January/February 2003
The Pervertable Toybag
by Kyphi




The cost of scene-related paraphernalia is through the roof. But does one really need all that fancy stuff to have a good time? Whatever happened to using one's imagination, grabbing what's handy and having a kick ass time for little or nothing? Well, weep no more over your credit card, the handy dandy pervertable diva is here to save the day!!!

Bumble Ball Boogie

Rummage through just about any toy department and you will find a cute little number called a Bumble Ball. When you turn it on the little darlin' starts shaking. Put it on the floor and it starts hopping and bopping and dancing all over the place. (Our kitties love it!)

They come in two sizes. I prefer the smaller size for the usage I am about to describe. The larger one is too heavy. Cost is around $5. We got ours at Walgreen's three for $11.98. You will also need a short bungie fastener (6 inches or so), thin wire, cord or long chenille craft stems (which is what I used) and a clamp/hook assembly (ours came from Home Depot).

Take the wire, cord or chenille stem and attach it tightly around the ball's middle. Next take the bungee fastener and slip one hook through the cord. Hold it up by the other hook and let the ball dangle to make sure you have your cord tight enough. For further testing turn the ball on and let it dance. If it stays, then it's a go for the next step.

Take the clamp/hook assembly and attach the clamp to your favorite body part. When we first did this we had to experiment with several types of clamps because of ummm errrmmmmm *blush* a little dampness in the spot Master chose. This assembly is going to have to take the weight of the dancing ball so it needs to be a strong one.

Attach the other end of the bungee fastener to the hook end of the assembly. Let the ball down slowly to be sure it's going to take the weight of it. (It's SUCH a joy when that clip slips off! YOUCH!!!)

The ball seems to be hanging in there (sorry I couldn't resist), so now it's time to turn that sucker on and watch the Bumble Ball Boogie!!!!

It shakes, it jerks, it bounces around. "Take some nice deep breaths little bottom person, you can do this! Now go to the kitchen and get me a cup of coffee." As the bottom waddles slowly off to the kitchen it's time to get out a few rubber bands for target practice.

Oh, my. The fun just never ends. Just wait until the bottom person hears she has to pick up those rubber bands you just shot at her.


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