March/April 2001
The Drink
by FineArt

Gregory was sitting at the bar, in a dark corner, thinking as he sipped his wine. Dressed in a dark suit, crisp white shirt, silk tie, it had been a long day. There was an empty stool at the bar next to him, then another businessman sat nursing a strong drink. He had introduced himself as Philip, said he was visiting from out of town, then quickly become lost in his thoughts. The bar was dimly lit, full of professionally dressed men and women talking quietly to one another.

He watched as a woman entered the bar, alone, looking around for a place to sit. Heads turned as she crossed the floor, toward him. Her hair as long and golden, her legs, extending from the short skirt of her business suit long and shapely. He could see she was wearing a white silk blouse beneath the jacket of her well tailored suit. She was tall, very well formed. Gregory smiled as she approached the bar and asked him if the stool next to him was taken. With a friendly smile and wave of his hand, "It is yours, my dear" and, extending his hand "my name is Gregory. I am pleased to meet you."

"I am Catherine’ she responded, taking his hand briefly as she slid up onto the high chair.. her skirt riding just enough to show the top of her black stocking and a garter.

"Philip" said the man on the other side, smiling as his eyes examined her, the hope obvious that his trip would become less boring.

"Hi", said Catherine, coolly, then she turned to the barkeep. "A white zin."

As the wine was being delivered, Gregory asked her about her day, hoping it was a good one... Catherine responded casually, turning slightly away from an obviously disappointed Philip, who was listening and observing, hoping he could resurrect his fantasy, get her attention.

Her wine glass was half empty and she had turned to face the mirror behind the bar, deep in thought when Gregory said to her "Catherine, I want you to do something for me, please." She turned and smiled to him as he continued. "Go to the ladies room and remove your panties. Bring them back to me here."

Catherine blushed a bright red, staring into the mirror, and Philip choked on his drink as her heard this firmly spoken request. And Philip stared, open mouthed, when Catherine replied, softly "Yes, Sir" and slipped off the stool, walking swiftly to the restroom. Philip simply stared, mouth agape at Gregory, who did not even turn to watch her go, but was looking into his wineglass.

It was only a few moments before Catherine returned, standing beside the high barstool, reaching out with her hand, palm up, her panties neatly folded resting in her hand. Gregory smiled when he turned to her, taking the panties and bringing them to his nose, smelling deeply before he slipped them into his inner coat pocket. "Thank you, my dear. That pleases me. Now, please take you seat, arrange your skirt so your bare bottom is on the stool, and you are facing me."

Philip was stunned and started to protest when he saw Catherine raise her skirt just enough to slip onto the stool, the tops of her stockings and the garters becoming more visible as she settled onto the stool, replying to Gregory "Yes, Sir." Her face was a deep red, but she did as his voice commanded.

Philip could not believe what he was seeing. But trying to be discrete, watched what was happening in the mirror. He was mesmerized when he saw Gregory place his hands on Catherine’s knees and gently push her legs apart, saw his hand caressing her thighs.. then slowly, carefully slip under the hem of her short skirt. Philip noticed that Gregory’s eyes never left Catherine’s, and he could easily hear what was being said.

"Catherine, you have dreamed of this, have you not. Of meeting a stranger who captured your attentions. Some mysterious man who would bring you pleasure as he sought his own?"

Philip heard a softly, nervously murmured "Yes, Sir" then a gasp as he noticed Gregory turn his wrist. Philip was certain Gregory was now stroking her slit, playing with her sex. This was confirmed when he saw Catherine spread her legs a bit further, moaning, exposing even more of her thighs and the garters.

"You are shaved, Catherine. Yes, that also pleases me. Do you enjoy this, Catherine? Is my attention to your womanhood pleasing to you?" Gregory was leaning forward more, and Philip was certain, as he watched how the arm moved and the wrist turned that he now had a finger or more inside of Catherine, who was moaning softly and had placed a hand on the bar to steady herself as she replied "Yes, Sir. That is very pleasing to me."

Gregory slowly pulled his hand from under the skirt and, as he raised his hand to his nose, was rubbing the very wet fingers with his thumb. He inhaled deeply, then ran the wet fingers across his lips as his eyes stayed on hers, then her reached to place the fingers on her lips. "Very sweet, my dear. Yes, your sex is very willing. You flower well to the touch. Cleanse my fingers, my dear. Taste of your anticipation and joy of my attentions."

Philip could not move, could hardly breath as he heard her murmur "Yes. Sir" and watched her take Gregory’s fingers deep into her mouth, sucking them clean.

As Gregory removed his hand, he said, firmly " Yes, my dear, that is very good. Now, unbutton your jacket for me." Catherine did not speak as her hands moved to very nervously, slowly unbutton her suit jacket. The jacket was form fitting, showing she had full breasts. In the mirror, Philip could see the blouse appearing as she unbuttoned from the bottom to the top. Gregory reached and pushed the jacket away from her front and even in the dim light of the bar, Philip could see that under the sheer silk blouse she was braless, her nipples straining against the fabric. Philip heard her moan as Gregory reached and cupped her breasts, pressing the nipples against the sides of his hands with his thumbs. "Wonderful, my dear. Yes, these are wonderful breasts. You are very pleasing to me, Catherine."

"Thank you, Sir" she whispered.

Gregory spent several minutes playing with her breasts.. the blouse becoming terribly wrinkled. Gregory did not stop when the bartender stopped by, and did not even look at him when he ordered refills for both his and Catherine’s wines, Philip’s drink. When the wine arrived, he removed his hands from Catherine’s breasts and turned to face the bar, sipping his wine slowly. Then he said firmly "Turn to face Philip, Catherine, as you faced me."

Catherine hesitated, started to say something, blushing deeply until Gregory said in a low, but very firm voice "NOW!" Catherine said nothing, her eyes dropping to her lap as her hand reached to the bar, and using the bar for leverage, she rotated the chair slowly so she was facing Philip. Philip could only stare at her. Her breasts were highly visible under the sheer blouse, Her nipples were swollen. As Phillip’s eyes moved down, he could see most of her thighs, the tops of the black stockings, the garters. He wondered what was just under the hem of the skirt, where Gregory’s fingers had been.

"Is she not a truly beautiful woman, Philip? Such magnificent breasts, a face that makes your heart stop? Do you wonder what is below, Philip? Would you like to touch her?" Catherine bit her lower lip as she heard Gregory talking behind her, his voice so firm, so calm.

His voice shaking, his eyes darting about, Philip replied "Ye...yes. yes, she is beautiful. Very beautiful. I.. I.. I could not ..Catherine.. I can’t..."

"It is OK, Philip" Gregory spoke firmly. "Catherine will not protest if you explore her breasts.’ Catherine dropped her head, staring into her lap, but she took her hands and opened the jacket a bit further when she heard Gregory speak... and , with a shaking hand, Philip reached and cupped her left breast in his right hand, the nipple pressing into the palm. He was very tentative, not confident or firm as Gregory had been as his fingers kneaded her breast. Catherine tensed at his touch, but did not withdraw.

"You may see how wet she has become, Philip. She will not protest." Philip hesitated, Catherine closed her eyes tightly and turned her head away, but her legs spread apart, inviting Phillips’s touch as she bit her lower lip.

Philip hesitated, but eventually his hand moved below the hem of her skirt.. and Catherine shifted so he could stroke her sex. His wet fingers quickly reappeared, and she moved to bring her legs together.

Gregory chuckled, wickedly, as he turned Catherine back to face him. "A lovely woman, is she not, Philip. And so ready, so *laughing* accommodating..." Catherine blushed and put her hands in her lap as Gregory talked to Philip about her, as though she was not there. Philip sat, staring at is fingers, still wet from her arousal, unable to believe what was happening here, and stammered "Yes, err. yes, she is." And

Gregory again chuckled wickedly.

"Catherine, please, remove your jacket" Gregory asked, commanded, his voice still low, but firm.

"Yes, Sir’ Catherine responded, moving quickly to slip the jacket off of her shoulders, laying it across her lap. Gregory reached again, to pinch her left nipple, twisting it as she sat on the barstool. Catherine knew that anyone in the place could now easily see what was being done to her, but she was unable to refuse Gregory’s attentions. Gregory smiled, slipping off his stool, leaving payment for the drinks, extending a hand to Catherine.

"Philip, have a very good day" Gregory smiled. "I hope you will have fond memories of our fair city." And Gregory roared with laughter, Catherine dropped her head, biting her lower lip as she felt the red of her shame rise across her face.

Uncertain how to respond, Philip swallowed hard, looked at the still wet fingers, and murmured "Thank you, Sir. I... I will certainly remember this night." And Philip looked at the stool where she had been sitting, seeing that the seat was wetted by her arousal.

Gregory took Catherine’s jacket, folded it over his arm, and, taking her by the hand, guided her through the crowded bar. Heads turned as they walked across the room toward a closed door. With the lighting in the bar, Catherine’s breasts stood out in perfect outline in the sheer blouse. Her swollen nipples pressed against the blouse, and, as Gregory led her through the crowd, several of the gentlemen present nodded in acknowledgment to him. The women were all attendant to the men they were with, but several gave knowing, reassuring smiles to Catherine as they passed.

When they arrived at the door, Gregory opened it and led her inside. The room was dimly lit. Around the sides of the room were a number of large leather chairs paired at small tables. In the middle of the room was a pool table which became flooded with light when Gregory flicked a switch. He led Catherine to one end of the table, pausing to lay her jacket on one of the chairs. Once there, he turned her so she was facing him. He leaned to kiss her softly, then as he talked with her, gazing into her eyes, he slowly unbuttoned her blouse, pulling its tails from inside her skirt. "My dear, you are beautiful. And so responsive. I am very pleased to have met you, Catherine. That you have ventured here this evening." As Gregory cupped her right breast in his left hand.

Catherine moaned and said softly ‘Sir, I am glad you are pleased with me."

Then, as Gregory suddenly pinched, pulled and twisted her nipple, Catherine let out a sudden yelp and her entire body stiffened. "I am sorry, Sir." she stammered. "I did not expect .." His finger to her lips silenced her. But she stiffened again as he snapped his finger off the end of his thumb, flicking her left nipple this time. "Yes, Catherine, you do please me."

Gregory then moved to position Catherine at the end of the table, facing it. "Bend down, my dear.. and stretch your arms out toward the opposite end of the table. *laughing wickedly* The felt should feel good on those magnificent breasts."

Catherine looked pensively at him for only a moment, then, seeing the seriousness in his eyes, moved to press her hips against the end of the table, her breasts swaying before her as she bent to lay her upper body on the table, her arms stretched toward the opposite end. Gregory moved quickly to her right side.. pulling the portion of the blouse that had tucked under her so that her entire front lay bare on the table. When he reached her right wrist, he took it and, soon, a satin rope was tied to the wrist and it was secured to the far leg of the table. Without hesitation, he secured the left to the opposite leg and Catherine was forced to stand on the balls of her feet, tightening her calves.

Gregory moved behind her, sliding her skirt up around her waist so that her bottom was bared to the cool room. She moaned as he caressed her asscheeks, and her muscles tightened when he ran his fingers along the slit of her sex and again when the tip of his index finger circled her anus. "Very nice, Catherine. Yes, there is much pleasure to be found here." And chuckling softly as his fingers moved to roll her flowered clit.

Her voice tense, Catherine responded softly "Thank you, Sir. I am glad you find me pleasing."

Gregory’s hands explored Catherine’s legs as he knelt behind her. She shifted and her calves tightened as his attentions tickled her inner thighs and the backs of her knees. And she shifted when he took first her left ankle, then the right, and moved them toward the legs of the pool table, forcing her to stand on her toes as he bound them to the legs of the table, opening her womanhood to his view.. and his use.

Gregory moved to stand beside her, where, with her cheek on the pool table, he could see her. As he talked with her, his hand slipping inside his coat and came out with a black blindfold. "My dear, I will be leaving you for a while. Do not worry. No harm will come to you while I am gone, although there may be others who enter here. Will you wait quietly while I am gone, Catherine, or need I make assurances that you will behave?" His eyes were deadly serious as he looked down at her, stroking her cheek with the back of his hand. Her eyes were wide with fear, but after a moment, Catherine managed to whisper "Sir, you may leave me. I will not cause problems. But please, Sir, I..." and his fingers to her lips quickly silenced her again. As Gregory slipped the blindfold over her eyes, he spoke again.. "Catherine, no harm will come to you.. Whomever enters here will treat you well." And with that, Gregory leaned, placed a soft kiss on her cheek, and she startled when, as he passed my her, his hand landed a sharp smack to her left asscheek, leaving the imprint of his hand in red. Catherine was fighting back sobs and panic when she heard the door close behind her.

It seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes before the soft click of the door opening was heard again. The room was carpeted, so footsteps could not be heard, but Catherine sensed that were others coming into the room and taking seats in the chairs at the room’s edge. She could smell the odor of a cigar, or cigars and thought she could here people settling into some of the leather chairs.

Catherine startled and tensed, gasping loudly when she felt a gloved hand caress her exposed asscheeks. Her buttocks and legs tightened when she felt two gloved hands kneading her, exploring the flesh of her exposed and open bottom. She gasped when the hands began to stroke her sex and moaned when she felt two gloved fingers enter her, pumping in and out slowly. Quickly. Catherine was lost in the wonders of her arousal as the fingers expertly plied her sex. The soft noises around the room were lost to her as her arousal soared and it was not long before she yelled out inrelease, her sex convulsing on the fingers that were playing with her, fucking her. Again and again, she orgasmed as whoever this was played with her... sometimes playing with her clit, sometimes pumping her with the fingers.. or even tickling her anus.

Her breathing was ragged, legs shaking. She shrieked when she felt the gloved hand land smartly in her right asscheek . and her buttocks turned a bright red as the swats landed again and again. Then the room was quiet, silent. Until the distinct sound of a zipper was heard ..

Catherine gasped as she felt something sliding up and down in the crease between her asscheeks. The gloved hand was guiding the head of a fully aroused cock between her buttocks. She could feel the texture of the lubricated condom. Soon, she gasped as the shaft was pressed against her swollen clit, and she tensed, moaned as the as the shaft was slipped to the entrance of her sex, and pressed deep into her. Whoever was taking her did not speak. He pressed his hips against her ass and the gloved hands rested on her hips, pulling her up and back to meet him. Slowly, rhythmically, he began to move back and forth in her, pulling back until he nearly slipped from her, then crashing into her, his hips slapping against her buttocks.

He could feel her arousal and excitement grow, feel the heat of her wet sex as he took her there. He could feel her struggle, bound as she was,. to match his strokes with her own passion. It was not long before he could feel the approach of his climax, the thick juices gathering for their explosive journey through the thick vein of his cock. His legs tightened and his gloved fingers dug into her hips as he pumped into her, faster and faster.. and, as he felt the convulsions of her orgasm begin to grip his swollen manhood, his back arched, and he let out a guttural moan as he released his seed, impaled deep in her sex.. exploding again and again as she spasmed beneath and around him.

When he was fully spent, he rested leaning against her, his breathing ragged, heart pounding. He could feel her heartbeat in her sex, feel it grip him as he rested in her, as his manhood began, reluctantly, to lose its rigidity, to pull from her until, finally, it slipped from her,leaving her open, wet with the juices of her passion, empty...

The gloved hands again caressed her asscheeks, a single finger stroked the slit of her sex. Then he was gone. She again could sense, rather than hear, as the room emptied. The click echoed in the room as the door closed and she was again all alone, the only light in the room the bright one over the pool table, bathing her as she was bound lying on the table, the skirt gathered at her waist, the blouse gathered near her shoulders.. only the garter, stockings and high heeled shoes were properly arranged.

It was several minutes before she heard the sound of the door opening and sensed someone move to stand beside her, jumped as a hand caressed her cheek. "You have done very well, Catherine. I am very pleased with you." Gregory spoke softly as he removed her blindfold. He could see the tears in her eyes as she blinked, adjusting to the light.

"Thank you, Sir. I have tried to do as you required, to be pleasing for you."

Gregory moved to quickly release Catherine’s ankles, then her wrists. He helped her to stand, her legs shaking and unsteady from the combination of her orgasms and having been bound as long as she was. He kissed her breasts softly, then pinched her nipples, hearing her moans as the nipples throbbed to his attentions. Gregory slowly buttoned her blouse...the bottom three of the 6 buttons, arranging the blouse so it left deep cleavage open for any to examine. Catherine said nothing, but kept her eyes lowered and bit her lower lip as Gregory arranged her clothing as he wanted.. He pulled her skirt down after he stroked her slit to the point where her legs were again shaking, but stopped before another orgasm. He left her blouse

tails out of her skirt.

Gregory leaned to kiss her, then took her hand and led her from the billiards room, pausing to pick up the jacket. Knowing eyes followed then as they emerged, the men smiling and nodding to Gregory, the women looking sympathetically toward the blushing Catherine.

As they neared the bar, where Philip still sat, mouth agape, eyes glued to to the cleft in Catherine’s blouse, watching the movement of her breasts with each step, Gregory reached into his coat. When the hand emerged, it held Catherine’s panties. Gregory smiled in pleasure and contentment as he brought the panties to his nose, then handed them to Philip. "A souvenir of your visit to our city, Sir. May your memories be pleasant" Gregory laughed. With a gloved hand, Philip reached to take the panties, speechless, nodding to his unknown benefactor. Catherine gasped as she saw the glove, turning to stare at Gregory, who just cocked his head as he gazed into her eyes. Catherine’s mouth began to move, but she was silenced when she felt Gregory’s fingers tighten on her arm.

Turning, leading her, they again crossed the bar to the front door, exiting to the cool of the night. The doorman summoned a cab, and as she entered the back seat of the cab, her short skirt slid again up her thighs, exposing the garters, a hint of her shaven sex to the cabbie who was turned, looking to get instructions or directions.

She was reaching to adjust the skirt down as Gregory entered.. and with his eyes, told her to leave the skirt, and, with a nod of his head, to actually pull it up to her waist, exposing her sex to Gregory.... and to the cabbie. Gregory slid in next to her, leaning to kiss her gently, his hand moving to caress her open sex.

Gregory gave directions to the cabbie, who seemed to take the back seat activities in stride, but adjusted the mirror so he could see into Catherine’s lap as he pulled from the curb.

Leaning back into the seat, Gregory chuckled, reaching into his coat pocket and removing a leather glove, wafting deeply as he passed it under his nose. "little one" he said with obvious pleasure, "you have served me extremely well this evening. I am very pleased with you." And he leaned to kiss her, rolling her swollen clit in the tips of his fingers as he did so. "But it is time we went home. The kids will be waiting."