March/April 2003
depuss's Couch
by depuss




Rating: (and a swish of a tail!)

Topping From Below by Laura Reese

Ok boys and girls, de puss has a real winner for you this time.

Do you like a good murder mystery? How about mind games and S/M? Well if you do, you’ll enjoy Topping From Below by Laura Reese. This book has been out for a while, it was published in 1995, but I can tell you this – if you have it on your shelf, read it and if you don’t, BUY IT!

There are two sisters, one dead and one alive. The surviving sister, Nora, is obsessed with finding whoever it was who had killed her sister and left her “..with duct tape across her mouth and wound around her bare ankles and wrists”.

Looking through Franny’s things, Nora comes across a diary on her computer and is shocked at what she finds. . “I feel I’m about to take a journey, something wonderful and exciting is happening to me. I feel re-created, and it’s all due to Michael…” Things that she allows “M” to do to her. Nora cannot believe that her shy little sister could do these things without some evil influence. That “M” had “…maneuvered himself into her life and then set about to destroy her.” The author’s use of Franny’s “voice” through her diary is a wonderful way of getting into the dead girl’s mind. Nora decides that “I shall take the same journey, but it will have a different ending, for M and for me” and she is correct as she boldly enters the world that “M” took her sister to in her search for Franny’s killer.

Now I could go on, easily, until I told you the entire story but that would only mess it up for you when you read this because if you’re anything like me, you will have a hard time putting the book down. It is as if the author uses her words as a mind game to get you to stay with her characters and plot, to follow them through their somewhat steamy and sordid relationship because that is exactly what happens between Nora and “M”, they develop a relationship and the lines begin to blur as Nora denies that she is doing anything other than searching for her sister’s killer. She goes to the edge for revenge. Can she keep from falling over that edge forever? Read it and find out for yourself!

Topping From Below