March/April 2002
From a Dom's Perspective
by Dennis Burns

Hi, I’m Dennis Burns a.k.a. DragonDiver or Dragon~Lord.

I am a Dominant male striving for Mastery; I am not the one who determines if I have reached that stage, only those whom I interact with can gift that honorific title to me. I am traveling upon a shamanic journey for in this life style of whips, chains, floggers and clips, all are but tools for bringing together the body and the spirit into a state of cooperative synergy. In bringing together the mind and the soul, the body and the spirit, I always quest to as the Boy Scouts do: Leave the site in better condition than I found it. I am very pleased to be able to speak on my soapbox to any and all that will listen. All that I say is only that of my own worldview and never is it a mandate to say it is the only path to follow, it is just mine and those who are under my care. Well I guess I should give a bit of that bio thing so you may know me a bit better.

I am the Dungeon Master and DM trainer for APEX (Arizona Power Exchange). I have been the Dungeon Master, from 1998-2001. I have served as a board member from 1999-2000 and served as a Co-President for APEX for 2000. I have been the host of the Men’s night, a male only monthly party during 1999-2000, I am the founder and currently co-facilitator of the Dom Roundtable, a group for dominants only, to discuss issues that deal with our life.

I was born on the 23rd of February, on March A.F.B. Riverside, California in 1954. I resided in Lincolnshire England as a child, then returned to my hometown of San Diego, Ca. I have lived most of my life in and out of the lifestyle, from tying up the neighbor girls playing cowgirls and Indians, to finding in my teenage years that I would for some reason always be drawn into an aspect of the life; spanking role playing to most of my relationships being some form of consensual polyandry. As I grew up (figure of speech for I have never bought into that growing old thing) I found that I was often approached to teach things I always took for granted. So I became a private Dom (due to the nature of my military duties). I taught swinging couples aspects of D/s and BDSM as far I as I had understood it and had learned to that date. Of course the more you learn the more you find that you have barely scratched the surface.
I served 23 years in the Navy (sub/switch/Top school), most of that was at sea or in jungle paradises like Vietnam, Cambodia oops Kampuchea, nope it’s back to being Cambodia. Plus other great places that would cost lots of money to visit now! I spent two years in Sasebo, Japan, two years in the Philippines and three years in Hawaii. Most of my life though has been in my native California.

I am Choctaw, Chickasaw, Scottish, and my family is exploring that there may be another group called “Melungeon” in our family tree. (My family tree is definitely not a telephone pole in shape, though it does show fast and slow relatives who played a lot of catch me and you keep me games.) I am “outed" to my family and the world. I outed myself to the world with the help of some friends in the SDL San Diego Lifestylers group and Threshold.

I am a widower with two fine grown sons who are still in San Diego, my oldest Justin is married, but Nathaniel who just turned 23 is not, he does though wish to continue as the second generation of lifestyle, WEG. I am now living in Arizona just north of Phoenix. I am still a member of APEX (Arizona Power Exchange) where I’m known as the twisted evil little f***.

I also am the proud lucky Master to my collared bonnie “Dragon’s~heart” to whom I am betrothed to, the wedding is to be held 1:30 on March 23rd, 2002, at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, in full regalia, so if you are in the area you have an open invitation, garb is not required.

Be well and blessed be.

“What colour is a Dragon, my son?”
“Crimson, my Master, Bloody crimson, no matter what the eye doth say!”