January/February 2003
Life Under the Three Moons

by Michael

Tal all,

The holidays are done and a new year is upon us. Unlike Earth years, Gorean years are usually from one vernal equinox to the next. This is a celebration of the world's rebirth when the Central Fire warms the ground and the plants sprout through the melting snow.

This year come vernal equinox there will also be a rebirth of my house.


Even a remote hut, far from the paved avenues of a town or city, may have a Home Stone, and therein, in the place of his Home Stone, is the meanest beggar or the poorest peasant a Ubar.
Magicians of Gor - Pages 485 486

I will be receiving a new addition that I expect will bring happiness and harmony to the House of Michael. This addition is a long sought after second girl. A chain-sister to Mika. This girl has been known to me for three and a half years and has been close friends and sister to Mika for even longer.



When more than one slave girl stands in a relationship of slave girls, as when they serve in the same shop or house, or adorn the same rich man's pleasure gardens, it is common for the master, or masters, to appoint a "first girl." Her authority is then to the other girls as is that of the master. This tends to reduce squabbling. The first girl is usually, though not always, the favorite of the master. There is usually much competition to be first girl. First girls can be cruel and petty but commonly, they attempt to govern with intelligence and justice. They know that another girl, at the master's whim, may become first girl, and that they themselves may then be under her almost absolute power.
Explorers of Gor - Page 77

Since initially starting the search for a girl that may fill this position there have been questions about why would a girl wish to come to a house and be second girl. Especially when the house is busy with many children to care for. Because this column was designed to help non-Goreans understand the Gorean ways better, I asked my new girl the following questions and have added her original responses without changing text.


Why would a girl from the great white north, pack up her children and move 1900 miles to a Gorean house in the desert? What does she feel will be there for her? What is different about this house then others she knows?

For a very long time I didn't feel I belonged anywhere. I felt like I was in someone else's body. I was yearning and striving for something and I didn't know what. I was always with weak men and it always seemed to sicken me, I was feeling unsatisfied in life. Then I found Gor and knew deep down what my answers in life were, I was going to be whole again. To keep this short, I pursued the lifestyle, but only seemed to find the gamers and abusers of the lifestyle. After a while I started questioning myself about my slavery.

I found online Gor and then came to meet Mika. We grew close very fast and she turned out to be my very best friend, my confidant, my angel, and best of all, my savior. We were soon known as the matching bookends, she was the evil bookend and I was the rotten bookend. She filled a missing void in me and I believe I did for her as well. I was so happy when she met Master Michael, she was so utterly happy, more than I have ever seen her. She seemed for once in her entire life, whole. That told me right there, that Master Michael was a very special man. To be able to do that for Mika, knowing what she has had to endure in her past, one would have to be VERY special.

I then met a man that I grew to love very much, that I would drop to me knees for. He also turned out to be a gamer, in a very evil way. He put me in financial ruin and crushed me badly. I didn't think I was anyone anymore. I lost everything and not just in a material sense, I lost all of me or so I felt. He had in the meantime cut me off from the outside world. I was not allowed to stay in touch with Mika or anyone else. This was before I found out he was a gamer, so I listened. It is evident now why he felt he had to isolate me. The reason is that Mika would have woken me up from that nightmare and he didn't want that.

Then, he was gone, I was in ruin and had no one. I picked myself up and decided to straighten myself out. Browsing the net one-day I checked a forum I used to read and post on. I saw a message on there from Mika saying she would like to get in touch with those she had lost touch with. I posted a message right away telling her I was here basically. I checked back all the time but no reply. Then I was searching online and came across a webzine. I was reading it and saw on the front page, Master Michael's picture! I was in shock, so I read the article. Found out about the 3 moons group and went there. I posted a message to Mika and she replied!!!!!!! Oh my gawddddd, I didn't think I would ever find her. I was beside myself.

We talked after that and she knew I wasn't feeling my slavery anymore. I didn't think any man could ever make me tremble or shake on my knees. UNTIL Master Michael spoke to me, I trembled and damn I knew. I knew it was still there. And Mika wouldn't let me forget it either (laughing about it even now).

I found out Master Michael was seeking a second girl and I thought about it but said nothing. In the meantime, it seems, Master Michael and Mika were discussing it. Mika brought it up to me and we talked about it, all three of us. I knew deep down in my heart, that is where I wanted to be. Of course being as stone skinned as I was at that time, I tried to find arguments inside of me that just didn't exist as to why I shouldn't go. Mika and I are so close, we are the strength for each other's weaknesses, we compliment each other well in all we do. Much like the ying to my yang phenomenon. We would be perfect on a chain together, and be quite a handful to the Master. So, I agreed to go. We have started making plans. I have had to undergo some medical treatments, and after I get the go ahead, I will be off.

I guess I could address the children as well. I have two boys, almost teens. I truly believe they should have a strong male influence in their lives. In believing that men should be strong, I wish for them to have a Gorean influence in their lives.

If Master Michael could do that for someone as hurt and gun-shy as Mika, I just knew he was a real Master, a real Gorean man. A Gorean man that I would be proud to kneel before and serve. He re-ignited my slavery and that's what makes me want to be a part of his house. I know that's where I belong. My slavery, my life is there. Realism and truth thrive there, which seem to be an oddity anymore.

Hmmmm, as to what is different from Master Michael's house to others I have seen. As I said before, Master Michael's house is built on realism and truth, a rarity anymore. It's not only built on realism and truth, it's built on love, honesty, patience, and understanding. No cruelty, no games, no lies. I think anyone offering all of that runs a real Gorean house.

I guess all I can say, is this. I am going there to be whole again, to serve in a chain right beside my wonderful sister, to give myself wholly to Master Michael. My life will be there waiting for me, in a real Gorean house, beside a real Gorean kajira, and before a real Gorean Master to whom I have utmost respect for.

"I will give you a new name." She nodded, miserably. Her old name, her old identity, had been taken from her forever….. When asked who she was, it was with that name that she would answer. That was who she was. Then that name was taken from her. She was only an animal in bondage. Her name might be changed, or altered, as often as a Master wished. Indeed, he need not even give her a name. Changing a girl's name, or taking it away, are common modes of Gorean slave discipline."
Hunters of Gor - Page 225

To Mika, I asked a different set of questions. Because after all, she was not the one that would be moving and coming to a home that was new to her and her children (this time). Mika would be the one upon which this interloper would encroach. Below are the questions placed to her to provide you the reader some insight to the mind and heart of a kajira.

What on earth would possess an intelligent woman to "permit" a man to have another woman when she could have him all to herself? Why on earth would a strong woman accept, in fact welcome another female into her home, to share her life, her love, her man, her home? Why would a strong relationship seek "outside" of their happy home for a different partner?

As many of you who read this article know, Master and I just celebrated forty-two months of me in his collar. With the exception a very short time when my chain sister was in collar, I have been exclusive with Master. And now, there will be another woman in his life. Am I crazy? No. Am I worried? Yes. Will it change our lives? Absolutely. But I welcome the changes it will bring.

Six years ago, I stumbled into this place called PowWow. And within that chat realm I came across this "tavern" called Ko-ro-ba. It was there that I begin learning about Gor, about me, and realizing that I was not the only woman in the whole world who thought that men should be the head of the household, the dominant, strong force in a woman's life. I found there many women who felt that subservience had made them whole. Never had they felt more free, than in the chains of men. There too, I found Jynx. Oh my heavens she was something. Such a handful such a mouth and I loved her instantly. It wasn't long until she and I were spending hours talking about things of all kinds, yes virtual tavern stuff, but more than that, what was going on in our lives, in our real lives outside of the tavern. I found out she had two boys and she rubbed off on me something terrible as I did her. Eh jynx? And before too long we spent hours on the phone, crying and laughing and just being silly. I had made an attachment to a person I have never laid eyes on, never saw face to face. Yet, I knew then as I know now, she is a very real part of me. She is the other half that makes bookends work.

We became so inseparable, that everyone knew if one was around so was the other or the one certainly knew where the other was an when she would return. We became a side show of sorts, people were amazed that 1900 miles could separate people who were as close as she and I. Heck, some even thought we were really sisters, flesh and blood. We were very serious kajira, yet always had each other and everyone around us in stitches. We had a good time, we played off each other, fed off of each other.

But, because we were so close, we could say to each other, things no one else would dare, or could get away with. We could open the eyes of the darkest denial in each other. And were always there for each other to pick up the little chipped pieces of life, left strewn around by an act or spiteful word or unkind gestures of another.

This glue, bound us in ways, even people that share DNA do not feel, despite the miles that separated us. There was a closeness no time-zones, international borders or closing chat sites could separate. Until…….

She disappeared. I had not clue why, other than to know in my heart that the man who came to live with her was behind it. It was intimidated by the closeness we shared. I had always had terrible "vibes" about him and he knew this. I had helped my sister to discover some things about him he had long tried to hide. Perhaps he knew, as he began to play his games on her, that if anyone would make her look behind the curtain, it was me. I was hurt when she just vanished. Part of me had been ripped away. My confidant, my friend, my sister who knew me so well……..gone. And to this day I will never forgive the man who forced her to be gone.

Meantime, I moved, I changed phone numbers, jobs, addresses, everything about me changed except…I was still mika the kajira of Michael. Thank heavens that was true or we might not have found each other again.

Master and I had been talking to another girl about the possibility of her becoming the second girl in his house. She and I hit it off well. Ahhhhhh the amazing ties that bind around Dairy Queen and Peanut Buster Parfaits. And we had started planning for a visit after the first of the year. It became clear, that this was not going to work through some different chain of events. One night Master had decided that we would have to have some serious reconsideration.The very next morning I woke up to see a post on the Life Under the 3 Moons group.

It said mika, it is me kascia (etc) I looked at it a long time. I doubted, I told Master it was a sick joke someone wanted to hurt me. It could not be my sister. She had been gone too long. Master went to work, I opened my mail and there was a message from this person. It was my sister, she knew I would doubt her words, so she sent to me a message only she could know….It was her!! I was angry! Gawd I was angry. Why the hell had she just disappeared. You don't do that to someone you love, you care about, you share all kinds of things with. Dammit! Why had she gone.

My anger quickly turned to thankfulness that she hunted and searched and found me. That night, I was on the phone with my sister again. Yea we caught up, but it felt like we never lost touch. We picked up right where we left off, laughing, joking and teasing about the same old stuff, new stuff…..and there she was…..my other missing part of the bookends. Oh yea, I told her she had one coming from me for making me miss her so much! But, there she was, my friend, my sister.

Was it coincidence that she had found me the day she did? Was it coincidence that she just "happened" upon Dom-sub Lifestyle E-zine the same day Master and I had decided to rethink the second girl thing? Was it coincidence? I am a strong believe in the fates, of things happen when they happen for a reason….And there she was, right there again. This time, I was determined that I would not losing her again. I begged Master to consider, and He was telling me he had been thinking….of her as second girl. It is amazing how we have grown to think much alike. Master knows how much I have missed the little imp and how much she kept me sane in a time when I could have easily lost it all. And how much I hated that idiot she lived with for making me lose her. Master knows better than any, how lost I was when she just vanished. How much easier it would be for him to put two girls who already adored each other on the same chain, in the same house, under the same roof? (Or at least that is what he thinks! He has not had the two of us together yet!)

She told me of something going on in her life that needed to be handled, dealt with and fixed. She is working on that now. We are here for her, even 1900 miles away. Every day I am here for her. Every early morning, and evening Master is here for her as well. We "speak" every day, we talk on the phone, email, messenger….and she will be here soon! Her boys get on the messenger to keep me posted that she is doing ok, every hour on the hour…..She wakes up to look at her messenger to find me cuddling her, while she sleeps, through the pain the treatments cause if only in my thoughts. She knows that no matter how sick she is from her treatments….we are here to advise, to help, to push her to the next treatment, to just give her an ear….she knows…

Am I crazy? I have been monogamous with Master for three and a half years and I am just going to let some woman move into my house? Sleep with my Master? Take part of him from me? No, not at all.

I am crazy for not insisting two years ago that she leave that idiot and look deeper and coming to live with me. Wait a minute I think I did that! (laughing)

Let some woman move into my house? Well, see, this is not my house, it is Master's house but it is my home. And my home, is where I am safe, secure and loved. And the only thing that will change about that, is there will be more to love me, and more for me to love. And as far as my safety, heaven help one who would try to harm me or her, cause all that Master would have left to do is shovel up the mess.

Sleep with my Master? Absolutely! After the years of patience and guidance he has given me, I want my sister to experience it. I want her to feel the love that can be in a D/s relationship, not just the abuse. That there is a healthy relationship that can and should be had in this lifestyle, not just the ones that want to take you for everything and send you down the road when you get sick, or have run out of whatever it is they were after. Master is a strong man, an excellent guide and I want her to know the wonderful, beautiful, freeing side a Master can bring to a slave. Not to mention I have been assured that I will still "get mine".

Take part of him from me? That cannot be. What Master sees in me, he will always see in me. What Master gets from me, he will always get from me. Where I am a little weak, my sister is strong, and what I hate, she does not mind, what I love she hates so we should do a wonderful balance and check for each other. Will Master ever stop loving me? Not because a new girl moves into his home. Will I lose part of him? I don't think so, I think I will be gaining a part of him I have never been able to see, and will be too gaining my sister, at my side near where I can love her, take care of her and knock some sense into her every now and then!

So what is in it for me? I get to have my closest friend who currently lives the furthest away from me, right at my side. I get to watch her grow and discover that burn deep within all over again. I have someone right here to do the 'girl stuff' with that Master just hates. I have another woman to share with, I mean sometimes there are "girl things" that maybe a man just does not understand (like cramps) not only do you maybe not want to burden a Master with it, but it is easier for a sister to say "oh yea I feel like that try this, it works for me." And those times, where you just don't feel like…….hopefully she will and when she does not feel like (insert whatever here) hopefully I will. And yes, I will be gaining help with raising the children, and shopping, and running errands, and….but she will too. We will all three be there for each other to lend a hand, support and encourage each other through all of the things we do together and she currently does alone.

And I will gain the most treasured thing of all. Peace of mind that she is well, being treated well, and not with some idiot who is just going to take. I will have a happy Master (even if we are more than he can stand to handle sometimes). And I will have three more people close to me, to love.

Jealousy? Yes I am sure there will be some. I am human, she is human but with the common goal of a happy and trusting environment for Master and our children we will work though it. How? One word~ C O M M U N I C A T I O N!!!!! I am sure that there will be days when Master says here is money girls get the hell out go to a movie anything just goooooooooooooooooooo! And then we will have each other to do that with. Poor Master, he will indeed have his hands full! I have asked Master if he is sure he knows what he is getting into…..There is after all, a reason we are called the rotten and evil bookends. And he is about to find out first hand.

Over the past three years, I have written articles like this one to inform the non-gorean and Gorean alike how I bring Gor to my home. How I and my kajira, touch a little bit of the so called fictional planet each and every day. How we manage to live a lifestyle so controversial without harm, deception or degradation to our family unit. In our lifestyle we do not load up our "bag" once a week and head off to the local dungeon. In fact it is very rare that we attend public forums of that nature at all. Choosing instead to stay in with a couple of close friends or at home on the whole. I have shared with you many personal things. How I met mika, and the details of that meeting. As well as, the various monthly anniversaries of that meeting.

A slave girl is a delight to a man; she is extremely prized and precious; that the day of her acquisition should be celebrated each month with special ceremonies and rites is not surprising. These numerous anniversaries are deliciously celebrated, as they may be with a girl who is only a slave, and seldom forgotten; should such an anniversary be forgotten, should it be such that it is commonly celebrated, the girl redoubles her efforts to please, fearing she is to be soon sold.
Slave Girl of Gor - Page 66

I shared an almost religious day that being the day she was branded and reconfirmed as my kajira.

The customary brand site, incidentally, is high on the left thigh. That is the site almost invariably utilized in marking Gorean kajirae.
Fighting Slave of Gor - Page 349

I felt her left thigh. Most girls are branded on the left thigh. Perhaps this is because most Masters are right-handed. The brand, then, as one controls the slave, may be easily caressed.
Fighting Slave of Gor - Page 312


I have shared gatherings in my home where we celebrated in a Gorean manner.

"To share the kettle of a friend," I said, "is to dine with a Ubar."
Blood Brothers of Gor - Page 349

And now with this article I am sharing another milestone of a personal nature, that being the addition of a second girl to my house. During the past three years, my intent has not been to tell you how things should be, but rather how things are in my home. I have never intended to stand upon a soap box and preach the "Gorean way or no way". I hope for some these articles have been informative, entertaining and enlightening. I know for some, they have been a source of ridicule, belittlement and finger pointing. These things I know from the various emails I have received, as well as the posts that can be found on various groups pertaining to my articles.

Do not ask the stones or the trees how to live, they can not tell you; they do not have tongues, do not ask the wise man how to live for, if he knows, he will know he cannot tell you; if you would learn how to live, do not ask the question, its answer is not in the question but in the answer, which is not in words; do not ask how to live, but, instead, proceed to do so.
Marauders of Gor - Page 9
Let those who can climb mountains climb them; let those who cannot climb them console themselves with denying their existence.
Rogue of Gor - Page 19

With the addition of a second girl to my house and the obvious changes and modifications that will be required, I regret to inform all of the readers of this column that this is the last one I will be submitting. My attention will need to be focused on the healing, and discovery of my newest girl while keeping my current kajira, happy, and well at the same time.

The Yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Life_under_the_3_Moons/ will remain alive and well and I believe a great source for real time lifestyle Gorean Information. The chat discussions we have through that group, will remain, increase in frequency and be available to the members of the Yahoo group. I will be happy to answer any questions pertaining to lifestyle Gor that are pertinent to the exploration and discovery of the Gorean way of life, but will continue to ignore or disregard any emails that wish only to enflame.

As always I can be reached at Michael@desertvista.com .

Be well;


(and my second girl who's name I have not yet revealed to her, but have chosen
~winks~ still keeping her in suspense.)