January/February 2003
First Bondage
by Lady Gail

Nancy and I had been lovers for almost 6 months now. I had been coming over to her house regularly on weekends. We would go shopping for a while, then come back to her house and make love. It usually started with one of us trying on a new blouse or skirt. Then after admiring the new purchase, the other would help her out of it. In doing so, we would start caressing each other gently, and eventually end up on the bed making love to each other.

On this particular Saturday, I had joined Nancy at her home. We were in her kitchen, spreading chocolate icing on a cake she had baked. She had made too much topping, and we had gotten into a food fight with the spatula, flipping chocolate at each other until we had splotches of it all over ourselves. Nancy grabbed my wrists and held them above my head against a wall. She then proceeded to lick a blotch of chocolate off my neck. I was perfectly content not to struggle, and let her have her way. I was being very passive, just enjoying the feel of her soft lips against the side of my neck. She pushed back away from me suddenly and said. "I think we should try something new."

"What is it?" I asked.

"How would you feel about being totally helpless while someone makes love to you?" she said. She was still holding my hands against the wall, and the situation gave me an inkling of the feeling she was describing. I said, "I think I might like that." I was already feeling helpless in this situation, and her licking had aroused me to the point where I wanted someone to make love to me. I wouldn't have to do a thing but enjoy the sensations. "Sure... I'm game." I said.

Nancy said "Good. There's something about me I've wanted to share with you for a long time." I looked at her and wondered what secrets she could have from me. We had been friends ever since college, and I thought I knew everything there was to know about her.

She looked at me and began. "When Clarence was alive, the two of us collected some toys in the basement. We would go down there and play games with each other. You remember how domineering he was. After he died, I decided I would become a little more of a dominant person, and I've started to like it." It was the first time she had expressed these feelings to me, but I had to admit that I had seen a remarkable change in her in the past two years. Since Clarence's death, Nancy had become much more assertive about her desires, and in our lovemaking, she had always been the one who initiated things.

She continued, "Ever since you and I have become lovers, I've wanted to share this with you, but I've always been afraid you might be offended and I would lose you. Now, I think you are ready. Come downstairs with me and let me show you some new ways to make love." I couldn't imagine what she was talking about. I had never been in her basement, but to my knowledge, there was nothing down there but her clothes washer and drier, and perhaps the furnace and some of the plumbing. As she led me to the basement door, I started to feel apprehensive.

We descended the stairs and turned to the left. Nancy led me through a wide steel door. She reached to one side and flipped a switch. Dim light filled the large room, and I could see that the walls were painted a dark shade of pink. Nancy adjusted the dimmer until the area was flooded with just enough light so we could see everything, yet there were dark shadows in the corners. My eyes must have become very wide as I looked around. I had read about these things, but this was the first time I had ever seen such an array of bondage toys in real life.

Hanging on the walls were all kinds of leather straps and harnesses. There were three hooks on one wall, and coiled around them were several Leather whips of various types. Hanging right next to one of the whips was a riding crop, which I recognized because one of my neighbors had horses, and I had seen her use a similar crop while she was training her stallion to jump fences. Along one wall there was a long narrow table that stood about waist high. At each corner of the table, attached by a short piece of chain, were leather cuffs, obviously for the purpose of securing a person by the wrists and ankles. I moved over closer to the table, and I could see that the chain attaching the cuffs at one end went around pulleys and disappeared underneath the table, probably so they could be pulled tight by some mechanism underneath.

Nancy was watching me very closely, and could obviously sense my apprehension. She spoke very softly to me as she led me over toward the center of the room, telling me not to be afraid, there was nothing here that would hurt me if it were used properly. She suggested we try something simple first, and if I felt afraid, we could back off. I looked at her, and could see that she was trying to be very gentle with me. I reluctantly agreed to go on.

She went over to a box next to one wall and opened it. I followed a couple of steps behind her so I could see what she was doing. Inside the box there were quite a few coils of thick nylon rope. She took one of them and uncoiled it, letting it hang down from her hand. It was long enough so each end reached the floor when her arm was hanging by her side. She walked back to me and touched my arm, gently urging me to go back to the center of the room. When we got there, she asked me to hold my hands together in front of me so that my palms were facing each other. She then gently wrapped the rope several times around both of my wrists until they were loosely bound together. Then she took both ends of the rope and threaded them between my wrists and cinched them around the loops that went around my wrists. After she had taken several wraps between my wrists, the rope became tighter, and my wrists were bound securely together. Finally, she tied the two ends together between my wrists. As she was doing this, I was beginning to feel a chill creep up my spine. I started to tremble, but Nancy re-assured me that nothing would hurt me. She stepped back when she was finished binding my wrists and asked me how it felt. I told her that I was beginning to feel like a prisoner, and that the atmosphere of this place was a bit creepy. Again, her voice was soothing, telling me that I should relax and just let my feelings go and enjoy what was to come.

Nancy kissed me on the lips, then held me in her arms and kissed the side of my neck just below my ear. A warm feeling came over me as she gently touched my body and let her tongue flick across the side of my cheek. Then she broke away from me and went back over to the box of ropes. She took another piece this one about the same length as the first. She picked up a small stool next to the box and carried it back to the center of the room and sat it in front of me. She took one end of the rope and tied it to the rope between my wrists. Holding onto the other end of the rope, she looked at me and said, "Now you are a prisoner in my dungeon, and I can do with you as I please." She said it in such a loving tone that it seemed more like a promise than a threat. Still, I was apprehensive, and she could tell that I was not completely comfortable with the situation. She kissed me again, this time very passionately. I let myself be comforted by the feeling of her warm body pressing against mine. I could feel that she was trying very hard to make me feel comfortable, and I tried to relax and let the loving feeling flow through my body.

She turned me around so that my back was to her. She still had the end of the rope in her hand. She put her other hand on my shoulder to hold her balance as she climbed up on top of the stool. She then threaded the end of the rope through a large ring that was attached to the ceiling. Still holding the end of the rope, she got back down off the stool. The rope was now pulling up my hands, and my wrists were just in front of my face. Nancy came back around in front of me and asked if I were still all right. I nodded yes, even though my fear was beginning to mount. Then she slowly pulled the rope through the ring in the ceiling until my arms were pulled up straight above my head. I began to tremble. I had never been a captive of anyone before, and the feelings were totally unfamiliar to me. The insides of my thighs were getting wet from the erotic sensations, but my whole body was shivering. Nancy wrapped the free end of the rope around the bonds between my wrists and tied it securely. When she had finished, I was standing with my feet together flat on the floor, and my arms were stretched out straight above my head. I wasn't hanging by my arms, but there was enough tension to make them feel like they were being stretched. Nancy kissed me again, running both of her hands up and down my back. I tried to relax and feel the love she was giving me. A feeling of excitement was beginning to make its way through my body.

Nancy stepped back from me and asked me how I felt. I admitted to her that I was scared, but that I was also excited. I must have had a pleading look in my eyes. She asked if the ropes hurt my wrists, and I told her that they were ok. She wanted me to describe how I felt. I said I was afraid, but that the fear made me want to go further.

She walked away from me, off to one side of the room. She slipped her tee shirt off over her head and laid it on the floor next to the rope box. Then she slowly unhooked her bra and laid it down neatly on top of the shirt. She was undressing herself for my enjoyment, and it was getting me excited to watch her, even though I was helpless. She leaned against the wall and took off her sandals one by one. She slowly unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled provocatively out of them. She folded them neatly and laid them with the rest of her clothes. She just stood there for a few seconds with her hands on her hips. She had nothing on but a black lacy thong brief. She had pretty, firm breasts, and a dainty silver bar went through each of her erect brown nipples. The sight of her made the juices flow inside me. I was totally turned on.

Nancy walked slowly up to me. She reached up and ran her finger down my arm. I was wearing a sleeveless blouse that buttoned up the front. She let her hand trail down my arm.... across my chest... to the top button of the blouse. She played with it a bit, then gently undid the top button. My heart began to race. I still didn't know whether to feel afraid or aroused, and I think I was feeling both sensations at once.

Nancy unbuttoned the second button, then the third, and fourth, and finally the last one. My blouse separated in the front, revealing my belly button and my bare stomach below my bra. She bent over and kissed my stomach. Her tongue slid down to my belly button and tickled inside it. She kissed her way back up my stomach, and at the same time reached behind me and loosened my bra. She pushed the cups up over my breasts as she kissed her way upward until her tongue was flicking back and forth across the underside of each breast. I began to tremble as she caressed my back with her hands and took each nipple into her mouth and flicked it back and forth with her tongue. Her hands held my blouse open and kept the bra from falling back down in the way. I was enjoying the new sensations, but my heart was racing at a very fast pace.

I felt Nancy's hand at the top button of my shorts. She fumbled only momentarily with it before she got it open. Then her fingers found the zipper and slid it slowly down. Immediately, I felt my shorts begin to slide down a little. Nancy slid the tips of her fingers into each side of the waist, and slowly slid both my shorts and my panties down over my hips. I had to spread my legs a little so they were free between my thighs. As she pulled them down to my feet, I began to tremble with excitement. I was shaking so hard that my knees were knocking against each other, and my lips quivered with each breath I took.

Nancy walked around behind me. She reached around me and cupped a hand over each of my breasts, pulling her own body up against me from behind. I could feel her mound press against one cheek of my butt as she pushed one of her legs between mine. The warmth of her body made me want to press against her harder, but I was helpless to move at all. Nancy rubbed her leg up and down against the crack of my butt, pushing her knee between my legs and forcing them farther apart. When I spread my legs to accommodate her, I had to stand on tiptoes to keep from putting my full weight on my wrists. Nancy had my nipples between her fingertips and was rolling them around and around. As they got harder, she pinched them, ever so gently to cause just enough pain to be erotic. As she did, I arched my back, trying to push myself against her even harder.

Finally, one of Nancy's hands went slowly down my stomach. She caressed me at the top edge of my pubic hair until I was pushing myself upward toward her hand. She kept teasing me like that for a long time. She would let her fingertips get just to the top of my slit, and then bring them back up onto my belly. All the while she was kissing my neck and pulling on my nipple with her other hand. After a long while, she came back around in front of me. She pushed my loose bra up above my breasts, and pulling my blouse aside, she pressed herself against me. I felt the bars in her nipples press against my own nipples as she hugged me and caressed my body with hers. Her thigh pressed hard against my crotch. I stood on one foot and wrapped the other leg around hers to pull myself into her. The pleasure was coursing through my veins like hot electricity. She swayed slowly back and forth, rubbing herself against me and pushing her thigh hard into my crotch. Slowly, she kissed her way down to one of my nipples, taking it between her teeth and pulling on it. She continued downward, her lips and tongue tracing their way across the bottom of my breast... down my stomach.. to my belly button, where her tongue flicked in and out. Her hands slid down my back and around my waist as she sat down on the small stool. She had her legs wrapped around one of my legs, and her face was right in front of my mound. She slid one of her hands inside my other leg and lifted it up so it was resting on her shoulder. Then she put her hand on my bottom and pulled me toward her. Her tongue touched my clit lightly, and flicked back and forth. I started to shake uncontrollably, as the pleasure became more and more intense. I was on the verge of a huge climax, and Nancy's caressing and licking was keeping me right at the edge. She had one of her hands on my bottom, and the fingers of the other one were probing at the bottom of my very wet pussy. Two of them slid slowly in, and the pleasure became even more intense. Her other hand moved down the crack of my butt and a fingertip made it's way into my bottom. Her tongue began to move faster and faster and with much more fervor. The fingers pumped in and out of me at an ever-increasing tempo. I began to moan, and the shaking of my body went completely out of control.

It came over me with such force I was unable to control any of my muscles. My stomach tightened as the waves of passion rushed through me. My heel dug into Nancy's back as I pushed my pussy into her face. I screamed obscenities as loud as I could as the pleasure built up and burst out of me. "Take my ass! Take my pussy! Yes! Yes! Yes!" I kept yelling as the climax flowed through every inch of my body. Nancy's tongue lashed back and forth across my clit, and her fingers went in and out of my body.

The emotions subsided after a while. Nancy sat motionless on the stool. She had both her arms wrapped around my legs from underneath. One of my thighs was resting on each of her shoulders, and the side of her face rested against my mound. I was hanging there, half my weight resting on her, and the other half being supported by my arms, held above my head by the rope from the ceiling. We stayed that way for what seemed a long while, Nancy just humming a sweet tune, and I just dangling there, completely spent and relaxed. My introduction to bondage had begun, and I knew that normal sex would never be the same again.

© 1999 Lady Gail