March/April 2002

Retribution - Part Three
by dark whisper

"Carrie, no. I've gone along with everything you've said, everything you've demanded, but this is taking it too far." I knew the petulance was showing on my face, but I couldn't help it. This was taking it too far. It was one thing to do my wife's bidding, and for all intents and purposes be her sex-slave, but it was something else entirely to allow my humiliation to be shared by her friends.

I nervously fingered the leather collar encircling my throat as I protested. The collar had become comfortable - at times I even forgot its existence. Occasionally though, when Carrie made another, wilder than the last, demand upon me, the collar seemed to dig into the skin of my neck. Right now, it was almost strangling.

"I'm willing to make a deal with you, Dave. If you do this," she looked at me sternly, "with good grace, the punishment will end. You have been very good about accepting my requests, and I do know this is far beyond anything I've ever asked before."

She looked me dead in the eye. Her demand was couched as a request, but it was clear that she expected me to comply. My cock stirred slightly, rising unbidden from the warm pouch of my balls. Damnit. I was getting excited by the thought - just like Carrie knew I would.

She wanted to have a small luncheon. Three of her friends coming to our home, and being served - by me. I was to only wear my collar and for modesty's sake, a miniscule thong. It would be very clear to the women that I had become exactly what she claimed - her pet.

"Carrie, there's no way that I am willing to do that. I'd be a laughingstock!" My voice rose. "I'm willing to subject myself to your scorn, but not the whole town's." My cock thought it was a pretty good idea though, it was growing longer and thicker despite my protests. Carrie noticed.

Her whole manner changed subtlety. Her eyes grew softer and she reached down and grasped my rapidly swelling erection. Her hand was cool and dry on my cock as she stroked the flesh gently. Her voice was low when she spoke:

"Dave, think about it. Think of the way their eyes would be on you . . . demanding of you. Think of how your cock would harden, as it is now, when one of them made you lick her fingers clean after she ate a sticky dessert."

My cock was throbbing in her hand as I pictured her words in my mind. Yes, the thought was definitely turning me on. Not one Mistress, but four. She wasn't being fair.

"Does the thought excite you, my pet?" She purred, "Do you want to feel their hands on your thighs as you move around the room, fulfilling their requests?"

Clear beads of moisture formed at the end of my cock, then slowly made their way down the underside of my twitching shaft. The bitch had me pegged. I still couldn't believe how the thought of being subservient was such a fucking turn-on. She saw the desire in my eyes as her mouth settled warm and wet over the end of my cock, and I knew I was lost.

"All right, Carrie. I'll do it. But this is it." I watched her blonde head descend deeper into my crotch, and felt her smile.

"Dave, another glass of wine, please." The voice belonged to Cynthia. She was Carrie's best friend, and of the three, I figured she was enjoying this the most. Her requests were always polite, but there was this . . . cattiness about her that made it plain she thought I deserved no better than to be their servant.

Carrie had demanded that I answer all requests with a polite, "Yes, Mistress," and so I mumbled the words to Cynthia, and poured her another glass of white wine. Her fingers lingered on mine as I passed her the glass, and she winked up at me - enjoying the look of humiliation that chased quickly across my face.

"Mm, I'd like another glass as well, Dave." This came from Debra, one of Carrie's coworkers whom I've never really liked. She was moving up the corporate ladder so fast that I often wondered whom she was screwing to get there. Her dark brown eyes sparkled as I filled her glass. Debra was what many men consider 'pleasingly plump'. Her hips flared from a narrow waist, and her thighs were softly rounded. Lush, full breasts were displayed invitingly by her low-cut blouse, and by the darkness showing through the thin material, it was plain she didn't wear a bra.

"Yes, Mistress. Can I get you anything else?" I stood in front of her wearing my black leather collar and black thong. My cock was starting to respond to the situation. Debra licked her lips and stared at my crotch, smiling as she saw it bulge slightly.

"Actually, Dave, there is, but it can wait until later." Debra reached out and pressed her palm against my groin, making me suck in my breath.

The other woman was Sandra. I'd never met her before, and I wondered at her presence. She sat in the corner of the couch, and didn't say much. She was much older than the other women were, and wasn't very attractive. Her fine hair hung limp around her shoulders, and streaks of gray stood out against the brown. She was the only one not drinking. Her pale blue eyes followed my every movement.

"Mistress Sandra? May I get you anything?" My voice was slightly strained; the whole situation seemed surreal.

She shook her head, and watched me turn to Carrie.


Carrie nodded and held out her glass. They had been drinking steadily all afternoon, and there were four empty wine-bottles in the kitchen trash. Everyone but Sandra was pretty tipsy.

"Dave, could you bring the dessert?" Carrie's voice was just slightly slurred.

As I walked past her, she swatted my ass - hard. The sound seemed deafening in the close confines of the living room, and I spun around to see an amused smile playing across Sandra's lips. Once again, I felt the hot rush of shame run up my neck and into my cheeks. Once again, I felt my cock surge against the tightness of the thong. I escaped to the kitchen.

The dessert was a mammoth cake, several layers high. I placed it, along with a sharp knife, onto a serving platter and walked back into the living room.

"Dave, you forgot the plates." Carrie motioned to the platter, and I realized I had indeed forgotten them.

"No matter, you may feed it to us." She smirked.

Fine. I was in this now, and I might as well play the role full hilt. I sat the cake on the coffee table, and sliced off a thick piece. I held it in my hand, walked up to Carrie, then dropped to my knees in front of her. Her eyes were smoky as I fed her bite after bite of the sweet cake. When she was finished, she nibbled on my fingers, cleaning them of leftover frosting.

Sweet Jesus, I was so fucking turned on by watching my wife lick the frosting from my fingers while she sat in royal splendor - showing off her own special toy. My cock was now fully hard and aching slightly.

One by one, I fed the women. Each one followed Carrie's example and sucked or nibbled on my fingers and palm when the cake was gone. When I reached Sandra, she took the cake from my hand.

"Kneel down, Dave. I need a plate." Her voice was no longer soft, and her pale eyes took on a new intensity.

"Mistress Sandra?" Fuck, what was this?

"I said, KNEEL DOWN!" She reached for my collar and yanked it savagely, pulling me down to my knees.

"Yes, Mistress Sandra!" I gasped as the pressure didn't ease, and she forced me further forward, until I was bent over on hands and knees.

She ran her peculiarly dry hands over the skin of my back, stroking me like she might a dog. Then, she placed the slice of cake on my spine, and smeared it into my skin. The other women laughed derisively. I watched little crumbs of yellow cake drop to the floor by my right hand.

"So, you think you're a pet, do you?" Her voice was now very deep and commanding. "Well then, when we're done, you may get the scraps."

The next thing I knew, she'd pulled up her skirt and swung her leg over my bent back. She wasn't wearing panties. Then, this mousy little woman sat down. She ground her pussy into the mess smeared all over my back, adding her juice to the mixture of frosting and cake.

I turned to look at Carrie, and saw the satisfaction deep in her eyes. Then I knew what she had wanted. I wasn't here just to serve her guests - I was here to service them.

I felt the anger simmering deep in my belly. That fucking bitch! She'd planned this the whole time, and I'd been too stupid to see it coming. I felt the muscles in my back tighten with my anger, and so must have Sandra. She stopped moving on top of me.

"What's the matter, little boy? You don't like this game? Carrie tells me you love it. She says you get all hard and excited when she makes her little demands." The words were hissed. "Let's see, shall we? Are you excited? Is your cock hard and wet, little boy?"

The next thing I knew, I felt the flinty steel of the knife against my hip - then the looseness of my once tight thong. The piece of silky material slithered down my left thigh. My cock sprang free and bounced lightly. It was as stiff as a board. It's funny how your cock sometimes knows more than your mind.

"Oh, my, Carrie. He's really built." Cynthia stood up and walked over to me. She bent over at the waist and grasped my shaft. "Mm, I want to suck him. May I?" She didn't wait for Carrie's answer, just dropped to the floor and scooted beneath the arch of my body.

Her mouth was so incredibly hot as it closed over the mushroom head of my cock. Her tongue moved languidly over the taut skin as she swirled and sucked. She understood the art of cocksucking. Her mouth alternated between tight suction and easy warm stroking, making me tingle.

Sandra began once again grinding her pussy onto my back, rocking back and forth in the messy goo. After a few more moments, she climbed off of me, and lay down on the floor just in front of my arms. Her body was exposed from her waist down, where her skirt was bunched. She was completely shaven. Her bald lips were covered in cake and as she spread them wide, I saw that some of the frosting covered her large clit.

"Lick it off." That was Carrie. She stood next to my shoulder and watched her best friend sucking me off. I couldn't see Debra, but I knew she had to be nearby. I stared at my wife - a mixture of hate and pure lust swimming deep in my eyes.

Deliberately, I lowered my head and touched the tip of my tongue to Sandra's outer labia. She moaned. The scent of her pussy cut through the sweet smell of the cake and rose strongly to my nose. It was intoxicating. I moved my tongue back and forth between the two lips, stroking them lovingly as the sticky goo clung to my tastebuds.

Cynthia's mouth took me deep, and her tongue felt fiery-hot as she flicked and stroked it along the entire length of my shaft. Her fingers moved to my dangling ball-sack, and she squeezed. The pressure was delicious.

The smell and taste of Sandra's pussy was overwhelming, and I HAD to have more. I was like a madman: stroking, flicking, sucking and finally thrusting deeply into her sweet, sticky hole. Her hips were bumping gently against my face as I fucked her with my tongue. She grabbed my hair and yanked me tighter - mashing my nose into her long, hard clit. My slurping sounds were loud in my ears as her thighs came up to cradle my head.

All of a sudden, she was bucking crazily against my mouth. Her thighs trembled and I felt her arch upward. Her scream of release cut through the muffled sounds of wet licking and sucking. I kept licking. When she was limp and clean, her thighs relaxed and she scooted out from beneath my still lapping tongue.

"That's enough, Dave. You've done well." Sandra's voice was not quite steady as she stood back up, and let her dress fall in wrinkled layers to her slightly knobby knees. "You were right, Carrie, he's imminently trainable."

Shit, they were talking about me like I weren't even there.

Cynthia was still sucking on my rock-hard cock, and the sensations blotted all thoughts from my head. I began to hunch my hips, pushing my cock deeper into her talented mouth. She must have felt me climbing upward; searching for the climax that hovered just at the end of my reach. She stopped. I groaned. Then, she pulled her mouth away from my straining cock, and then slapped her hand lightly across the base.

"No, Dave, not yet. We're not done with you. But you knew that, didn't you?" Cynthia's lips looked swollen as she tugged me up by my collar and looked me in the face. I felt a peculiar curl of satisfaction knowing my cock had stretched her smug mouth.

I nodded - my eyes glued to her mouth. I felt a sharp flash of pain as Carrie struck my lower back with her riding crop. Fuck! That hurt! The pain blossomed up and out from the point of contact.

"You didn't answer her, David. The proper response is, 'Yes, Mistress,'" Carrie's voice was cold - once again the strong woman she'd become in these past eight weeks.

I felt my erection sag with the jolt of pain, and I sucked in my breath.

"Yes, Mistress, I'm sorry." I turned to Cynthia, "Yes, Mistress Cynthia, I know you have more plans for me." I saw the flash of triumph in her eyes as I humbled myself. God, I hated this bitch. My cock stirred again.

I wondered briefly where Debra had gone, but as Carrie clipped on my leash and tugged me to my feet, I saw. Debra stood before me, completely naked but for the strap-on dildo standing obscenely away from her rounded hips. The leather was dark against her creamy flesh, and it looked like it was painfully tight. The dildo was a light pink color, and it was even longer and thicker than my own cock. A set of smooth latex balls hung below the base, and this part too was pulled snugly against her body. She was stroking the pink latex firmly, like a man would stroke his cock while masturbating. Her hand glistened with lubricant and I could hear the slippery sounds as she jacked it slowly.

Jeeeeezus. I'd never seen a woman with a strap-on before, and the sight was impressive. Debra's full breasts laid against her chest, still firm, but the nipples pointed downward. She was watching me closely as she stroked the smooth latex. I didn't like the look in her eyes. I shot Carrie a quick glance, and wasn't reassured. Carrie just stood there, slapping her crop against her palm as Debra walked closer to me.

Debra brushed the head of her cock against mine and the coolness of the material surprised me. It shouldn't have, but I guess I expected it to be as warm as my own skin. The slick end pushed its way down my pole and nudged against my balls. Then she kissed me.

It wasn't a soft kiss, more like she was claiming me. Her tongue was hard and insistent in my mouth, reaching up for my palate and tracing each ridge with the tip. Her hips pushed forward, burying the dildo into my groin. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling, but it was definitely different.

Carrie moved up behind me and laid the end of the crop on the upward curve of my cock, and stroked me slowly with the smooth leather. Her breasts flattened against my back, and I could feel how they stuck to the drying mess when she pulled back slightly. Then her fingers moved over my butt, scratching lightly here and there while Debra pushed her cock into my balls.

Again, the strangeness of the situation reared its head, and I found myself rationalizing this as perfectly normal - sandwiched between my wife and the corporate slut while two other women watched.

"Fuck me, Dave. Stick your little cock into my pussy and fuck me hard." Carrie's voice was low and throbbing with need. She moved to within my line of sight, and I saw the power shining out of her eyes. This was a major turn on for her, and I loved the way her breath came in short gasps.

Debra stepped back, leaving my cock shiny with lube and painfully hard. Carrie tugged at my leash and led me over to the couch. She lay down on her back and spread her legs, urging me between them with little tugs and pulls on the supple leather. I climbed between her spread thighs, and rested the tip of my cock just against her mons. Then I pushed.

My cock sank deep on that first thrust, knocking my balls against her tight ass. I didn't move. Even though it was killing me to keep still, I didn't want to come yet, and I knew that if I moved so much as a muscle, I'd lose all control.

Her inner muscles caressed me and my body couldn't take it - I HAD to move. I felt the muscles in my back contract as I pulled my cock most of the way out, then plunged back inside her clinging cunt. Damn, she was so wet and welcoming.

I felt the couch sag behind me, then soft warm hands found their way between my thighs to cup my balls.

"Be still, Dave." Debra's voice was a mere whisper, but I obeyed as if she'd shouted.

I became aware of what her hand was doing to my balls. She was kneading my sac gently, making my cock pulse and causing an immediate response in Carrie's pussy. Then, I felt the coolness of Debra's cock pressing gently at my tight ring.

Oh, fuck. I stayed statue-still as she pushed her hips forward. My ass protested - clenching and denying her entrance. A burning began in the tight muscles as she pushed a bit harder.

"Shit, that hurts," I couldn't keep the pain out of my voice, "please, Mistress Debra, stop."

"I don't think so, Dave. You'll love it once you relax." Her voice had an almost singsong quality to it, and she pressed forward.

Stars exploded behind my tightly clenched eyes, and still I didn't move. Then she was inside. My cock had shriveled slightly from the pain of Debra's penetration, but as soon as the throbbing in my ass abated, the sensation of Carrie's warm, tight, wet tunnel clenching and unclenching around me caused it to swell and lengthen again.

"Fuck her, Dave. Slowly." Debra hissed the words.

I made a tentative movement with my hips, pressing forward an inch, then drawing backward. Debra's cock remained buried in my ass. I was becoming used to the fullness inside of me. My strokes became a little faster, smoothly driving myself into my wife. Debra timed her hips with mine, not moving inside of me, just keeping the pressure up. Christ, this did feel good.

I turned to look over at Cynthia and Sandra, and found them squirming together on the other sofa. They were lying in opposite directions, and both heads were buried between open thighs. It was obvious our little party inflamed them.

Slowly, Debra began to vary the timing of her strokes, using my own plunges to fuck me. When I pulled back, she pushed forward. Every lunge into my wife caused a low moan to issue from her throat, and every withdrawal pushed Debra's cock deeper into my ass.

The feeling was indescribable. I realized I could control the entire thing: the harder I fucked Carrie, the harder Debra would be fucking me. I tested my new theory by speeding my thrusts. Oh, shit. Debra kept time, shoving that thick dildo into my ass as I pulled out in readiness of ramming my own hard cock into my wife's soaking-wet cunt.

Carrie was watching my face. I could see the lust swimming in her eyes. I could also tell that the thought of me being fucked as I was fucking her was as exciting to her, as it was to me.

Faster and faster, harder and harder - Debra fucked me. Then, when I could hold it back no longer, I begged Carrie:

"Please, Mistress, may I come?" I held myself still inside of her, but Debra did not stop this time, she kept ramming me with that big, thick dildo. I clenched my teeth as the waves of pure pleasure moved through my belly and into my balls.

"PLEASE, MISTRESS!?" My voice was frantic, pleading.

"Yes, you fucking whore! Come! Fill me up!" Carrie was writhing beneath me and I reared back . . . shoving Debra's cock all the way to the hilt inside of my burning ass before driving my cock deeply into my bitch of a wife.

I was almost dizzy with relief as I felt the semen boiling up through my shaft and out the tip, spraying Carrie's inner walls with hot come.

Debra's hand came down hard on my quivering ass-cheek as she continued fucking my ass. I yelled out in pain-filled pleasure as she slapped me twice more.

Carrie was deep in her own orgasm and the sound of the stinging slaps seemed to make her come even harder. Her face was straining and her teeth bit down hard on her bottom lip. She bucked up into me and her cunt muscles spasmed around my cock. She looked so fucking hot.

Slowly, the three of us stopped moving. Debra pulled out of my ass and bent down to kiss the bright red skin of my butt where she'd slapped me.

I moved shakily off of Carrie's limp body and stood up. She looked at me with half-lidded eyes. My sphincter was sore, but it was a pleasant tenderness. I looked over to the other couch and realized Sandra and Cynthia were also lying limp and sated. Both stared at me with lust in their eyes.

Debra slowly unfastened the dildo, and let it fall to the floor. I stared at the pink latex and black rubber like I'd never seen it before. Then I picked it up and ran the smooth straps through my fingers. I looked at Carrie, then looked back over at Sandra.

I moved across the room and dropped it into Sandra's lap. She looked up at me and smiled.

"You'll need this next week, Sandra. Luncheon will be at one sharp."