March/April 2001
Their Dark Possession -- Part One
by dark whisper

The wind whistled cold and eerie as she stared longingly out the window. Dark. The branches of the pine tree just outside the glass whipped  back and forth, as if trying to escape the icy blast moving on rapid currents of air. A pale reflection looked back at her. Eyes almost haunted in the  shadowy image as they met her own. A finger, tipped in ruby red rose to trace the contours of the ghostly image - a shiver racing through her hand at the frigid touch.

Where was he? A slow glance to the slim gold watch encircling her right wrist - three a.m. and no headlights pierce the gloom of night. The anxious feeling grew.

Ann rose jerkily to her feet, too restless to remain staring at busy nothingness. Long legs carried her from place to place within the room.  A cup rests on the desk, the coffee long cold and filmed slightly at the top. A nervous hand raked through long strands of dark red hair as she paced.  Thoughts jumbled together in a madness of fear. What if he was hurt, laying beside the edge of the road as the snow cradled a face devoid of color. Or... what if...he was with someone else?

She muttered under her breath, calling herself all sorts of fool for letting her imagination take over, but the sudden thought not as easily banished as she might wish. A full lower lip found its way between the sharp edge of white teeth as she worried the plump flesh.

"Don't think about it, don't THINK about it."

The words a near mantra as she paced the room. Each step a vivid reminder of the soreness of her back and bottom. She hated the doubts that rose within when something was out of the norm. She knew better than to start thinking about "what-if" but at times, her mind simply refused to let go. She gnawed on the questions like a dog gnaws a bone, refusing to acknowledge there is no meat left to it.

The sound of a key in the lock pulled her from the darkness of her own mind. She turned quickly...forgetting in her relief about the chain draped between nipples and labia. A sharp gasp in the darkness betrayed her presence, and she stepped tentatively forward.


The entryway light cast a soft glow into the darkened study. His form stands in silhouette - one shoulder resting lightly against the jam. Too much shadow obscures his face, but his very posture giving her an indication that he may not have expected to see her awake during the witching hours.

"Ann, why are you still up?" His voice was calm and smooth - controlled.

"I...umm, I couldn't sleep and was watching the wind." The nervous tremor in her voice gave her away.

"I see. And did watching the wind also include watching the driveway for my car?"

There was no change in tone or inflection, but still, she felt an icy finger of something close to fear slide down her spine. She never really feared him, not even when she was bound and blindfolded while his hand wielded flogger or whip, but still she felt the rush of adrenaline that let her know she needed to be very careful of her answer.

"Yes, Sir. I became worried for you. For your safety. It's rare that you arrive home this late." She moved into the slice of light, unaware of the glitter in her eyes or the swollen cast of full lips.

"Come here, Ann." It was not a request.

Dark lashes fell to obscure the flash in her eyes as she stepped closer. The scent of his cologne lingered gently in the air along with the smell of wine and tobacco. Suddenly, she remembered. He had been in a meeting with the Minister of Finance and the entourage that accompanied him whenever he traveled. Their meetings always included dinner and drinks afterward at a very noisy and jovial place. Her relief was short lived, however as she noticed the set of his lips.

"Yes, Sir?"

His hand lifted, and almost casually flicked at her satin covered nipple. A quick, hot breath as the movement pulled at the chain connecting the pierced rings in nipples and the lips of her sex. She felt the flesh rise and harden. A slow throb began between her thighs as the chain tugged lightly.

"Well my dear, since you are up and obviously quite...alert, I do believe we can make good use of these quiet hours."

The calm, controlled voice continued as long fingers tugged at the satin tie of her robe. The material slithered open to expose full, firm breasts and the slopes of her body. The air seemed to shimmer slightly - surreal and misty in the shifting light. A glint of gold chain flashed dully as Will moved behind her and rested warm hands on her shoulders for a long moment, then pushed the ice blue satin from her form to ripple into a slinky puddle at bare feet.

"Go to the playroom. I will be there in a moment." He turned her toward the playroom door, and the solid crack of his hand reverberated in the room. "Oh, and Ann?" He waited until she stopped and turned back to face him. "I want you wet and ready for me, I desire to use my pet."

He turned away, but not before he caught the sharp inhalation of breath and the quick flush of desire rising to settle upon her face. His lips curled upward, knowing just why Ann was still awake. She was very good about keeping the tiny insecurities from growing, but every once in a while, her possessiveness rose. He rather enjoyed that. He rather enjoyed her, period.

The playroom was as black as pitch...far darker than the night with its soft fall of snow and the reflective moonlight. Two steps in and a half turn to the right. Ah yes. Track lighting came to life with a soft snick as trembling fingers found the switch.

The room had been specially designed and built to Will's exacting specifications. Thick walls were made even thicker by 8 inches of foam rubber behind black drywall. The floor was flagstone. Scatter rugs placed in strategic positions might have given some semblance of normalcy if not for the pieces of furniture placed around the room. A novice would feel as though they had stepped into the twilight zone - she felt entirely at home.

Ann felt another shiver slide slowly up her back as she moved to the free-standing suspension frame standing diagonally in one spacious corner. Her eyes, an odd collection of gold, green and blue moved over the cuffs dangling from strong steel chain. They'd had the frame custom built to accommodate her height, and allow free movement no matter how he positioned her from the chains. This was one of her favorite pieces.

She looked around the room and laughed softly as she considered what he might do to her this early morn. There were so many possibilities. Bare feet made no sound as she moved from one piece of equipment to another - stopping now and again to inhale deeply of the rich scent of leather.

When she lifted the heavy flogger, she realized she was very, very wet. A sharp flare shot through her back and buttocks as the leather seemed to give up its memories of the night before. Ann closed her eyes and allowed soft fingers to explore as the images swelled upward in her mind.


Ann dressed carefully. Will liked her to be the epitome of a lady when they socialized - at least to a stranger's eye. "Strength, grace, and poise" was his familiar refrain, and her lips twitched lightly as she finished the thought in her mind: "a lady in the boardroom, a whore in the bedroom." Just as she lifted one foot to step into soft champagne colored silk panties, his voice came from the deep shadows of the hallway.

"No panties, pet."

She lifted her gaze, her foot lowering automatically as she nodded. The flash of something sensual and dark flickered in her eyes a moment then was gone.

"Yes, Sir." She straightened and looked to him, "are there any other instructions for me tonight, Master?

A shake of his head was her only answer as he turned and moved to prepare for the evening.

She finished dressing and stood back to check her reflection in the full length mirror. Black silk stockings caressed creamy thighs and calves beneath the rather conservative navy dress. Silk covered buttons ran from neckline to hem and she purposely left the bottom five undone, leaving a long, open slit to just below the juncture of her thighs. Will liked the way her legs flashed when she walked, but more so, liked the looks of interest and occasional down right lust on the faces of his associates when they caught a glimpse of upper thigh, and an occasional impression of wet sex, when she sat down or crossed her legs.

They pulled up in front of the restaurant, and the parking attendant got a clear view of smoothly shaven sex as she swiveled from the seat to stand. The look was not lost to Will, and a dark, sardonic smile spread over his lips as he reached up and took a thick strand of dark auburn hair and led her to the door.

Once seated, she might as well have been invisible as the talk ranged from everything from high finance to football. She shouldn't have been surprised, yet found herself jolting forward when Will's fingers slipped between the folds of the dress, and probed lightly at smoothly shaven cunt lips. Her eyes flickered to him, and found his own gaze trained on one of his associates droning on about god knew what.

She picked up her wine glass and sipped slowly, easing down further in her chair while opening her thighs to his touch. She caught the flicker of a smile as two fingers slid slowly into her.

Ann watched the group with slightly glazed eyes as Will fingered her deeply, his voice never betraying to the others at the table that he was fucking her slow and deep with strong fingers. She became flushed and tried to cover the soft sounds of pleasure by sipping from the wineglass held in trembling fingers. She was very wet, and wondered if the lewd sounds carried to anyone else at the table.

When his thumb moved up to circle her clit, she could not stop the whimper that rose from ruby red lips. Tom, Will's boss, turned to her for a moment and simply stared at her as she bit her lip and tried to still the reaction of her body to each stroke. Their eyes locked for a long moment, and she knew...that he was aware of just what occurred beneath the snowy white tablecloth.

The sudden plunge of three fingers into her had her setting the wineglass down hard on the table. And when Will leaned to her and whispered "come" it was all she could do not to scream out as her body - trained and ready - simply obeyed.

He withdrew his fingers while she shuddered softly in her chair, each flutter of muscles so subtle no-one save the three of them knew what had just happened. Wet, slick fingers dragged slowly along the heat of her inner thigh and a soft murmur reached only her ears.

"Very good, pet."


The drive home held that air of sensuality that is impossible to attain outside of a very intense relationship. Each shift of gears had her eyes drifting to his hand, watching the way long fingers curled around the knob, the smooth movements causing her to shift in her seat. A quick glance to his face gave no indication of his thoughts, leaving her to imagine all sorts of things.

Ann's mind began to drift into dark pathways. Their relationship had always been intense, but lately that intensity had moved to deeper planes. She was unaware of the soft sighing moans that slipped past slightly parted lips, but he was not.

A hand, warm and strong, settled upon her inner thigh and tugged gently. She rose quickly from her reverie - legs parting for his touch. The shadows of the car's interior hid the expression in his eyes as he turned slightly to look at her, but the set of his lips was firm and somehow compelling. His fingers toyed with the outer labia of her cunt, though not a word was spoken as they probed and pinched.

Twice on the drive home, he took her right to the edge of orgasm, but would not allow her the release she so desperately needed.

"Please..." she begged softly as strong fingers pinched the tiny erection of her clit.

"Not yet, love. You are feeling a bit greedy tonight, aren't you? Perhaps I should just...leave you unsatisfied."

Ann groaned in her seat as the fingers shifted position and scraped deeply against puffed labia only to play with the rings embedded through her flesh. The sharp tug brought a gasp...a jerk...and she felt her own juices seep from within to coat his hand.

"Master..." her voice trailed off, the ache inside plainly audible in the huskiness of her voice.

"What, my slut? Do you want to come?" Will's voice was still maddeningly even as he thrust deeply inside of her clinging wetness.

"Ye...yes, Sir." Barely a whisper of sound.

"No." The curl of his lips was almost cruel as once more, he plunged his fingers deeply inside, then removed the glistening digits only to bring them to her lips. She obeyed the unspoken command gratefully...licking and sucking her own juices from the warmth of his fingers.

Ann was half relieved, half frustrated as the car turned into the drive, highlighting the mounds of snow glittering on lawn and roof. The light seemed almost preternatural as they walked up the steps to the front door. His eyes appeared black beneath the shadow of thick eyelashes as he turned her to him.

"Take off your dress, my love." A tender inflection in his voice, yet she knew that he expected to be obeyed instantly.

Her gaze moved nervously down the deserted street, glad that only one house showed signs of possible observance through lighted windows. Ann felt completely exposed as she slid the long leather coat from her shoulders and handed it to him. She shivered lightly as her fingers began undoing the rest of the buttons. Yes, she was cold, but the tremor was far less from temperature than of excited shame at stripping outside in the snow. Soon, the navy dress joined her coat upon his arm as burning eyes moved over her form clad only in bra, garter, and black stockings.

"Beautiful. You are beautiful, you know. Talented, intelligent, and most of all...MINE." His voice started out conversational, and ended in a hiss.

Ann never knew how to respond when he said things like that, usually she simply blushed, but the cold of the winter's night, the words brought tears to her eyes. A deep shudder rippled through her. Nipples growing taut and stiff as a hand lifted to rake through cold, thick hair.

Will reached out casually and twisted a dark, turgid nipple, his hand still warm from the car and her draped clothes. Her nipples were always hard since they had been pierced. Hard and very sensitive. The quick flash of pleasure was almost violent as he pinched the very tip.

"Now, go to the playroom and wait for me against the cross." His tone brooked no argument, and she moved through the open door into the heat of a long foyer and to the door half hidden by a large, lush tropical plant.  The playroom.

The rich scent of his cologne reached her first. His steps silent as he moved through the room to the woman stretched upon the cross as though chained to it. Long fingers gripped the tops of the X while spread feet reached for the bottoms. His smile came slow at the vision of long waves of thick hair tumbling down her back and stopping just at the middle of her back.  The garter framed womanly curves of lush buttocks and gave her a sensual, exotic aura. She shifted slightly on her feet, but dared not move from position.

His first touch was so very gentle as it moved over her back, and down the soft swell of her ass. Warm...smooth fingers barely fluttering over her flesh. Her sigh came soft and slow as a whisper reached her ears.

"I love you Ann." His voice low, controlled, even as the air seemed to shimmer with sound just before a solid crack reverberated through the room.

She gasped and lunged forward at the sudden fire racing through her ass. A high whimper. A shift of hips forward against the richly varnished wood as she tried to capture her breath. Even as the fire began to fade just slightly, another crack echoed through the room. Blinking back the heat as her back dipped low and her ass rose, creating a tempting target for his strong hand. The strikes continued, hard and sure as she whimpered and bucked forward.

Suddenly, the blows stopped. A soft caress of burning flesh as a dark whisper reached out for her.

"Do you trust me Ann?" The question came against her right ear.

 "Yes, Sir. I trust you with my life." Her words soft, yet clear.

His hand settled on her shoulder, firm and warm before it slid up her arm...caressing and tender as he fastened the restraint around first one, then the other wrist.

"And do you love me?" The second question was a mere breath to her left ear, warm and slightly humid.

"You are my world, Master. I love You with all my heart and soul... my every breath... each beat of my heart.." Her words rose in a gentle wave of sound -- knowing that this was part ritual, and part confirmation of her trust and love. Feeling both rising within, almost fierce in their strength.

"So be it." His voice retained that even cadence, yet, his eyes flared for an instant into hers before the black leather blindfold stole her sight and the world became black.

His use of her was complete. The sound of keening shrieks mixed with the muffled thud of flogger striking bare flesh rose and mixed in the soundproofed room. His own grunts of exertion chased behind. Her back and buttocks were stained a deep red as each blow landed with stunning strength.  The heat seared her flesh, burned within rushing blood deep within her veins.  Stripes, deep red and raised adorned the backs of her thighs, the curve of buttocks, the sweet swell of her cunt.

Ann rode the wings of pleasure and pain, giving up all thoughts of the world, her only thought of pleasing him. She was barely aware of the cessation of the deep fiery strikes, until she felt his hand probing between spread thighs. A low grunt as his hand encountered slick, wet heat. Will's fingers slid slowly through the wetness -- probing, circling, pinching labia and clit while she danced within the restraints. She could see him, in her mind's eye, tall, handsome, incredibly sexy and utterly in control. Something cool touched heated cunt lips, slick, hard. A deep thrust inside -- fucking her with what had to be some sort of toy. Her unspoken question was answered when the vibrations began deep inside.

Her body began that slow dance of rising pleasure, hips circling against his hand as the deep thrusts continued. Low, guttural moans rose as she succumbed to the pleasure.

"That's it, my sweet little slut, fuck the toy. You want it, don't you? Yes, you like being...fucked."

Ann moaned again and swiveled her hips back...trying to push the vibe deeper. The sudden stinging blow of his hand had her jerking forward. A sudden scream rose as nails dug into her ass at the end of the strike.  Another blow landed before she could even catch her breath, his hand plunging the toy ever deeper into clenching, clutching cunt.

"Answer me, love. Do you like it? Do you like being used like this?  Used by your Master?"

That conversational tone was almost maddening as she lost all control and began fucking her hips backward...impaling herself on the thrusting vibe and pressing into his sharp grasp. Wanting this with every burning breath.

"Y...yes! Master, yes. I like it." The words garbled as she simply rode the currents. "Yes, please...fuck Your slut, please???" Ann was almost screaming the last, her voice raw.

A groan rose from swollen lips as a leather harness slid between her thighs and pressed the vibe deeper into her body. A quick buckle of leather kept the thick, buzzing toy secure as the flogger fell again and again.

"Perfect. That's my pet. You look so beautiful like this. Yes, so beautiful." His words were interspersed by the thick sound of leather swishing through the air, and cracking hard against her stinging, burning flesh.

Her body jerked and bucked beneath the incessant strikes from her Master. The pain swirled through her entire body, yet hips continued rocking into the air, fucking the toy like something alive. Deep growls escaped from her wide open mouth, wrists straining in the leather grasp as she twisted against the cross.

Once more, she felt the slide of leather over burning flesh. Tender, sweet caresses of damp leather as Will stood behind her. Then, the unmistakable softness of rabbit fur over welted, reddened flesh. A soft moan, a shiver, the vibrations seeming to grow stronger at the tender touches ran over every inch of her back and buttocks. A whisper rose.

"Master...god, yes. Thank You, thank You." Ann's voice was barely audible as she began to sway against the sweat slicked wood.

"Yes, my pet? Well then, perhaps you'll like this even better."

A twist of his hand and she felt the buried pinpoints scraping over raw nerve endings and tortured flesh. Her first reaction was to jerk, but the memory of cutting herself when she succumbed to that urge was strong enough to still her completely.

Nothing was spared the soft, yet sharp bite of the bunny gloves. Ann rocked and hissed as it continued. The mix of sensations almost maddening in their intensity. When he reached around to her breasts, she gasped long and low. Nipples rose hard and aching at the sharp caress, her back arching like a cat, pulling from the touch for a moment before thrusting full breasts forward and begging softly.

"Oh god, good." Her whisper of pleasure brought a grin to Will's face.

Will chuckled low and dark as he closed his fist around the lush swell of breast and...squeezed. Stars exploded behind the blindfold as the pain shot through her body like a burning, stinging shot of acid to her flesh. She simply whimpered as the points pressed like tiny needles all sinking into her flesh at once. When he moved his grasp to include a pointed, hard nipple, her knees went weak and Ann sagged against the cross, her body trembling.

"More, pet?"

Another squeeze to her breast. His voice low and dark.

Ann jerked as the sharp feeling of needles once more shot through her. Her body jerking against the cross...her body hanging from the restraints about her wrists. A long shudder taking hold as he leaned close and whispered.

"Come for me, lover. Come for your Master." His voice was a caress against her ear as he thrust his cock deeply into her ass. Long, deep strokes inside of her dark tunnel bringing her past the point of no return. The combination of deep thrusts, needle sharp grip and the humming vibrator all combined to send her into spirals of deep, ripping orgasm.

Her body thrust against him as he took her ass, using her, fucking her deep and strong. Her hands curled into fists as she lunged backward, trying to take more of his hard cock into the tight tunnel, feeling him fuck her anal cunt with passion. A low keening sound rose into the air as her body clenched tight and the breath squeezed from burning lungs.

"Use meeeeeeeeee..." her body clutched at him, gripping him inside as she rode the rush of orgasm, her head falling backward as she shuddered in release. "I love you, I love you..."

Will's groan rose to join her shriek, his cock driving deeply within her bowel. She felt him stiffen with one last mighty plunge just before the hot, ropy jets of his seed filled her ass. They shuddered together, Will's body hot and heavy against her burning flesh as both fought for air. His hand dropped from her breast and once more the soft rabbit fur caressed her skin, stroking, easing the tormented flesh.

Ann whimpered as salty tears coursed slowly down a streaked face his hands slid down her body to unfasten the restraints at straining ankles before finally releasing tingling hands. He gathered her close and whispered gently against her ear as he cradled her gently in strong arms as she trembled in his loving arms.

"I love you, my one. Never doubt it, pet, never. You are mine... forever."


The sound of boot heels striking the stone floor of the playroom brought her right back to the present. She lifted glittering eyes to his and whispered softly...

"How may I serve You, Master?"

copyright 2000 -- dark whisper