January/February 2003
A New Voyeur
(Donna & George, Part Four)
by dark whisper

"Donna, I'm a little put out about you stealing George from me." Lisa tried to look menacing, but her eyes betrayed her amusement. Donna blushed and immediately started apologizing to her roommate and friend.

"Um, Lisa...I wasn't...er...what I mean is I didn't intend to..." Donna's face was drawn into a frown of misery as she faced Lisa. "Oh hell. I'm sorry Lisa, but he said you and he had a very casual relationship, and since I'd never heard you talk about him, I assumed he wasn't your boyfriend." This last part came out rushed, and Lisa allowed her amusement to show on her pretty face.

"Oh hon, I was just playing with you. George is a great guy, and you know you're my best friend. George and I are just good friends that decided to play. I'm glad you two seem to hit it off so well. And frankly, I'm not sure I'm looking for anything MORE than friends right now if you know what I mean." Donna studied Lisa's face for a few moments before letting the relief flood over her. The two women exchanged a quick hug, then pulled back a bit awkwardly. Donna was still embarrassed about the night the three of them spent together - three bodies pleasuring each other with an intensity she never knew was possible. Lisa stepped back for a moment, then reached forward and softly kissed Donna's lips.

Donna was surprised at the wave of heat she felt travel down her belly to settle between her thighs. Her lips opened, and she felt the warm tip of Lisa's tongue slip between her teeth to brush softly against her tongue. She stood there for a moment, enjoying the experience, then gently broke the contact. She smiled a shaky little smile toward Lisa, and moved over to the couch to bring her warring emotions back under control. God, she had NEVER been this horny before she met George. He seemed to bring out her sexuality - which had been locked away beneath layers and layers of self-discipline. She crossed her legs, hoping to alleviate some of the pressure building in her crotch, but it seemed to only make matters worse. Her whole body throbbed with sexual awareness.

Donna looked up to see a knowing look on Lisa's face, and what she was sure was desire swimming in the other girl's eyes. To cover her confusion, she started prattling about bills, and the awkward moment passed.

The rest of the day passed in a blur. The two women set about their Saturday chores of laundry and cleaning the apartment. Donna had to work that night, and she worked to get her housekeeping things done before settling down to complete some homework that she had been putting off. She became absorbed in a Visual Basic program, and the time slipped away from her. The next thing she knew, Lisa came up and told her softly that dinner was ready if she wanted any. Donna felt a momentary twinge of guilt that she'd left all the work to Lisa, but reasoned that they often did little things for each other, and Lisa most likely didn't mind.

As they ate their dinner - Lisa was a pretty good cook, and Donna enjoyed every bite of the sinful Tortellini with Pesto sauce - they gradually got to the subject of their threesome with George. Donna always had trouble talking about sex. She wasn't a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but it seemed so intimate to be talking about sexual acts at the dinner table. Lisa pushed back her plate when Donna began, and listened intently.

"Um, Lisa...you know this really has been confusing for me. It doesn't seem to bother you that we had...er...well, had sex. Have you ever been with a woman before me?" Donna tried to maintain her equilibrium while talking about such an private act.

Lisa blushed slightly, but responded nonetheless. "Yes Donna, I have. During college, my freshman roommate and I experimented for most of the school year. It was a lot of fun, but neither one of us thought that we were gay, just that we enjoyed sex. Even when we had boyfriends, Connie and I indulged every now and then." Donna nodded slightly, but said nothing. Lisa elaborated "I felt the same way as you do after the first time, kind of unsure about what was happening to me. I did discover though, that enjoying sex with another woman in no way diminished what I felt when I was with a man. It actually made it better." She shook her head, trying to come up with the right words to express what she meant. "It enhanced sex with my boyfriends...I think because it allowed me to fully explore something I'd only had fleeting fantasies about. Does this make sense?" Lisa looked at Donna, and was relieved to see that Donna was thinking about what she said, and seemed to understand her half-articulated thoughts.

"You know, it does. Thank you Lisa, I wasn't sure what this meant about me...but maybe I can just accept this as something special that I had with you." She covered Lisa's hand with her own and smiled into the other girl's eyes. "Okay, now that's settled, and I can get ready for work." Donna helped Lisa clean up, then went to take a shower and think about their discussion.

Donna turned on the shower to a needle spray and stood directly beneath the nozzle, letting the water sluice over her body, the hard spray sending tingles over her body when the water hit her nipples. She poured a generous amount of soap onto the nylon mesh sponge and worked it into a rich, thick lather. She started at her neck, and drew the slightly rough sponge slowly down her chest to her full breasts. She concentrated on the nipples, brushing the sponge slowly back and forth. Her nipples rose and hardened under the water and bubbles. She felt her pussy respond to the stimulation, sending a warmth to her belly. She continued her circular motions, moving down an inch at a time until she reached the wet mat of curls nestled between her thighs. She spread her legs and slipped the soapy mesh between them. She moaned slightly as it brushed her already swollen clit, and she felt that flash of fire spike up through her belly and radiate out to her arms and legs. She swirled the sponge in small circles around her clit, pressing it hard against the swollen skin every now and again. She felt her legs tremble with excitement as she concentrated on her soapy pussy.

She slipped two fingers down to her slit and slid them back and forth in the creamy lather, finding the hollow of her entrance. She slid the fingers into the wet, warm, slippery hole and sighed with contentment. Donna felt her knees grow weak as she pumped her fingers in and out, fucking herself in the cascade of water from the shower. She leaned against the tiled wall of the shower and raised her right leg to the lip of the tub - giving herself more room to maneuver her fingers and the sponge. She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and bit at the soft skin while her busy little fingers slid back and forth, in and out. She felt the build-up began. All of her nerve endings were on fire as her hand dropped the sponge and began rubbing furiously on her rigid clit. Donna couldn’t control the shriek that escaped as she started to orgasm. Great wrenching shudders took over her body, and she sank to the bottom of the tub, the water a sheet of steamy rain falling over her head and shoulders. Two fingers gripped tight in her cunt while the finger rubbing her clit slowly ceased it’s frantic movements. She was gasping with pleasure, her lips were parted and she sucked water with every breath.

“What is the matter with me...” she whispered, her voice lost in the thunder of the shower. “I can’t get enough sex.” She reached out an unsteady hand and reached for the hand held attachment of the shower head, sluicing the water over her soapy skin, watching the lather swirl down the drain. When she reached the hair between her legs, she gasped once again. The water was lashing across her swollen, oh-so-sensitive clit, and her knees buckled, dropping her back onto the bottom of the tub. She couldn’t have removed the water pressure if she tried, it just felt too damn good to stop. She played the spray back and forth over her pussy - feeling the needle spray brush against her clit time and time again. The fingers of her left hand spread open the lips of her pussy, exposing the tender clit to more of the piercing spray. She was whimpering with a pleasure so intense it was almost painful. She adjusted the spray to a pulsating jet, and clenched her eyes as she directed it to her clit once more. “Oh my GOD!!!” she shrieked, unwilling and unable to keep her voice from rising above the noise of the shower. She flicked the head back and forth over her pussy, hitting her clit with the punishing geyser of water. Her hips were up in the air, trying to force the water to hit her harder as she squirmed in the bottom of the tub. She put her feet up against the tile, and used the leverage to arch her back up high, somehow increasing the pleasure.

She felt the orgasms begin, barely ending with one, before the next bore her away on wave after wave of incredible pleasure. She was sobbing with pleasure - lost in a sea of eroticism as she succumbed to her animal lust. Finally, out of sheer self-preservation, she remove the jet from her pussy. Shuddering and gasping for air. She spun the faucets and turned off the water. Shakily, she got slowly to her feet and reached out to open the shower curtain. The curtain was open about four inches, and as she pulled it all the way open, she saw Lisa squirming on the floor, a vibrator grasped tightly in her hand, pumping in and out of her dark pink pussy. Lisa was moaning, and Donna could see she was right on the edge of orgasm. Donna watched with half-closed eyes as Lisa slammed the vibrator deep inside of her own pussy. Lisa’s eyes were open and fastened on Donna’s dripping body.

Donna bent down and removed Lisa’s hand from the vibe, taking it in her own and picking up the rhythm. Lisa pulled her pussy lips apart with the fingers of one hand while the other began to savagely squeeze her medium sized breasts. Her nails were biting into the soft skin, and her nipples were standing straight up. Donna plunged the vibrator deep into Lisa’s pussy, hearing her roommate’s wetness in the now quiet bathroom. She pulled it out and jammed it back in, making Lisa scream with pleasure. Lisa was so wet she was foamy around the outer lips of her pussy. With every downstroke, Lisa moaned and whimpered. Donna was so turned on by Lisa’s sensual writhing, that she reached her head down and began to lap at the girl’s clit. This was enough to drive Lisa over the edge and her hand became tangled in Donna’s hair as Donna sucked, licked, nibbled and flicked her clit. Donna’s hand was a blur as she fucked her friend with the dildo. Her tongue lashed against Lisa’s clit as Lisa gushed cum out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. “Oh yes...oh yes, oh yes, oh YES!” Lisa moaned and pumped her hips up and down as she orgasmed. Slowly - very slowly - Lisa’s hips ceased their thrusting and she caught hold of her rampaging hormones.

“Oh God Donna, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to come in here and...” she gestured to the bathroom floor and her clothes strewn over the bright white tile. “I just heard your moans and knew what you were doing, and I couldn’t help myself. God, you sounded so fucking sexy in here, cumming over and over.” Lisa finished very quietly, still turned on, but slightly ashamed of invading Donna’s privacy.

Donna chuckled softly under her breath at the guilty look on Lisa’s face, took Lisa’s chin in her hand and raised her face to meet her eyes. “It’s okay Lisa. I think if I heard you pleasuring yourself like I was, I’d have done the same thing. Hell, I almost did do the same thing, didn’t I? The night I met George.” Lisa looked startled for a moment, then burst out laughing.

“Well yeah, you sure the hell did!”

The two women grinned at each other and then dried themselves off, ready to face the rest of the evening.

© dark whisper - A Dark Whisper of Sound