January/February 2003
Lady Sarah
by FineArt

Lady Sarah Arlington was just shy of 24 the day she was put aboard the Golden Swan to be shipped away from her homeland. She had spent years maneuvering to avoid arranged marriages and other challenges that would rob her of her birthright. Her uncle and a supposed half brother had finally succeeded in exiling her from her home, the estates she should have rightfully inherited and ruled following the death of her father. And she would have except for one thing...she was born female.

Sarah was the only child of Lord Oxton Arlington, Earl of Sheldon and his wife. Pampered by her father, taught the ways of the landed gentry by her mother, Sarah knew no hardships until both were taken by a suspicious fire when she was 12. Her uncle, Lord Oxton's brother, became her guardian and overseer of the estates. Bulsford Arlington quickly saw that through deceit of others and manipulation of his ward, he could gain both the wealth and social status that had always evaded him, having gone instead to his elder brother. Outwardly, he continued the education, the grooming of his niece in the ways of the upper upper classes while plotting in the background to cast her aside.

Highly intelligent, a budding beauty, Sarah learned all the social graces. She also became haughty and aloof. She reveled at the elegant balls, the extravagant shopping and the other privileges of wealth and status. And she treated those beneath her as riff raff... mere creatures whose very existence was to serve her every desire, to answer her beck and call. Sarah never showed appreciation for anything, but she was never hesitant to express displeasure over event the tiniest of inconveniences. When suddenly freed from the bonds of her watchful mother, Sarah gave way to whim and impulse. She quickly became accustomed to getting her way at every turn and to creating a tempest whenever even the most minor of things did not please her.

Before she was 15, Sarah began recognizing the ploys of her uncle. Able to analyze situations, she reacted with designs of her own to recover control over her inheritance... with visions of becoming the grand lady of the expansive estates and sending her uncle packing back to the commerce houses in London.

Sensing the potential loss of his newfound status and wealth, Bulsford countered by taking two bold actions. First, to steel his position with the crown, he offered Sarah as bride in an international arranged marriage. She had all the qualities... the youth, lineage, breeding and beauty to help seal some important political or commercial alliance through marriage. Within months, Sarah was bartered to become the bride of an elderly lord of a huge commercially and militarily important fiefdom on the Iberian Peninsula. The old man was seeking his fifth marriage because none of his previous wives had borne him an heir. The marriages had been annulled when each of the wives was declared barren... even though three of them later bore children to other men. One condition of the marriage, to occur in Sarah's 16th year, was that she be an unsoiled maiden. Sarah, of course, wasn't consulted about this arrangement and there were no plans to even tell her until the wedding day was at hand.

Lord Bulsford's second action was even more devastating and devious. In exchange for offing Sarah, like no more than livestock, to be traded away, Bulsford got Sarah's alleged half brother, the supposed bastard child of Lord Oxton, declared to be his legitimate son and heir. Sweet Charlie as he was known, had been the whelp of a woman who had served as no more than a bed warmer and toy to Oxton when he sat in the House of Lords. In exchange for Bulsford's support and Sarah's body, the Ministers and Bishop who made this declaration did not care that Charlie more likely sprang from the seed of some traveling merchant or even a wayward seaman. To avoid confrontation and conflict with his wife, Oxton had provided a comfortable stipend for the woman and her bastard to send her away, keep her quiet. This alone was sufficient evidence to have Charlie declared to be the true and legitimate son of Oxford and, being male, the heir to his estates and title. Charlie was 4 years older than Sarah.

Bulsford had found Sweet Charlie living in one of the seedier sections of London. Outwardly, Charlie worked as a clerk in one of the exchange houses in the financial district. But most of Sweet Charlie's life consisted of serving the perversions of wealthy men who either did not enjoy women, or who sought wicked diversions with pretty boys. Bulsford had not hesitated a moment in bringing Charlie into his plot by first coupling with him, and then manipulating him into thinking he would actually be able to assume the rights and privileges of his new station in life. Sweet Charlie had neither the intellect nor the inclination to engage in more than a life of perverse pleasures. Bulsford had no difficulty in making Charlie his pawn.

Sarah was enraged when she learned of all things dealing with Charlie. Bulsford had her confined to a country estate where he could watch her carefully, control her actions. But ultimately this had backfired when Sarah overheard her uncle discussing her pending marriage and its primary condition that she be delivered a virgin to her intended husband. Uncharacteristically, Sarah went calmly to her chambers to think through things, to plan how she could avoid this unfathomable fate and reclaim what was rightfully hers.

Two days later, Sarah made sure that she was publicly discovered in the loft of the stables... a young, handsome stable hand thrashing between her open legs. She had given her maidenhood in a situation where it would be widely and publically known she was unfit to fulfill the marriage contract. She never gave thought to what would happen to the young man who had staked her in the hay... nor did she care. He had served her purpose. Bulsford banished him to a desolate game preserve where the grizzled gamekeeper preferred the company of goats and boys to the softness of a woman.

For years thereafter, Sarah waged a covert war against Bulsford and his boy toy. Each time Bulsford hatched a plot to be rid of her, Sarah countered effectively using the only tools she had available... her sharp, even cunning mind and a stunning beauty, a supple body that drew the lecherous attention of most men and many women. Sarah decided that if men would so easily trade her body to achieve their ambitions, she would more easily use it to her own profit... and pleasure!

Sarah began by providing her charms to a number of handsome, virile young men... men who would protect her should Bulsford threaten her physical harm. She then began to undermine Bulsford's power base by appealing to the lust of his allies. If she saw potential advantage, she seldom hesitated to lie with a wealthy merchant or banker. She was able to gain the title of Lady Sarah by frequently spreading her legs and wrapping them around one of the ministers representing the crown.

Her grandest conquest was straddling and riding the bishop who had betrayed her. She had seduced him in his own inner sanctum. There, she had drained him of his unholy seed as he lay on his back, wide eyed and gasping for breath... his fingers digging deeply into her full and luscious breasts. His vestments, wrinkled and balled under them as they fucked on his writing table, were stained by the remnants of their coupling. While his breathing and heart labored from their mad tryst, while his staff was still buried deep inside her, Sarah leaned to whisper to the despoiled vicar that she would not hesitate a moment to inform the Arch Bishop, his priests and all of his congregations of his carnal sins if he ever again took any action that displeased her. Then, slipping off him... she took the hand bearing the holy rings of his office, placed it at the vee of her legs, and forced his fingers deep into the still hot and wet tunnel where he had committed mortal sin. With her other hand, she lifted then dropped his shriveled cock and sneered at him, saying that she might again make use of him... take him to her bosom and bed... if only he would do her bidding. Then, as she turned away, over her bare shoulder she hurled the final insult... "If you are man enough to serve me, to please me!" And she left him. A trembling, broken old man sprawled naked and crying in the very seat of his power and influence!

Sarah's influence and power grew tremendously and she was on the very verge of regaining what was rightfully hers. Through her cunning, accumulation of dark secrets, and an unflinching willingness to use them to her advantage, Lady Sarah Arlington was a person to be reckoned with. She was used to having things her way and was willing to squash anyone who dared stand in her path.

Then Bulsford managed to strike a fatal blow. Sarah had become lax in her vigilance as her power grew. Alone at one of the country manors, her bedchamber was invaded in the middle of the night. Two strong men bound and gagged her, tossed her in a farming cart and hauled her to the nearby seaport where she was unceremoniously dumped into a below decks cabin aboard an old ship, the Golden Swan. Just before dawn, when the merchant ship would sail on the outgoing tide, the cabin door was unlocked. Bulsford and his pretty toy, dressed in lace and bright colors, entered to find her bound, draped only in light bedclothes, lying on the rough planked deck.

In the flickering light of a lantern, Bulsford had looked down on her and laughed. "Finally I am done of you, you whorish bitch!" he sneered. "You'll soon enough be in the harem of an Arabic Sultan who seeks only a light skinned beauty who is good for fucking. And when your beauty fades, you will spend the remainder of your days strapped on your back in some dreary seaport doing for any vagrant with a copper penny what you have tried to do to me!" And he laughed as he turned to go, slinging a final stone. "And I am richer one cask of olive oil for being rid of you!"

"Ta ta sweetie" gushed Sweet Charlie as he waved a laced hankie and followed Bulsford out, giggling like a schoolgirl.

Thus Sweet Charlie became Lord Charles Arlington, Earl of Sexton. And Bulsford Arlington became a man of wealth and power without the hindrance of his haughty niece.


The cabin door was not opened again for over a day, until the ship was well out to sea. Inside was a seasick, bound woman who had soiled herself during the many hours she had been left untended. Powerless and terrified, unable to have her accustomed way through a smile, avarice or cunning, Lady Sarah Arlington, legitimate heir to the wealth and estates of Lord Oxton, was a prisoner. She feared she would never see her homeland again.

However, within days, she became determined that she would again establish herself. No matter what else happened, she would never just take her place as sex toy to some sultan... one among many. And most certainly, she would never become a seaport whore, to be humped on by any grunting, sweaty, drunken man who could afford the small price it would take to have her.

No matter where the winds took her, she would again be Lady Sarah, a woman who had her own way and a force to be reckoned with!

Once free to stand, Sarah soon gained her sealegs and regained her stomach. She quickly beguiled the cabin boy who brought her meager meals and water, emptied her chamber pot. Although he was not yet old enough to even have a peach fuzz beard, the lad had watched in awestruck wonder when Sarah lifted off the tattered nightgown and donned the seaman's blouse and dungarees he had sneaked for her. Sarah intentionally made no effort conceal herself from the boy, knowing he would not be able to keep a still tongue. Surely enough, it was one of the ship's mates who next graced the door of her cabin.

Over the next three weeks, Sarah was able to learn a great deal about the ship and its destinations from the succession of officers and crew who made way into her cabin. All she needed to do was show a smile, an ankle or a bit of shoulder... or significant cleavage in the oversized, billowing seaman's blouse... to have them babbling away, answering her questions. Each was hoping to get a view like the cabin boy's... or more! Although she shamelessly took to bathing in front of the young lad with a rag and a small pail of water he had brought her, she gave only hope and frustration to all others.

Sarah learned that it would take 4 months to reach the destination where she, along with some of the rest of the ship's cargo, would be offloaded. The entire voyage was to last for nearly 3 years. By listening carefully, and by peeking through a small crack in the wall of her cabin, Sarah learned which of the ship's crew had found shipwives. For most of the crew, there would be no scent or touch of a woman for years. Some of the strongest of the crew selected from among the weaker... or the willing... to relieve themselves of their sexual frustrations. The secluded corner outside her cabin was a favored place to have a shipwife or toy either bend over a beam and spread their asscheeks, or kneel down and offer willing lips. In return for becoming a shipwife... serving the needs of only one man... the weaker were protected from others. They were able to avoid being raped by any stronger man who desired them or went into a sexual rage. Experienced seamen knew to establish these relationships early in the voyage. Even the young cabin boy was not immune. With his tender ass and soft lips, he quickly became the toy of the ship's blacksmith... the one man none of the crew would dare challenge merely for a piece of meat.

In the fourth week of the voyage, Sarah knew her plan was working when the ship's Second Officer entered her cabin. A recent graduate of the Maritime Academy, he was not quite her age. A very polite young man, formal in the way of the professional seaman, he inquired about her health and well being. But he was no match for a woman who had seduced government ministers, church bishops and captains of industry. It seemed no time at all before her simple seaman's dress and his officer's uniform lay mingled on the deck and they were thrashing on the dirty quilts that made up her bed. She was savage as she fucked him, not realizing until he entered her how much she desired this... needed this... that it was no longer simply a part of her plan! She had never gone this long without a man since that long ago day in the stable loft!

But her cunning ways returned as soon as her passion calmed. Like the bishop and many others before, Sarah knew that a word to her lover's superior would ruin his career. She had her ally to escape... or at least she thought she did. But the chink in her cabin wall worked both ways, and within hours, every able-bodied seaman knew what had happened and held the same scythe over the young officer's head that Sarah held. Immediately, ship's discipline was eroded during the officer's watch. It took the ship's captain, a man with decades on the high seas, on his last voyage before retirement, only two days to see what was happening, and determine its cause. His actions were immediate and decisive!

For the first time since being brought aboard, Sarah was taken from her cabin and brought onto the open deck. She, along with the entire crew, watched as the young officer was stripped of his rank, his shirt, bound to the ship's rigging. He was given 50 lashes with a cat o nine by the blacksmith... also the ship's disciplinarian. The young man barely survived, but that was not Sarah's concern. She simply realized she needed a new and better plan. It was not her fault if this man, like most men, was so weak in the flesh, and so foolish or stupid as to put himself in this situation!

The captain recognized other implications. Now, every man aboard would be having visions of lying in that cabin, sharing the savage carnal pleasures that had been the young officer's undoing. A God-fearing man, the captain tolerated the sexual perversions of his seamen only because he knew he could not prevent them. For decades he had simply pretended these things did not happen so long as it did not effect the strict discipline of his ship! But he could not go on with this harlot aboard. He made a slight alteration in course and, two days later, nearing a craggy island, he raised a white flag of truce. Almost immediately, a sleek privateer slipped from the heavily guarded harbor. He nodded in rueful satisfaction when he saw the ship's flag... the silhouette of a falcon in flight. He had come to the right place, at the right time.

It was a small band of brigands that climbed aboard the merchant ship when the two vessels stood side by side. They were all heavily armed, and most wore many scars of battle. It did not take long and the exchange was made. The renegades left quickly with Sarah and a few valuable supplies aboard. The merchant ship sailed on, lucky that it had not been taken and sacked. As the merchant ship sailed on, the captain knelt in his cabin, giving thanks and praying for forgiveness. Even a common street whore deserved a better fate! The captain got little solace from the small purse of silver coins in his pocket. It was his only choice. No matter how worthless and debased that woman had been, he could not have thrown her overboard with the rest of the ship's garbage.


Sarah felt the extremes of mixed reactions as the small ship sped back to the safety of the harbor. She felt tremendous relief to be off the merchant ship, out from her below decks confinement and free from her journey to become just another ornament for a man's sexual enjoyment.

Sarah had never encountered men like these. First, she could not comprehend their language... it was gibberish, and unlike anything she had ever heard. More amazing were the colors of their skin! Some were copper colored, while others were olive. Two were deeply tanned, but she expected their natural pigmentation to be close to her own. But the ones she feared the most, and that intrigued her the most, were those whose skin was black as midnight! Their eyes and teeth stood out in their fierce, scarred faces, white in stark contrast to their skins. And the palms of their hands, the soles of their bare feet were light like her own... as though they had been bleached. Immediately, Sarah began assessing, trying to see how she could turn this new situation to her advantage.

Other than to gauge her with an appraising eye, none of the men seemed to pay Sarah any attention. She was dressed in the billowy seaman's blouse and dungarees, barefoot. Her hair had not been washed or combed for weeks, and she had lost a good deal of weight since being stolen away from her home. Yet she was amazed that these men seemed to have no more interest in her than the keg of wine or a small cask of nails that had also been put aboard the small vessel along with her.

The harbor was larger than Sarah expected and well protected... not only from the elements, but from invasion as well, The high granite cliffs were well fortified. The harbor itself was busier than any she had ever seen. Many sleek, armed vessels like the one she was aboard were at the wharves, smaller boats sailed or were rowed between them. To one side of the harbor, people in chains, both men and women, totally naked and black as onyx, were being herded like cattle from small craft onto a ship much like the one she had just escaped. This had to be some of the slave traffic she had heard about, but that had never been her concern. What real difference was there, she had asked herself the one time she had given this any thought at all, between the people who were stolen from their homes to be shipped to the different world... and the masses that toiled to serve the needs of the gentry in the world she knew! Besides, she now thought to herself... could beings that looked so different really be human? A shiver ran through her as her gaze fell on the huge ebony man towering near her.

As they sailed across the harbor, Sarah thought the area surrounding the wharves and the city spreading up onto the hillsides looked like a busy anthill... people and materials were being moved everywhere!

The small craft headed directly for the largest and busiest of the shore areas. Above it flew a larger version of the same flag, as was on the ship... the silhouetted falcon. The vessel had not even been secured to the pilings before two of the men grabbed Sarah's arms and forced her off onto the wharf. Totally unused to such treatment, Sarah fought to be released as soon as her feet were on solid planking. The struggle stopped when she was struck to the ground by a backhand across her face from the black man she had been eyeing earlier. The hustle and bustle on the crowded docks stopped to watch as the man glowered down at her and she glared up at him. Reaching down with one hand, grabbing her hair, the man yanked Sarah to her feet, raising her to tiptoe level as he stared, angrily, into her eyes. Slowly he lowered her, still holding onto her hair, pulling it tight in his outstretched left hand, while the right reached for the neckline of billowy seaman's blouse. With a single yank, he tore the blouse away from her torso. Sarah's breasts, shrunken and wan from the time on the merchant ship, swung free and bounced as she flailed at the man, her arms tethered by the remnants of the blouse clinging to her wrists. The crowd roared in approval and began laughing as she swung at him, her arms too short to reach the mountain of a man. Again, he simply raised his outstretched arm, this time lifting Sarah completely off the ground by her hair. She began kicking at him as she reached up to grab his single hand in both of hers, supporting herself. She landed several kicks, but none strong enough to make the man do anything more than smile... a smile more sinister than anything Sarah had ever seen!

With incredible strength, held out by her hair at arm's length, Sarah flapped like a rag doll in a strong wind as the man took her across the wharf and dunked her, unceremoniously, into a tank of cold water. Sarah gasped and sputtered, swallowing a large amount of water as she was pushed under the surface. She felt herself being lifted by her hair again, her head just breaking the surface before being pushed back under again... and again she took a large amount of water. Her struggles turned from those of anger and escape to those of survival as she was held under the water for a few more moments. Sarah coughed out water and fell to the wharf when finally, again by her hair, she was yanked from the tank, scraping her breasts and left side on its edge. The huge man laughed as he towered over the woman, water running from her upper, bare body and streaming from her hair as she struggled to her hands and knees, gasping for air. The crowd pushed in close and roared its approval of the spectacle!

With her mind in a whirl, Sarah felt herself being yanked to her feet. The remnants of the blouse were stripped for her arms and Sarah felt a leather collar being attached around her neck her wrists were attached to a stick which was slipped through a ring in the back of the collar, holding her arms, bent at the elbow, uncomfortably parallel with her shoulders and about 6 inches outside of them. As the crowd roared even louder, Sarah kicked at a man who approached her with a knife. The agile man easily stepped aside, cutting the rope that served as a belt in the process. Freed, the dungarees fell to pool at Sarah's ankles, nearly tripping her as she struggled!

Sarah's shoulders slumped and the fight flew from her. Suddenly she realized the futility, the total helplessness of her situation. She felt the humiliation of standing totally naked, bound, disheveled and disfigured from weeks of near starvation in the dank ship's cabin in front of a multitude of gawking, cheering strangers... common laborers and vagrants! Never in her life had Sarah felt so totally defeated and hopeless.

The defeat was only temporary, though! When one of the men stepped toward her, Sarah twisted her shoulders, trying to hit the man with the stick. He deftly evaded her simply by bending back at the waist, reaching to catch her forearm in his hand. Her ankles still tangled in the dungarees, her body twisting, Sarah was kept from falling only by the man's support. Still, she was not ready to surrender. When an ankle was freed, she kicked at the man, catching him harmlessly in his shin. The crowds roared again, it was like watching prizefighters, reacting to each move or blow landed! Except this starved, naked, pale bound woman was no match for any man who lived for close in battle!

The towering onyx man shouted some commands when he grew weary of the circus... and Sarah was again tripped, falling on her chest on the wharf. She felt her ankles being bound and then her back painfully arched, legs bent upward and back at the knees as the end of the rope was tied to the back of the collar. Sarah had seen calves and hogs tied like this... and she realized she was being treated no differently then the goats being herded close by. Except the crowd was enjoying the show! A calm rage set in... these creatures would pay for her humiliation! Her degradation! She was still Lady Sarah Arlington. That would never change.

Sarah felt herself being tossed up into the air, and then landing over the shoulder of the ebony mountain. The crowd turned back to their work as he carried her toward the shoreline. For most, the comedy was over. For Sarah, a new and very different episode of her life was just beginning!


Sarah was carried, like a sack of potatoes, off of the wharf and up the hillside to a large building... a warehouse it appeared. Some of the crowds in the street paused to watch as this pale, naked woman was easily carried by the towering onyx man... but it all seemed to be nothing more than an idle curiosity for them. It was much cooler inside the building, and much darker. Sarah's eyes had not yet adjusted when she was lifted off the man's shoulder and dropped unceremoniously, chest down, on the very dusty floor. The first thing Sarah saw when her eyes adjusted were the sandaled feet of another dark skinned man and the hems of what appeared to be richly colored flowing robes.

Sarah arched her head back to look up at the man... who was staring calmly down at her... his expression serious, his eyes intense. Although she could not see him clearly from this angle, this man did not look fierce like the other... and perhaps not as large or tall... but he looked intense. Sarah recognized him as man in a position of power... leadership. This was the sort of man Sarah had manipulated for years. Even bound and degraded... lying naked on the floor at his feet, Sarah felt her confidence return... felt herself gaining an edge.

After only a few moments, Sarah hissed up to him "Release me you cur!" She did not think that the man standing over her most likely would not be able to understand her.

"Why?" he asked firmly, with no change in his expression or eyes. He seemed disinterested if not amused.

"Who are you?" Sarah demanded.

His voice was cold, almost distracted... with a hint of strange accent when he replied. "I am called The Falcon."

Trying to twist free, still looking uncomfortably up at him, Sarah spat out "I demand to be set free you bastard!"

The corners of his mouth turned up only slightly as he listened, replying calmly, his voice slightly lowered. "You are able to demand nothing."

Again struggling, "Do you know who I am? I am Lady Sarah Arlington and you will release me now!"

At this the man's eyed flicked, his smile became sinister. "Here you are no one, nothing. And I will do with you as I wish."

Sarah felt her rage growing and she spat out "I am Lady Sarah Arlington, a woman of stature!'

Falcon took one half step closer, making himself look even taller and more formidable as he stared down at her. She had to arch her back and neck more to look up at him. In a commanding voice, tinged with anger, Falcon replied "Here you have no history, no future but what I decide. Here you are no one, and you are nothing but what I decide you to be. You get of do nothing but what I allow you to do. Here you are no lady. Here, you are only what I decide you to be!"

Sarah tried to roll to her side to glare up at him, feeling the dust caking against her bare front, from her breasts to her thighs. When she was unable to do even this, Sarah made another try. "I am a Lady, Lady Sarah and you will release me, treat me with the respect I deserve!"

Falcon laughed at her, standing over her, putting a sandaled foot on her shoulder to keep her as he wished. Sarah had to contort herself to look up at him. And he spoke in a deep, firm, commanding voice. "You are what you are to me, all that has any use to me. As a horse is called horse, a sow called sow, you will be called what you are. And you will be called...


"Every man, even the beggar on the street, even whores on the docks will know you and call you for what you are... a cunt! And any that I allow will use you for what you are... all that you are... the ONLY thing you are... a cunt! And you can expect to be heavily used for what you are."

Sarah's mind reeled at what she was hearing, and she turned to her instincts to begin working her way out of this dire predicament - those things she had done so often and well over the years. Feeling panic underneath, but appearing calm Sarah almost purred "Then use me as you will, Sir Falcon. I choose to be with you."

Falcon laughed, then stared down at her, his voice cutting and cold. Each word slapped at Sarah much harder than the backhand she had received earlier. "You are mine, Cunt. I own you like I own a chicken or an ass. Every breath you take, each minute you exist is mine. And you will be used for what you are... but you are not worthy of being used by me, Cunt." Then The Falcon looked past her, to the man standing behind her, the mountainous man who had brought her here and Falcon spoke to him, in a commanding tone, in the gibberish she had heard earlier.

Immediately Sarah felt herself lifted roughly from the floor and turned so she was facing this man of incredible strength. She could see that he had dropped his pants... and his black cock stood out, gorged... enraged! Even though she was still hog tied, he pushed her down onto his shaft, forcing her legs apart, tearing into her. Sarah was not ready to take a man... she was dry. And this mountain of a man was as enormous in his manhood as he was in his height or strength. She cried out in pain. He was savage, relentless as he lifted and pushed her down ripping and tearing at her, crashing against her as he bucked his hips, hurting her arms where he gripped them tightly. Sarah felt as though her insides were being ripped apart as this huge man raped her, grunting and snorting like a wild bore until finally he exploded in her, filling her. He then pulled her off his cock and literally dropped her, face down back on the floor, driving the wind from her as the dust flew. Sarah nearly lost consciousness, feeling like every bone in her body was broken! When she raised her head to seek help, The Falcon was gone and the mountain of a man was walking away, his naked black buttocks and thighs rippling with every step.

Sarah cried out. The man looked back over his shoulder, a look of utter contempt and, in a heavy accent, mumbled a single word - "CUNT!"

Naked and bound, crying as she never had before, raped and broken, filthy dirty - Lady Sarah Arlington, seductress of powerful men lay on the warehouse floor - alone in the world.