March/April 2001
Ask the Mistresse

Or "that's My Advise and I'm stickin' to it"

by Lotus Song


I have been asked by Sweets to participate in this E-zine with an "Ask the
Mistresse" type of column.

I'm a very "black and white" thinker.  That's the position I speak from.  I'm
very "defined" in my notions about D/s stemming from seeing a heck of a lot
of people buying a WHOLE lot of BS and getting hurt.

I do try to temper it with explaining my feelings on the topic and I do present things in such a way that makes people think.. and thinking sometimes
isn't the popular in the lifestyle, it seems.  I don't want to irritate anyone.. just make them THINK.

Certain topics I am very passionate about and I will not address them mainly
because I can't be open minded about them.  A good Domme knows her limits.  I allow people their own fantasies and they don't need my comments on them.  

But if I see you in a situation that is potentially mentally/emotionally as
well as physically devastating.  I'll give you a heads up then you "can  do
as you will".  

A "journey" can be a roller coaster ride.. or a plummet to your demise.

Mistress Steele wrote: "Do not let your desires be your damnation".

I also like Sgt. Esterhouse "...Let's be careful out there".

Send us your questions.. I'll do my best.  And please, write in NON subby/dom
text.  it's H/hard T/to R/read and P/proves N/nothing.  I'll know it's you
talking to me.  (give me some credit here!!! LOL)