March/April 2002

Colleen’s Transformation

by Colleen

Colleen had felt terrible as he drove back home with pains all over his body, bright red lips, blond hair, facing the inevitable end of his cozy vanilla home life forever. In fact it didn’t take long at all for Colleen to be dispatched, by his soon to be ex wife, to a small one-bedroom apartment in a slightly run down complex in an anonymous Phoenix neighborhood.

Colleen, for that is how Colin now saw himself, sat and took stock a few days later. He/She had a small amount of money on which he/she could possibly exist for six months or so. The worst problem was the red lip outlines and black eye liner that were permanently tattooed on his face, making a professional job impossible and whilst it would not be impossible to find a job in say a night club, it would require a whole new approach to life. Colleen considered other options, would there be someone in APEX who would take him in as a lesbian sub? No, recent experiences were too fresh for that. How had this all started? Of course, he had followed up an ad in The Beat and found Mistress G. Why not try again? Colleen went out and purchased the latest copy of The Beat and returned home with an increasing excitement growing inside him, something he hadn’t felt since that dreadful day when his world turned upside down.

At first his experienced eye only saw the hundreds of ads from wannabe slaves looking for a quick thrill and a bit of sex, but then an odd ad caught his eye. “Retired lady, wishing to carry out scientific experiment in cross gender transformation and control, seeking heterosexual male for total live in experience.” This seemed something very different to all the other ads and immediately aroused his curiosity. Colleen really liked being a slave and having the opportunity to dress up, so Colleen crafted a suitable reply to the box number, adding a few little bits of information which he felt might help to make his letter stand out and enclosing his photograph, knowing the large numbers of replies such ads created. After about two weeks Colleen had almost forgotten the letter, when a hand addressed letter arrived in the mail with a Paradise Valley address. Excitedly Colleen opened the envelope and read the short note inside. “Be at my gates, on foot at 7pm tonight, wearing only a T shirt, shorts and sandals and ring the bell, you have been selected for interview - Signed Mistress Teresa”.

Colleen calculated that it would be possible to walk the distance from his apartment to the gates in about an hour, so he decided to leave his car behind and make the trip on foot, taking nothing more than the key to the apartment and his watch. So dressed as specified, with butterflies in his stomach, Colleen walked up to the property, which was enclosed by a high wall and appeared enormous, and dutifully pressed the bell at the gate at 7 o’clock that evening. A disembodied female voice crackled through the intercom. “When the gate opens, you are to walk to the front door, which will be unlatched, enter the porch, discard everything you are wearing and enter the house. Once inside adopt the presentation position on all fours, with your hands behind your back and your forehead on the floor and await further instructions”. The gates opened automatically and Colleen proceeded up a long drive to the front door, which opened at his touch into a large porch. He deposited everything on a small bench and opened the next door into what turned out to be a large hallway, with stairs rising on both sides in front. He adopted the required position and waited. After a short while there was the sound of light footsteps and a most delightful scent wafted into his senses. Not daring to move he felt a blindfold being gently placed over his eyes, but then suddenly there was the unmistakable click and feel of handcuffs encircling his wrists, followed by another pair, connected by a short chain, around his ankles. Then there was a strange sensation, something was being wrapped round his waist, then his penis was grasped and it felt like it was being pushed into something hard before something wrapped round his balls and there was another click. Although he had only seen pictures he was sure that he had been put into a male chastity belt. He probably would have been in more of a panic if the fragrance of the persons perfume had not been so overpoweringly nice to his senses.

A hand grasped his arm and he was pulled upright and shuffled along as fast as the chains would allow him, guided through doors and along corridors until at last he was pushed down into a hard leather chair. One arm was placed on the substantial armrest of the chair and he felt bands clamp his arm tightly to the chair. Then the handcuffs were removed and the process repeated for his other arm. Finally similar clamps encircled his legs binding them to the sturdy legs of the chair, which apparently was permanently attached to the floor. Suddenly the blindfold was snatched off and in front of him stood the most beautiful woman he could have imagined. Mistress was incredibly slim and had gorgeous red hair coursing down to her waist. She was simply stunning, she had a deep red lipstick on her slightly thin lips, an incredible figure, fantastic make up, beautiful complexion and she could have been anywhere between 45 and 55. Her clothes were tight and expensive and she wore 4” black patent high heels with fish net stockings, which immediately drove Colleen into ecstasy.

“Well Colleen, I am Mistress Theresa” she said, “Thank you for coming for our interview. Please excuse the restraints, but I am always very careful when interviewing someone new, as I like to establish complete control from the beginning, so that there are no surprises later.” Colleen wondered at the time exactly what she meant by no surprises; little did Colleen realize what this really meant, until it was already too late. Mistress then went on to tell Colleen that what she had said in her letter had intrigued her enough to make Colleen the first interviewee out of the 1500 replies she had so far received. Mistress told Colleen that the purpose of the interview was to gauge her suitability as a slave, which Colleen felt very confident Mistress would soon appreciate, once she heard her resume, and also to see whether Colleen was suitable for an experiment in control Mistress wished to carry out. Mistress quickly established that Colleen had all the characteristics that would make her a good 24/7 slave and to facilitate this Mistress was prepared to support Colleen completely so she would have no need to go out to work. Colleen felt ecstatic but then Mistress went on to explain about her planned experiment. Apparently Mistress had always wanted to take a normal heterosexual man and turn him completely into a woman, she had all the money and facilities necessary, and it was just finding the right man. Colleen told Mistress that there was absolutely no way she wanted to become a TS, she was very happy to be a TV for her, but that was as far as she wanted to go. Mistress appeared absolutely delighted with Colleen’s refusal of her offer, which puzzled Colleen somewhat, until the words from the ad flashed up in her mind. “Cross gender transformation and Control”. Mistress wanted someone who was a very good slave, but who didn’t want to be changed physically into a woman, so by succeeding in her experiment, she could reach the point where she had ultimate total control of her slave’s body.

Mistress disappeared leaving Colleen to ponder what a predicament she was now in. No one knew she was here; her only chance was if someone found the letter from Mistress, which she had left back at her apartment. After a few minutes Mistress returned, thanked Colleen very much for coming for the interview and informed her that her application had been accepted and that as of now she belonged to Mistress Theresa and was under her total control. Colleen struggled without avail to free herself from her bonds and when she attempted to remonstrate with Mistress a ball gag was thrust into her mouth. Mistress informed her that one of her servants had already been dispatched to her apartment, which would be cleared out and the lease paid off. Her car would be left in the airport long stay car park, where no doubt one day it would be found and the conclusion drawn that Colleen had left Phoenix for good, so no one would think to look for her here. Colleen felt hysterical, but at the same time, the fact that from that moment on she would have absolutely no control over her life was chillingly exciting. She had always wanted to be totally owned, but had never dreamed that it would be irrevocable and that it would include permanent feminization.

Mistress informed Colleen that she had had prepared for her a beautiful studio apartment in the basement, where she would remain during her transformation. It was built with stone walls and had no windows, but was furnished with everything a young lady could want, plus a few extras to ensure that all necessary training could be undertaken en suite. This included a training bench and a St Andrews Cross as well as a very special restraint system. Still unable to totally grasp her predicament, Colleen was handcuffed, blindfolded, freed from the chair and led down more corridors to her studio apartment. When safely inside, Colleen her blindfold and gag were taken off.

Mistress quickly undid the leg and wrist irons and replaced them with four snug fitting cuffs in polished metal. Each one had an eye so that presumably a chain could be attached but initially they were free standing. The puzzling thing was that once snapped shut there was no catch or lock visible to open them. Mistress explained that the four cuffs plus the chastity belt were all electronically controlled from a control room just outside Colleen’s studio, which had full view via cameras and mirrors of the whole area. Whenever anyone was in the room with Colleen, the control room would be manned. If Colleen were to in any way attempt to leave or harm anyone or anything in the room, instant punishment would be inflicted. At this, Mistress flicked her fingers and Colleen was jolted by five massive shocks one from each of the electronic devices, which left her writhing on the floor unable to do anything but scream, although the pain in her balls was the worst. Mistress informed Colleen that she intended to use the shock treatment at any time, to condition Colleen for her experiment. Mistress wanted Colleen to become totally programmed to complete obedience under her control, and one of the ways she intended achieving this would be that every time Mistress gave Colleen the shock treatment, day or night, Colleen was to stand in the presentation position and say “I totally belong to Mistress Teresa, I am her slave, she has total control over me at all times and may do anything to me she desires, especially to make me a woman”. Over the next few days Colleen was woken from her sleep at night and given the shock treatment during the day at random times, many times over, until she really began to feel a strange sense of relief at her situation. Although she still had no intention of submitting willingly to Mistress’s demands, she knew that she had created what she had always really wanted. She had many times in the past offered herself to a Mistress, only to draw back at the moment of total commitment. Now there was no turning back, but that was how it always needed to be, totally against her will but inevitable.

So with Colleen unable to find any means of escape, Mistress was ready to start the transformation process. Mistress informed Colleen that she had planned the following 10 steps for her:
- Hair electrolysis removal to face and chest
- Scalp hair implants to create a full head of hair
- Nose/throat reshaping and facial skin tightening
- Lip enhancement
- Breast Implants
- Hormone therapy
- Piercings and tattoos
- Teeth replacement
- Ball removal
- Final emasculation and female reshaping.
In addition Colleen would be put on a severe diet to reduce the size of her waist to suitable proportions. Some of these steps would require hospital admittance, but Colleen would be kept carefully drugged and supervised by Mistress’s own doctor during that time, so there would be no chance of escape. Mistress also announced that she had had prepared a complete new identity for Colleen, so that from now on she would be Colleen Cowell.

Colleen had expected that the treatment would start with the electrolysis or maybe the implants. She was therefore very surprised when on the first day of treatment Mistress had her strapped down to the training table, laying on her back. Mistress then brought in a middle-aged man who was dressed in a white coat and whom Mistress introduced as her personal doctor. He was accompanied by a young lady in a nurse’s uniform, who wheeled in a trolley containing surgical instruments and various cylinders and appliances. To Colleen’s horror Mistress informed her that they were there to remove her balls, thus ensuring that there would be no turning back. Colleen from her prone position could just see what was happening. Her ball sacs were sterilized and anaesthetized and then with a simple cut and suture the balls were exposed tied off and removed. The empty sacs were then closed back up and the dreadful deed was done. Next morning when Colleen awoke, she gingerly felt around her CB, only to find two flapping empty sacs and the direness of her position was now confirmed for good. At that moment she felt the now familiar but amazingly, now less painful, electric shocks, as her balls were no longer the focus of the worst pain. She sprang up and recited her lines with just a bit more passion than before, Mistress was starting to take total control of her, but she was beginning to like it.

The following days were indeed taken up with daily visits of technicians employed for removal of Colleen’s facial and chest hair by electrolysis and the implantation of new hair on her scalp. In fact Colleen had been pretty hairless from the first day, when Mistress had given her a wax removal treatment on her entire beard and chest, which had been most agonizing especially around the upper lip area and shaved her head. It had however been necessary to allow regrowth for the electrolysis process to start. Colleen had thought of asking the technicians for help but realized that not only were they probably paid by Mistress not to ask questions, but also any attempt to communicate to them would be spotted by the control room and the shock treatment would start. Colleen also wondered why Mistress had not required her to take any female hormones as planned. Then one day Colleen began to feel odd stirrings in her breasts and remarked on them to Mistress. Mistress informed her that she had been receiving full doses of hormone every day since she arrived, added to her food, which was always brought to her on a tray from outside.

In between, Mistress had kept Colleen occupied with sessions on the equipment. Mistress especially liked punishments with rulers and canes, apparently she had once been a teacher, and ran these as a drill session. Colleen, standing naked, except for her chastity belt and cuffs was required to change position as Mistress specified, left turn, squat, rise, about turn, jump etc. with six strokes for every failure, using coin tosses to chose between cane and ruler and bottom or hand. This usually resulted in 20 or 30 failures per session, so Colleen’s hands and bottom were always very sore for days afterwards and at each session Mistress got more demanding, more critical and less tolerant of failure. Mistress also liked playing with all the other treatments, again increasing the intensity session by session, training bench, St Andrew’s cross, whipping, Saran Wrap, total leather encasement, nipple torture and C(B)T! As a result Colleen’s life began to revolve around pain and pleasure, the pain inflicted by Mistress and the, sometimes, pleasure of being worked on. After a few weeks Colleen’s face was feeling really smooth and the marks of the electrolysis around her mouth and chin, which were the first areas treated, were beginning to fade. Also she now had a rather nice head of shiny black shoulder length hair, which had begun to make her look more feminine.

So Colleen was not surprised when one day Mistress informed her that Mistress had planned a beauty treatment for her. The day before the treatment Mistress had had Colleen remove all the remaining hair from her body including all her pubic hair except for a little mound down the center. What was unexpected was that the first technician who arrived was not the beautician. This lady proceeded to give Colleen additional rings in each ear lobe, in each nipple and in her belly button as well as injecting her lips with Collagen. Apparently Mistress also intended to have her branded and details were discussed, but that would be at a special ceremony when all else was complete. The beautician now took over and in just over an hour Colleen was astonished to see a very unfamiliar but beautiful female staring back at her from the mirror. Colleen looked very nice indeed, she had never looked this feminine as a TV before, it must have been the combination of a pale face without beard shadow, the enhanced lips and the effects of the hormone treatment. Also the hair implants had a much more natural look than any wig could create. To this was added, for the first time ever, long acrylic nails in beautiful plum to match her lipstick and Colleen was now feeling euphoric beyond her wildest dreams, despite all her fears of what was still to come. Mistress came in to view the results and signaled her pleasure. She then had Colleen dressed in female clothes for the first time since she arrived. The effect was incredible. Already her breasts appeared slightly more prominent, and due to the strict diet she had already reduced from a 38 to a 34 waist. Mistress enhanced this by having her wear a waist corset, which was tightly laced, short black leather mini skirt, shear stockings, three-inch heels and a very lacy white blouse. For now she would wear a padded bra, but not for long. Mistress had photos and a video taken, before having Colleen strapped to the St Andrews Cross.

Suddenly Mistress’s demeanor changed, Colleen felt herself shudder, what was Mistress going to do? Mistress spoke to Colleen “Well Colleen I suppose you feel really good looking so beautiful and getting so much attention, however its very easy to change that” And with those words Mistress snatched hold of the front of Colleen’s blouse and ripped it from her shoulders and loosened her skirt letting it drop to the floor. She then picked up a pair of scissors, cut her bra strap and started to haphazardly cut off chunks of her beautiful painted fingernails. As tears rolled down Colleen’s face Mistress smeared her tears, eye shadow lipstick and foundation into an ugly mess with her hands. Mistress then proceeded to tie her nipple rings tightly to her belly button ring and whipped her unmercifully for 20 minutes until her beautiful stockings were in tatters, her back, thighs and bottom striped and her tears never ending. Colleen was left suspended for a couple of hours before being released and thrown on her bed where she was restrained by her cuffs to the four corners of the bed. Every hour it seemed during the night the cuffs and CB were activated and Colleen writhed in agony. Being unable to jump up she recited her mantra anyway, hoping that was what was required. But no, first thing in the morning Mistress entered her room and informed her that she had failed to perform her mantra in the correct position 7 times during the night and therefore she would receive 70 lashes as punishment. Colleen started to mouth at the unfairness of the judgment but bit her tongue for fear of even worse punishment for complaining.

Colleen was allowed to clean herself up, but discovered that from now on she was always to wear female clothes and apply her own make up. When that evening Mistress finally entered Colleen’s room to administer the punishment, Colleen faced her in trepidation. First Mistress had her drop her frilly knickers and bend over the training bench. Mistress then proceeded to insert a medium sized Butt plug, which entered after application of some lubrication and a bit of persuasion. Then Mistress proceeded to wrap Colleen in rolls of Saran Wrap until there was nothing showing but her nostrils. However Mistress then cut small holes to allow access to her nipples, her belly ring, and her penis. Her nipples were clamped with plastic surgical clamps and her penis was covered in little plastic clothes pegs. Then the tip of her penis, her belly and her nipple rings were connected by cord and pulled tight so that her bottom was forced outwards. She was then turned on her face with her bottom upwards. This dropped her bottom forcing strain on the cord, which was pulling unbearably on her nipples and her penis. Mistress then proceeded to give her 70 lashes in groups of 10, one group for each infraction. As each lash landed, Colleen jerked at the pain, only to cause further pain to her nipples and penis. At the end Colleen was swooning as Mistress removed the wrap, plug, pegs and clamps. Then Mistress took Colleen in her arms enveloping her in that oh so delicious fragrance and told her that all she had to do was stop fighting Mistress and give herself totally and she could feel Mistress’s embrace every day. Colleen however was in such subspace that she knew nothing of her surroundings and fell into a blissful sleep unable to mouth a reply.

Next morning Colleen awoke to pains all over her body and such mixed emotions she didn’t know where she was, she still wasn’t prepared to let Mistress totally do anything she liked to her, but her resistance was weakening. Time and again Mistress was to punish her for infractions, when it was not her fault, because she was unable to do otherwise and every time this happened Colleen struggled not to comment. Each time Mistress made the circumstances even more unfair but Colleen would not complain, she was not going to let Mistress break her. And now there was the next stage to go through. Mistress arranged for Colleen to attend a dentist at his private surgery over two weekends, and in two marathon sessions she had all her uneven existing teeth pulled out and a complete new set of perfect teeth implanted into her gums using the latest techniques, so she didn’t need dentures. This way, not only would she look more beautiful, but also her teeth could never identify her in the future. Mistress had not beaten her for about a week now and she guessed the reason must be that she was about to go into hospital for the first operation. Sure enough one morning the private doctor entered Colleen’s room and with the help of his nurse gave Colleen an injection. At his command there was an electronic clicking and all 5 of her constraints opened up and were removed. Colleen felt herself dozing off, but she didn’t pass out. She was still awake but felt paralyzed, unable to speak or move. Colleen was loaded on to a stretcher transferred to a private ambulance and with the Doctor and his nurse in attendance they sped off to what Colleen presumed would be a private hospital. Indeed from what she saw it was a fairly small building some way from town, one she did not recognize.

Quickly Colleen was transferred to a bed in a private room, with what appeared to be a security door separating it from the corridor. She was hooked up to a drip and very quickly fell into a deep sleep. Next morning she was dimly aware of movement round her and at one point a voice told her that she was to be operated on for the breathing problems in her nose, which would require a shortening of her nose and the removal of part of her epiglottis and she signed something. When Colleen next awoke, she was back in her room at Mistress’s, attached to her bed by the four cuffs, which must have been reattached, but not apparently the CB, and feeling rather peculiar. Her nose was covered in bandage as was her throat, but the most funny feeling was from her chest which felt at the same time both tight and heavy and was also swathed in bandages. She was still connected up to a drip and, as far as she could tell, had on a small amount of make up. After a few minutes the door opened and in walked Mistress. “Oh my dear” said Mistress “ a terrible accident happened while you were at the hospital, they mistook you for another patient and they gave you breast implants as well, D cup!” Colleen was of course pretty shocked, but now understood what the heavy tightness on her chest was all about. Mistress had somehow arranged for the implants to be treated as an accident in the records, whilst the other surgery could be passed off as genuine. Doctor came to treat her every day and was becoming very attentive. He insisted on massaging Colleen’s breasts to ensure that they were seated properly, which created some very strong feelings as his hands constantly passed over her nipples. After a few days doctor was happy enough with Colleen’s nose to remove the bandages completely. She still had not seen the results of the surgery on her nose, but it certainly felt smaller and turned up at the end, whilst her breathing had improved noticeably. Mistress brought in the beautician and Colleen was given a very complete treatment. After being allowed to dress in her clothes again for the first time since she returned, she not only was able to discard her bra padding, but required a larger size bra altogether. Finally Colleen was allowed to look in the mirror and this time she was even more transfixed. She was almost beautiful, her pert little nose and magnificent breasts were complimented by exquisite make up and her hair which had been newly styled looked terrific. She could only gasp at the transformation. What would Mistress do with her this time? Only the bandage around her throat showed what had been done.

It did not take long to find out. The Doctor was called back into the room and was presented to Colleen. His immediate reaction was to take Colleen in his arms and give her the most passionate kisses, whilst running his hands all over her body. Colleen’s first instinct was to push him away, but slowly her struggles subsided and she started to reciprocate his passion. In all the time since she had returned Colleen had been instructed not to speak, due to the operations on her throat. She had already noticed that her epiglottis no longer stuck out like it used to, but she had felt too sore to try a secret word or two, besides the control room would be sure to detect her and punishment would ensue. Now as the Doctor finally drew back and she could breathe again, Mistress instructed her to say “Thank You Doctor”. Colleen struggling at first finally got out the words, only to be amazed that it was not her voice at all but a high female voice, which came out. “Oh my” said Mistress, Colleen does have such a beautiful voice now doctor, I am sure she can show you her gratitude; I will leave you two alone. With this Mistress departed and doctor, who hadn’t let go of Colleen, proceeded to become more amorous, gradually removing her clothes and pushing her face down on the training table. He then fastened her arms to the sides of the table and spread her legs apart. Gradually she felt him enter her from behind and proceed to a climax. Colleen was unsure whether she liked it or not, but it was a totally new experience. After a few more hugs and kisses, Doctor freed her and departed. Mistress came back in, Colleen was sure that she had been watching from the control room, and sure enough Mistress told her that seeing her slave taken by a man was one of her dearest dreams. Mistress then asked Colleen what it had felt like, how she liked it, would she like it again and so on. Colleen said it was an experience, but it wasn’t what she really enjoyed and was dismayed to hear that Mistress had given Doctor permission to come back as often as he liked. “Wouldn’t you enjoy it more if it was from the front” asked Mistress, “I’m sure you don’t want to continue like this”? Colleen was now in a real dilemma, if she said yes, she would not only be committed to the final operation but would have finally to give herself totally to Mistress forever. If she said no she would have to continue to put up with Doctor doing things to her which she didn’t enjoy, yet, with her appetite wetted, she now really wanted to feel what it would be like to be taken as a woman, and after all she was emasculated already, it was not like this was the first step, she had already lost her manhood, only her penis remained. Mistress looked at Colleen’s face and knew that she had achieved her ultimate aim. Despite all Colleen’s attempts to fight Mistress of she was going to give herself totally to Mistress very soon.

Meanwhile it was time for Colleen’s last but one operation, her face-lift. The procedure was much as before and Colleen did not really mind because whatever her sex she would enjoy looking more young and beautiful. Later the same day she woke up back in her bed at Mistress’s with bandages all round her face but feeling very serene and totally spaced out. The operation did however require that the doctor came in every day to check progress and part of his visit nearly always required Colleen to be attached to the training bench and submitting to his very demanding penis. Mistress was very pleased with the results of the face-lift and Colleen felt even more beautiful when she was dressed and made up to look her best as soon as her face had healed. Mistress had gradually begun to encourage Colleen to spend time serving her, as well as their regular training sessions, which however had become much less severe and more loving, Mistress spent a good part of the day with Colleen instructing her in the services Mistress required of a good slave and having her generally cook for Mistress and look after Mistress’s toilette. One day Colleen was very surprised to hear from Mistress that doctor had asked if he could have Colleen permanently, so that he could carry out his own experiments on her, which would involve further modifications to her body. Mistress said she was prepared to agree to his request, as it appeared that despite everything she had done for Colleen, Colleen was still not prepared to give herself finally and permanently to Mistress. Colleen was now in a terrible dilemma, if she was given over to doctor she had no idea what ghastly experiments she might suffer or even whether her life would be at stake. At least with Mistress she would have both a glamorous life and enjoyment of being a good slave. So there and then Colleen made up her mind, fell to the floor, kissed Mistress’s shoes and said, “Mistress I am yours, I will no longer resist, please do whatever pleases you”. Mistress smiled a satisfied smile and held out the agreement papers for the final operation, Colleen was broken, Mistress had won, and Colleen signed her body over to Mistress.

So a few days later Colleen was once more sedated and wheeled out to the waiting ambulance by a slightly less attentive doctor. At the hospital she was asked whether she had considered the full implications of her decision and with a look at doctor, she said in a clear female voice “Yes and I wish to proceed”. That was her last recollection until she woke, still in her same hospital room. Doctor was gone and Mistress stood by her side. “Hello my dear Colleen, how is my beautiful slave today?” said Mistress, giving her a full kiss on the lips and enveloping her with her special perfume. “I have brought you a present, here is a bottle of that perfume of mine you so love for your very own use”. “Thank you Mistress” said Colleen “I am yours”. Although Colleen was very sore and it felt very strange to be without a penis, which she could just sense under all the bandages, she just couldn’t wait to lie back one day soon and enjoy a man at her pleasure.

Mistress had achieved her twin desires, she had succeeded in turning Colleen into a complete woman to her own design and she had finally broken her resistance and now owned her body and soul. Mistress informed Colleen that it was her intention to find her a suitable lover if she so wished, but she would never be able to leave Mistress’s household and from now on she would permanently share Mistress’s bed. There would be no more control rooms. When she returned from the hospital she would be introduced into Mistress’s household as her lover and in future she would be able to go out into the world with Mistress and enjoy herself. Only when they were alone would she return to being Mistress’s slave. Colleen lay back in her bed when Mistress had departed and dreamt of tomorrow…