The "Monday Night Football" crowd was more demanding and less appreciative than most of the other "groups" the cozy bar served. A roar went up as the favored team scored a touchdown after working their way painstakingly across the field. Donna felt a large warm hand caress her ass as she walked past a rather boisterous group of men. She stopped and shot the offender a withering look before moving on to the next table. She was so tired of being manhandled and treated like a tidbit for the hungry men's appetites. She put the thought out of her mind, and turned to take the order of a man dressed in a business suit.

"Hi, welcome to Cody's. What can I get for you tonight?" Her professional smile was still in place, and the man smiled back.

"I'll take a Jack and Coke, thanks." His voice was smooth and polished, with just a hint of a European accent.

She nodded and went about the business of satisfying desires. She returned with his drink a short while later, and smiled a bit more naturally. The crowd began to thin out when it became obvious the favored team hadn't a chance in hell of winning. She stopped for a moment to chat with the distinguished man and caught sight of George walking through the doors - shaking the rain from his hair. She caught her breath at how handsome he looked, and a radiant smile spread across her lips and made her eyes crinkle with pleasure. She was somewhat surprised when he continued walking toward her, he usually sat at the table closest to the bar so they could chat while she worked the bar.

"Hi babe, I see you've met Brad." The handsome man stood and offered his hand, which Donna took with a look of confusion showing briefly in her blue eyes.

Brad held onto her hand a little bit longer than strictly necessary and though he spoke to George, he looked deeply into Donna's eyes. "You were right my friend, Donna is exquisite."

Donna felt a rush of heat to her cheeks, and gently disengaged her hand. "I take it you two know each other." Her voice was amused and lightly flirtatious. "So George, are you here to see me, or Brad?" She turned to look at George, and caught a speculative look on his face. He covered it almost immediately, but not before she could make out his expression. She wondered what he was up to, but knew that she would find out before the end of the evening.

"Both of you actually, Brad and I needed to discuss an upcoming business meeting, and I thought I'd combine that with being able to talk with you, too." George was so charming that she found herself smiling.

"Um hm, well I'll leave you to your discussion then." Donna turned back to the bar and returned a short while later with a vodka on the rocks for George, and another Jack and Coke for Brad. She placed the drinks on the table, and continued with her work.

Before she knew it, the bar was almost empty. Only George's table and two others were in use. Donna decided she could take a short break, and carried her diet drink over to the table that held the two handsome men. She slipped into a chair and sipped her drink while they wound up their discussion.

Eventually, she noticed that the men had become silent. She looked up from her glass and saw Brad watching her intently. She smiled a bit nervously, then turned her attention to George. George reached across the table and began to run the pad of his thumb slowly back and forth over the soft skin on the palm of her hand. Even that little touch ignited a fire deep in her belly. She felt a little uncomfortable with Brad's dark eyes watching her with such concentration, but she allowed George’s caress.

Donna started to rise from the table, but George tightened his grasp and quietly said, "Why don't you stay for a while Donna, there's hardly anybody here, and we're lonely for your wonderful company." Donna felt her heart trip-hammer in her chest at the sexy look in George's eye, and sank back down into her chair. She nodded slowly without saying a word. She was still unsure of the role Brad played in this little drama, but with the way George made her feel, she decided to let it play out. George moved his chair closer, and slipped his hand down to her bare thigh, rubbing gently up and down. She watched Brad closely, but he only sipped his drink and made small talk. Donna began to relax as they sat and chatted. George’s hand continued its slow exploration of her warm thigh, rising up to brush against her panties every now and then.

After about ten minutes, she began to slump down in her chair, encouraging George to touch her pussy through her rapidly dampening panties. Having someone else sitting at the table added to the naughtiness of the situation, and Donna was surprised to experience a feeling of power. She spread her thighs slightly, and George’s fingers slipped under the tight elastic that hugged her full pussy lips.

Brad watched her eyes go glassy as George leaned forward a bit in his chair, and Donna slipped a fraction lower in hers. He knew that his friend had his fingers in her crotch, and he felt his cock harden slightly in his slacks. She really was a beautiful young woman, and if George was as accurate about her intelligence as he was about her beauty, she was the perfect woman - smart, sexy, ambitious, and just discovering her baser needs. Brad watched closely as her mouth parted slightly, and the tip of her tongue slipped from between her teeth. George kept up his mindless chatter, but Brad knew Donna was no more listening to him than he was. Brad could tell when George reached her clit - she sat up straight and exhaled explosively. She shot George a look and then told them she had to return to work.

Brad watched with amusement as she got shakily to her feet and walked a little unsteadily to the bar. He turned to George and said, “George, you had your fingers buried inside of her, didn’t you?” He shook his head and continued, “You know, when you first told me about her, I didn’t think you had a chance in hell of talking her into it, but now I bet you can.”

George grinned and replied, “Brad, I wasn’t sure myself if she would go for it, but you saw her - practically melting in front of BOTH our eyes. I think she’ll do it.” He took another sip of his drink and finished with, “As long as she doesn’t feel forced, and I can get her hot enough, she’ll most likely let you watch.”

Brad felt his cock stir once again when George uttered the last sentence. Since the first time George told him about Donna, he wanted to watch them fuck. He wouldn’t mind fucking her himself, but he doubted seriously that Donna would go for that no matter HOW she and George had met. He remembered how incredibly aroused he’d gotten when George recounted the story of how he and Donna had gotten together. He could see in his mind’s eye the way Donna must have looked, lost in the throws of passion - vibrator a blur as she pumped it in and out of her steamy cunt while fantasizing about what she’d seen in her roommate’s bedroom. His cock was fully awake now as he watched the mental movie of Donna, George and Lisa, locked together in a very sensual tableau. If he closed his eyes, he could see Donna’s pouty lips wrapped around Lisa’s clit, sucking it fiercely as George rammed his cock deep into her ass. He shuddered slightly and brought his hand to rest on the thick bulge in his pants. Oh yes, he wanted to watch George fuck Donna. In as many ways, and as many times as possible.

Brad felt George’s stare and glanced over at his friend. George had been watching the play of emotions racing across Brad’s face, and knew Brad was wildly turned on. He smiled and said, “I just want you to know, if Donna doesn’t want to do this, I won’t pressure her. It has to be her decision.” Brad nodded, and the talk turned to other things.

About fifteen minutes later, Donna returned to the table with fresh drinks for George and Brad, and a peach wine cooler - her shift had ended, and she’d told the bartender she’d lock up when they were ready to go. They sat at the table while the bartender closed out the till and said goodnight. Donna rested her chin on her upturned hand and asked point-blank, “Okay George. What’s going on here?”

George actually blushed before answering, and Donna had to stifle a small giggle as George looked to Brad for help before turning back to face her. “Well Donna, I...” He took a deep breath then told her straight out, “I told Brad about the night we met. And the way we met.” Now it was Donna’s turn to blush and she knew she was painted with bright pink from her neck up.

“Oh, I see. And Brad thought that since I did a threesome with you and Lisa, I wouldn’t mind doing it with you and him?” Her voice shook with anger as she fully absorbed George’s words. “I can’t believe you George, what a shitty thing to think about me.” Donna was in full form now, and tossed her head back, sending a shower of dark auburn hair to her shoulders and back. Brad enjoyed the fire sparkling from her eyes, though he was sad that she was so upset.

“No! No Donna, that’s not it at all. Brad just watch.” George took her hand in his and looked deep into her eyes. “Honey, I’d never suggest to you that you fuck somebody else. But I thought you might actually enjoy the prospect of an audience. If you don’t want to, that’s perfectly understandable, and you’ll never hear another word about it. It’s completely up to you.”

Donna’s first thought was to refuse out of hand, she was embarrassed that he even brought the subject up, but she had to admit, even if only to herself, that the idea sent spiky little jolts up and down her belly and crotch when she thought about the idea of letting someone watch her fuck. She remembered how turned on she’d been watching George and Lisa, and turned to look at Brad. He was a very handsome man who was obviously attracted to her, would he be content to ‘just watch’? She surprised them both when she addressed her remarks to Brad, “You’re not to touch me. Is that understood? You can watch, and you can jack off, and you can even jack off over us and cum on me, but you are not to touch me at all, or it’s all over. Deal?”

Brad swallowed quickly and nodded. After her initial reaction, he thought it was all over. He extended his hand and said, “Yes, it’s definitely a deal.”

Donna clasped his hand then turned to look at George, and saw a hint of pride deep in his eyes. She knew she’d surprised both of them, and again felt that thrill of power surge through her. “When and where?”

George looked around at the empty bar and said, “Here and now. You’ve got me so turned on right now I can hardly stand it.”

Donna then understood that both men had basically set her up, and felt again a momentary flash of anger before her lust re-asserted itself. “Okay.” She said simply, and waited for George to make his first move.

George stood up, and she saw by the huge bulge in his tailored slacks that he had not been exaggerating, he was turned on. She clearly saw they way his cock was molded by his linen slacks, the material stretched taut across the thick head, with a slight dark spot indicating that he had already begun secreting pre-cum from the tip. She didn’t know what she expected him to do first, but was startled when he bent and slid one arm beneath her legs, the other around her back and lifted her easily from her chair. He walked over and deposited her gently on top of the highly polished mahogany bar. He began slowly tracing the contours of her face, starting at her eyebrows, then gently moving over her closed eyelids, and finally drawing his fingers over her full sensuous lips. She shuddered gently as he replaced his fingers with his lips and kissed her tenderly. She was very conscious of the mirror behind the bar, and knew Brad had a good view of both her face and George’s.

She closed her eyes to block out the vision of Brad watching them, when she thought about it, she stiffened slightly. With her eyes closed, she could concentrate on the way George was making her feel. She began to relax, and as George’s lips reached her collarbone, she forgot all about their audience. Her breath was coming faster as George deftly undid the buttons of her blouse one by one. His mouth followed the trail of his fingers, and left a damp pathway to her full breasts. He was making sure to keep his movements very sensual and slow, knowing Donna’s weakness. Donna would be soaking wet by the time he reached her tummy, and be dripping when his lips finally reached her pussy. His mouth closed over one hard nipple, and sucked it between his teeth, applying just enough pressure to have her arch her back in pleasure. Donna’s fingers curled into his hair as she pulled his face closer to her breast. George continued to open her blouse, exposing her perfect breasts completely to Brad’s interested gaze.

Brad sat low in his chair as he watched George seduce his girlfriend. His eyes never left the increasingly revealed expanse of soft skin. He could tell that Donna was no longer cognizant of his presence, she was just allowing herself to enjoy George’s touch. His cock was throbbing in his pants so he unbuckled his belt and lowered his zipper to relieve some of the pressure on his swollen balls. His cock stood straight out from the thick mat of pubic hair, and he loosely curled his right fist around the broad shaft - stroking it slowly. He took his eyes away from the enticing spectacle of George pulling Donna’s skirt down her shapely thighs to watch his cock fill with blood as he squeezed the base and pulled upward. He let out a slight groan of pleasure when a clear drop of liquid pooled at the tip. His eyes strayed back to Donna, and he caught his breath. Donna was leaning back on her arms, legs spread wide open on the bar. Her pussy lips were open and the bar lights glistened on the wetness coating her lips and hole.

George pulled Donna’s lower lips even wider, then motioned Brad to come closer. Brad shucked off his slacks and moved over to stand just behind George, looking over his shoulder to see everything George was doing to the highly excited Donna. George lowered his face to Donna’s crotch, inhaling deeply of her scent. He yanked his pants down and pulled his shirt over his head, leaving him as naked as Donna. George was as highly aroused as Donna and Brad, and his cock was twitched with excitement. Brad leaned against a barstool as George started licking Donna’s slit. His tongue made long lapping movements, and Donna moaned with pleasure. When the tip of his tongue grazed her clit, her head yanked up and her eyes flew open. She reached up and began pinching her nipples. She turned her face, and saw Brad standing there watching them, his cock in his hand and a look of utter absorption upon his face. The sight sent a gush of wetness to her pussy and bathed Georges face with sweet juice.

“You like watching Brad?” Her voice was husky with lust, and a hint of cruelty was evident in her tone. “Does it turn you on to watch your friend licking my clit and sucking my juice? Don’t you wish that was your tongue lapping up all that tangy nectar? I bet you do, I bet you’d love to have your tongue buried in my hole right now.” Her hips were rocking back and forth on the bar, and a little puddle of her wetness rested beneath her asshole. She reached a finger down to her pussy and slid it back and forth around George’s busy little mouth. She pulled the slippery finger away and held it just beneath Brad’s nose. “Nah, uh, uh...don’t touch,” she chided as his tongue reached out for her wet finger. “That was the deal, remember?” Brad groaned and cursed that deal, he had no idea how hard it would be to avoid touching this appealing creature.

George heard her teasing Brad and was pleased by the sultry tone and slight cruelty she displayed. He knew she had it in her to be a vixen, and she was proving him right with every moment. His cock was almost painfully hard, and he thought if he didn’t plunge it into her soon, he would explode all over her legs instead of deep inside her pussy. He managed to hang onto his iron control, but just barely. He pulled her off the bar and pushed her over one of the tables. Her breasts flattened out on the lacquered surface, and her hips were resting at the edge. She spread her legs wide and arched her back, opening herself to accept George’s cock. George pressed the tip of his throbbing cock between the folds of her pussy and slowly sank himself deeply into her hole.

Donna clenched her muscles and felt the resistance of her pussy on his cock. George pushed his hips forward until his balls bumped against her clit. He groaned as he felt her tight grip almost pulling him deeper. He held himself immobile inside of her, afraid that if he moved just the slightest bit, he’d be unable to stop himself from squirting his cum all over her. She wriggled her hips, crushing his balls between her body and his. He pulled back a little bit, then plunged his cock deep once again.

Brad was pumping his own cock faster now as he heard the excitement of both Donna and George. He could hear the gentle slaps of sound as their two bodies came together. He had to see Donna’s face, and he moved to stand in front of her, his fist curled tight around his thick cock as he pumped it up and down. He stood just inches in front of Donna’s face, seeing the lust that consumed her as George fucked her. Donna’s fingers were white where they gripped the edges of the table. Her whole body was almost lunging forward as George started slamming his cock into her. With every ferocious thrust, she grunted with pleasure. Brad once again turned his head to watch Donna’s face, and saw that her eyes were watching his cock hungrily. Her mouth was open and he could see the desire written plainly all over her face. She wanted to taste his cock. He groaned and moved up another two inches. His cock was wavering so close to her lips, he could not have slid a piece of paper between their two body parts. He would not touch her, but if she so much as smiled in invitation, he would certainly take advantage of it.

The excitement was becoming too much, and Donna felt great waves of heat travelling up and down her spine. Her muscles began to clench, and she started to hold her breath in anticipation of a sweeping orgasm. She stubbornly closed her lips and pulled away from the enticing vision of Brad’s cock. She refused to break her own rule and pull him into her mouth, no matter how much she wanted to. Her pussy convulsed on George’s cock - gripping it tight as she felt the onrush of her orgasm. Her head whipped back and forth, her hair swinging wildly in all directions as she came. George grabbed her hips, gave a mighty thrust into her spasming pussy and felt his own cum spurt out in thick jets deep inside of her pussy. Both were shrieking with pleasure as George emptied his seed into Donna’s welcoming body. His hips slammed into her again and again as she shouted out in gratification.

Brad felt his body stiffen and his hand flew up and down on his cock. He pulled hard on the shaft, allowing the friction to become almost painful before spitting into his fist and pumping up and down on the now lubricated cock. The contrast between friction and wetness sent him over the edge as well, causing him to shoot thick globs of white cum all over Donna’s face and hair. She opened her mouth and tried to catch some of the streams. He watched as her tongue became white with his cum. He groaned at the erotic picture it made, and squeezed a few more spurts from the end of his shuddering cock.

Slowly, George’s hips ceased their frantic pumping. Donna lay exhausted on the table top. Her thighs were sticky where their combined cum leaked from her fully open pussy. A satisfied smile curved her lips when she looked up at Brad’s still semi-hard cock, the head wet with his cum. George bent over Donna’s back and kissed her spine gently before withdrawing his softening cock.

“Next time...” Donna said and smiled at Brad, “next time I want you both.”

© dark whisper - A Dark Whisper of Sound