January/February 2003
depuss's Couch
by depuss





Carrie’s Story, An Erotic S/M Novel by Molly Weatherfield

Molly Weatherfield has written a good piece of fiction about Carries exploration and discovery of the S/M lifestyle. If you enjoyed such books as O, The Sleeping Beauty Series and The Marketplace Series you will find that Carrie’s Story is a good mix of all three.

“Because that’s what it was, training. And even though a big porn reader like me should have known exactly what to expect, I was shocked and insulted. Somehow I’d imagined that of course I’d immediately know how to give him everything he wanted….”

And so the odyssey begins as Carrie attempts to figure out and deal with the physical, emotional and psychological life of an S/M slave.

The author’s depiction of Pony Training is one of the better ones that I have read. While in other instances I found her descriptions of certain things to be a bit less than I like, here she gets the readers involved so that it is like they are watching as Carrie learns what it means to be a pony.

“They’d speak to me, I thought, as little as possible while I was, I realized, a “custom pony”. “

I won’t give away the ending but I will say that you might find it similar to something else that you have read only with Molly’s own twist and Carrie’s own words.

I don’t usually like books or stories written in first person but in this instance it give us the insight of what is going on in Carrie’s head as she winds her way through the learning and then accepting of S/M.

One thing, I would not suggest this to be used as a guide for new beginners seeing as Carrie participates in some risky behavior in her first meetings with her Master but other than that I think that you’ll enjoy curling up with “Carrie’s Story…. an Erotic S/M Novel”.

CARRIE'S STORY, An Erotic S/M Novel