March/April 2002

Dining at Harry's

by FineArt

Gregory and Catherine were enjoying one of their quarterly escape weekends at the Royal River Hotel. The one inviolate rule for these weekends was that all the stresses of the rest of their lives were to be set aside. They did not talk about their jobs, finances, the lawn, in-laws or, with few exceptions, even the kids! (Catherine's sister, Annette, always took the kids for these weekends.) These weekends were set aside to concentrate on one another and what they shared... to renew and strengthen all that they shared together. These were weekends filled a mix of dark passion and enjoyment of the many things the region had to offer.

As was her normal pattern, Catherine had driven directly from work to the hotel. She seldom brought anything but her purse, and never really understood how her clothing and personal items arrived at the hotel. But they were always in the room before she arrived, neatly arranged in the armoire, dresser or arranged neatly on the bathroom counter.

Some of the hotel staff had gotten to recognize her on sight, believing she was one of the high priced, elegant ladies of the evening who served visiting businessmen. Catherine knew Gregory would enjoy this illusion and never did anything to correct the perception. In fact, she always made sure the guys in the circus suits who greeted her as soon as the car stopped got a good view of long, shapely legs and a seductive smile before she got the key and headed to the room. Gregory arranged for it to always be the same one... a luxurious suite in the corner on the 7th floor. The views of the city and river front from the balconies were exceptional.

As usual, Catherine found instructions written in Gregory's bold handwriting leaning against a vase of fresh cut flowers. The instructions told her when he would arrive, how she should prepare, how to dress and where he expected her to be in the suite. The instructions were always signed with a flourishing "M". Tonight she was to be bathed, scented with the bath oils, her flowing flaxen hair in a ponytail. She was to be waiting for him on the bedroom balcony that had a marvelous view of the city skyline. The instructions said all she should wear would be waiting on the bed. It would be about an hour before Gregory would arrive. He was always punctual on these weekends, nearly always arriving after she did.

Catherine did not look at the bed when she entered the bedroom, instead removing her clothing and putting everything in the armoire. She had been wearing a tailored blazer, knee length skirt, and silk blouse... a very professional looking outfit that Gregory had selected for her that also emphasize her exceptional features.

The draperies of the glassed wall between the room and balcony were open, Catherine knew not to close them. She looked out over the city for a few moments before looking at what was arranged on the bed. There was a short fluffy terry robe... like that provided by the hotel, but shortened considerably. Neatly arranged on the breast pocket of the robe was a set of chained nipple clamps that she knew well. They had been in her jewelry drawer beside the earrings she had worn today when she dressed that morning. Catherine just shook her head and laughed... how did he manage to arrange that! He had never told her. Catherine knew that she could get at least a hint of what the weekend would bring by looking into the closet or drawers, but she avoided the temptation. Gregory's instructions on snooping, delivered long ago, had been very specific! Besides, she enjoyed the mystery.

Catherine just had time for a relaxing bath, and then to quickly, but carefully prepare the minor amount of make-up she could get away with and fix her hair. Before donning the robe, she inspected herself in the mirror, hoping he would find her pleasing. It had been a long winter and she had lost her tan. She knew he would soon have her reacquiring the tan lines he loved so much, having her sun in a bikini that left very little of her the natural pale pink.

At ten minutes to the appointed hour, she slipped into the robe and went to sit, as instructed, on a chair on the balcony. It was a warm evening and she was comfortable. The setting sun created a gorgeous array of pinks and purples in the billowy western clouds. At five minutes to the hour, she reached inside the robe and attached the clamps, taking the time to prepare each nipple as he always did, gasping as each clamp bit into a sensitive breast.

At exactly 7:00 she heard the distinctive click as the heavy brass key opened the door lock.

Gregory immediately entered the bedroom, his suit coat folded over his arm, already removing his tie. He laid both on the bed and came to the balcony where he stood silently, his eyes examining his precious one. Then, without speaking, he stepped forward, lifted her chin and kissed her gently, spoke softly. "You please me little one. You please me very much!"

"Thank you, master."

Gregory asked Catherine to stand, then slowly, calmly undid the tie on Catherine's robe, pulling it open so he could see her. He saw the color flush through her body as he gazed at her beauty. He pulled the chain that was dangling between her marvelous breasts, smiling in pleasure when she gasped!

This was just the beginning of an intense evening and night of sensual pleasure. Gregory was exceptionally strict, demanding that Catherine follow his every command. Her bottom and breasts were pleasantly sore for nearly a week from his use of her, including stinging swats when she moved or spoke without permission. And she was racked time and time again as he allowed her to reach the pinnacle of sexual pleasure! It was very late when they finally went to sleep, so exhausted that he only took her once more during the night.

It was well past dawn on Saturday when they finally got around for the day. They bathed together in a leisurely fashion, enjoying the Jacuzzi style tub... and each other! When Catherine emerged from the bathroom, Gregory was dressed casually in slacks, shirt and comfortable shoes. On the unmade bed was similar clothing for her. It even included bra and panties! And comfortable walking shoes. She looked at him in curiosity as she sorted through the clothing, not finding the expected very personal accessories!

Gregory just chuckled as he watched his Catherine dress. Yes, he had selected very well. Attired simply and even conservatively, Catherine would attract many an eye today! Gregory loved it! He truly was most fortunate that this wonderful woman had selected him as the recipient of her gift!

They had a leisurely brunch in the hotel, then took the regional public transportation system to the massive park that had been established for a World's Fair at the turn of the century. They spent the entire day walking the park, touring the several museums, enjoying a leisurely early afternoon lunch from a vendor's cart under a shade tree. They drank the wine directly from a shared bottle. They laughed, they talked... they relaxed, shedding the stresses of their lives... and they simply enjoyed being with one another.

It was nearly 6:00 when they emerged from the subway station, located a half block from the hotel, near the baseball stadium, the corner with the larger than life bronze statue of The Man.

When they returned to the room, Gregory slowly, with great enjoyment, undressed his Catherine, exploring her... reveling in all that she provided him. He had her undress him, shuddered in her loving attention to his manhood. He stopped before either of them reached the absolute height of their pleasures, but they were both completely alive! They showered together quickly. Gregory shaved and went into the bedroom to dress while Catherine did all the stuff ladies have to do before going out... the hair, minimal make-up.

Catherine entered the bedroom to see Gregory tying his tie. He was wearing one of his finest suits, and would be asking her to insert the links into his open cuffs. He had not worn this suit when he arrived, and she briefly wondered again about how it, along with all their other things, had gotten here. She looked to the bed where her things would be laid out.

There was a new dress, made of a shimmering blue material. Carefully laid out beside it a new matching set of sheer blue transparent bra, and garter, dark sheer stockings. She recognized the blue high-heeled shoes. Carefully arranged on a sheet of paper were the sparkling sapphire blue and diamond pendant necklace and earrings Gregory had given her a few birthdays back. Catherine went to the bed and held the dress up to her. "Gregory, it's beautiful! Thank you." She had long before stopped worrying about whether it would fit. Somehow, they always did!

Gregory just chuckled and nodded as he held out his wrists, indicating he needed help with the cufflinks.

Catherine exaggerated the sway of her nude body as she went to assist him, and was not at all surprised when one hand was pinching her nipples as she worked on the other wrist. She noticed the matching panties to her new outfit folded neatly on the dresser top. Well, this would not be the first time she had gone without panties. Gregory got great pleasure from accessing her almost anyplace... or at least knowing she was available to him.

Catherine dressed quickly, while Gregory just sat and watched. He enjoyed watching her dress nearly as much as he enjoyed watching her undress! Especially when she was dressing specifically to please him.

The dress fit her like a glove, accentuating every curve. It was times like this that Catherine was very happy he pushed her so hard to stay fit. Gregory helped her with the necklace as she held her long, golden hair back from her neck, following up with a kiss. She had her head cocked to one side, slipping the post of the dangling earring into the left ear when Gregory smiled, emitted one of his wicked chuckles. Catherine sighed and giggled. She had been looking carefully for additional accessories, something besides the jewelry. She was not sure what it was, but knew it would be something very personal! When he opened his hand, she saw the large, silver egg shaped vibrator. She looked at him; confused... she could not see any controls! But she knew better than to comment.

Gregory had her lie back on the bed, and played with her sex until she as well lubricated before he inserted the vibe into her. He then helped her to her feet and had her stand perfectly still as he walked slowly around her twice, removing a bit of lint from her dress... but mostly just appreciating her pure beauty! Gregory then slipped on his coat, checked himself in the mirror, and, taking Catherine by the hand, they headed out for an evening on the town.

All eyes turned to watch the couple... well, to admire Catherine... as they crossed the hotel's lobby. The hotel's limo was waiting. Both the doorman and the driver appreciated that Gregory did not do the gentlemanly thing and enter the back seat first. Everyone appreciated the extra glimpse of leg revealed as she slipped across the bench seat.

It was a short drive from the hotel to Harry's, one of the more popular upscale restaurants in the central city. The valet and driver got another, even more revealing view of leg and even a bit more as Catherine scooted legs first back across the seat. She could have held the dress from riding up as she moved across the seat, but she knew Gregory as enjoying the view too. Probably more than anyone else! Catherine took Gregory's offered arm, and they entered the restaurant, the doors held open by the valet staff.

The hostess was waiting for them. She was drop dead gorgeous... tanned with long blonde hair. Her ankle length silver dress clung to her body like it had been painted on. The restaurant has a spectacular view of the city skyline, and both the service and menus were outstanding, but Zandy certainly contributed to the reason why you had to call months ahead for Saturday night reservations! Every eye was on the two gorgeous women, looking much like sisters, as they went to a table in the middle of the crowded room. One of the busboys, dressed in a bright white coat with bow tie, pulled the chair out for Catherine while Zandy did the same for Gregory on the opposite side of the table set for two. The busboy was actually quite discrete when he examined Catherine's cleavage as he helped her to be seated.

Zandy was carrying only one leather-clad menu that she placed to the left of Gregory's place setting. Zandy flashed traffic stopping smiles to each of them and told them who the waiter would be... Jerrold. Zandy was ready to leave, Gregory stopped her as he was reaching into his coat pocket. Catherine could not hear what Gregory was whispering, but saw he was holding something slightly smaller than a cigarette pack. Zandy flashed an even more dazzling smile as she looked up at Catherine sitting across the table, but she was also blushing.

Catherine jumped when she saw Gregory push a button on the object he was holding... and she stifled a squeal as she saw him push a sliding control on the box! The egg inside of her was vibrating vigorously, and became even stronger as the sliding control was moved. Catherine had to grip both sides of the table to keep from either making noises or shaking uncontrollably. She could not control the instant red flush that consumed her! Gregory finished talking to Zandy, who again flashed a brilliant smile at Catherine when Gregory left the controller in her hand. Zandy pushed the button only briefly as Gregory turned back to the table and scooted his chair forward. But Catherine's sudden stiffening and biting of her lower lip told Zandy she had pushed the right button! Zandy smiled to Catherine again, winked and, controller in hand, headed back to her station.

Jerrold was there almost immediately, offering the finest of service. As the busboy was filling the water glasses, Catherine let out a slight yelp and clutched the table again as she felt the strong vibrations. She could see Zandy leading another couple to a nearby table... Someone else now had the controller!

"This is a wonderful restaurant, my dear." Gregory said calmly when Jerrold left. "I am sure you will find this to be a very memorable evening." And he chuckled as once again he saw Catherine jump and struggle to be as quiet as she could.

The wine steward was there next. Catherine only reacted twice as the vibrations hit her at random times and intensities while Gregory selected the wine. The steward looked at her, wondering what was happening, but mostly he just appreciated her beauty. His eyes moved easily from hers to the alluring cleft displayed by the scooped neck of her dress and back to her eyes.

Gregory did not even look at the menu when he ordered for both of them... shrimp cocktail appetizers, a seafood bisque, the broiled salmon with white asparagus in cream sauce for her, the swordfish steak with mixed steamed vegetables for himself.

Gregory and Catherine visited quietly throughout the meal, although it was continually interrupted as Catherine's body reacted to the random vibrations deep inside of her... varying in timing as well of intensity. Twice she saw the controller being exchanged, once between members of the restaurant staff, once to an elderly, elegantly dressed woman who looked extremely confused as the waiter was explaining to her how to press the buttons. She obviously did not understand why she was being asked to do this, and passed the controller across the table to her companion. He smiled when he saw the label on the battery device. He looked around the room with great interest as he continually pushed the button. He and Catherine were looking directly at one another when he saw her stiffen and blush as he pressed the button. His face spread into a huge smile as he pointed the device directly at Catherine like a TV remote and held the button down for a long time.

Gregory could not see what was happening behind him, and he simply smiled as he saw his Catherine close her eyes, bite her lower lip. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the sides of the table... and Gregory actually stopped eating to watch her as her body shuddered, as she fought the squeals and moans that normally accompanied her orgasms. Behind him, he heard a jovial male voice say, much too loud "By God, ain't that something!"

Catherine was able to relax only a little when she saw Zandy retrieve the controller, knowing it would soon be passed along to someone else. And the jovial man did not take his eyes off of Catherine until his companion turned, glared in her direction, and turned back to speak rather sharply to the gentleman.

Midway through their meal... it was surprising, but they were able to actually eat... Harry himself stopped by the table to see how they were doing; to be sure they were enjoying their evening. As Harry was talking with Catherine, his hands clasped behind his back, his eyes moving back and forth between hers and the amazing cleft of her breasts, she reached for her water glass. Harry was smiling as the vibrations hit, extremely strong. The water glass fell to the table. She had knocked it over. Harry himself directed the staff to exchange the tablecloth and assure that the water had not spilled on Catherine herself. It was not until he left the table that she saw the controller in his left hand just before it was handed to another of the waiters.

Gregory was having a ball!

Catherine could not help herself. Although it was slightly more controlled, she was racked once more by orgasm before the meal was finished. Gregory insisted they have desert and after dinner drinks. Catherine was feeling exhausted...and anxious to get back to the room where she was going to be absolutely certain Gregory completed the work he had started here.

As she gripped the table with one hand, and through her sweetest smile, the vibrations barely perceptible now as the batteries had weakened, Catherine said to Gregory "You will reward me a lot for this one, master.'

Gregory just winked at her and burst out laughing!

When Jerrold delivered the check, on a small tray, sitting beside the foil wrapped chocolate mints was the controller. Without a word, Gregory just slipped it back into his pocket. He also left a very large tip!

As they left, Harry again talked to them, shaking Gregory's hand and kissing the back of Catherine's. Zandy gave Catherine a hug and kiss on the cheek as they left to enter the hotel's limo.

Back in the hotel suite, Gregory sat in a comfortable chair in the outer room as he watched his Catherine disrobe for him. He played with her for only a short time before he removed the vibe from inside of her.

Then he sat back, smiled at her and said "Little one, I am very, very pleased with you. You make me very, very happy. As a reward for the pleasure you have brought me, tonight you may use me for your pleasure... in any way you wish."

It was nearly dawn when Catherine finally allowed a very weary Gregory to sleep.