March/April 2002
ďBeing MasterĒ Myths
by Master Timelius Sean

Many of us have encountered those unique individuals that demonstrate that class isnít a prerequisite to our lifestyle. These individuals tend to disregard any and all boundaries, and seem self determined to destroy everyone in their path. Though there is no real distinction of these types of individuals and their roles they choose, Iím going to focus on a particular aspect of character, the Master.

First I must define my definition of Master. I define the difference between a Dominant and Master as one who chooses to collar a slave and the other enjoys the privy to maintaining submissive(s) without a collar. This is based on concepts of my own teachings and not necessarily the definitions chosen by others.

Myth: Act anyway I want One major misconception that I see many times is that a Master can be belligerent towards anyone, anytime, whenever he or she chooses. What they fail to realize, or choose not to concede, is that they may Master in their own home, but not of society. Being inconsiderate of others does not demonstrate anything other then bad manners and inappropriate behavior.

Myth: No consequences to my actions Another myth is that there are no consequences towards decisions or actions taken by a Master. That is simply a coward escaping responsibility. Taking responsibility is a fundamental aspect to a healthy lifestyle regardless of your nature. Being accountable is another. Throwing off responsibility to another, especially a slave or submissive only demonstrates who has the power within a relationship. I stated power, not necessarily control. Power includes the capability for action or performance and deferring responsibility defers the power to the accused.

Myth: I am in control Hmmm, do you abide by a safe-word? If you do then you are not in control. Unless an individual is chained to the wall and unable at any time to leave, you are not in complete control. A slave or submissive may relinquish their will or submit to your wishes, but both legally and spiritually, you do not control.

Myth: My opinion is the only opinion That belief only limits ones ability to grow. Your opinion is just that, your opinion. Unless you are from the heavens with some Devine consciousness, your opinion is simply just thatÖyours. Even I struggle with the ego of recognizing that the world does not revolve around me and that someone may have more knowledge and an understanding that I do not.

Myth: I always am right OK. Then donít waste your time always trying to get others to view the same way. It is impossible to have everyone agree to anything. Donít think because you are long-winded and able to debate non-stop that your opinion is becoming the overall census. Actually your not even communicating and have little to no listening skills. If you canít listen, you canít communicate, you only dictate.

Myth: I must know everything Another misconception that many new-comers face. There is a false pride that an individual being Dominant or a Master must have all knowledge. If this was the case, there would be absolutely no need for seminars or functions. These classes and events are based solely on the subs. They are to teach new techniques and ideas to the Dominants as well.

Myth: A Master must break its slave This one is misconstrued and misunderstood. Simply being sadistic has absolutely nothing to do with roles or titles. The intent behind breaking someone is more important. Are you willing to accept any consequences to the aftermath or are you simply enjoying breaking someone for the thrill? There are definitive reasons and ways to break someone, both caution and compassion must be adhered to. Otherwise, serious mental issues could occur and you may even face legal repercussions.

Myth: To bottom is to submit If you never been flogged, or have endured pain for pleasure, then you simply have no claim to state that to have encountered otherwise is being submissive. Being on a cross does not simulate weakness or submission. It simply means that someone is able to take what he or she can give. On the same note, just because you played someone doesnít mean they have submitted to you. Dominance and submission are not necessarily a character trait or a natural trait, but could be a choice.