January/February 2003
Orgasms on Command or Counting Down to Ecstacy

by Lord Wolf

You may have heard someone talking about it, or you may have even tried it. Perhaps without result. Or you may have even faked it. Orgasms, On command, Is it possible? well the answer is for most is yes. It depends greatly on particular factors.

The first and greatest is of course a willingness to HAVE it happen. If you or Your subject is dead set against this possibility there is NO way you will ever get there, Like any "Hypnotic" or conditioned effect it depends greatly on the willingness of the subject to immerse themselves in the idea. The second Factor is patience, Your not going to teach or learn this in a few hours. Or even in a few weeks unless you are very very susceptible to suggestion. The easiest way to explain what this entails is to talk about Pavlov's experiments, otherwise known as the Pavlovian effect. For those who don't know what I am speaking of Pavlov experimented in learned response. This is essentially what we are striving for, a learned response. With Pavlov it was simple, each time he called the subject, a dog, to eat , he rang a bell, eventually just by ringing the bell caused the dog to salivate in preparation for dinner.

We do the same thing with orgasms, Beginning with conventional sex we know will cause an orgasmic response. Be that intercourse or perhaps working with a favorite toy. We are working with a count, from ten to one with the permission to release at zero, or if wished followed By a phrase such as "Cum Now," or "Cum for me," etc. In case you are wondering I have had this work with both males and females.

The first step is of course sexual excitement, start with a lot of foreplay, and use what you know gets a person hot. No pressure. But be sure the person knows ahead of time they cannot orgasm without permission to do so. That no matter what they must wait until you say they can cum. What follows is a step by step count down with dialogue, you can change the dialog as you wish ... but its best to keep to the principals.

As you feel you subject is approaching orgasm start the countdown. Whisper in their ear with a sensual voice, Make sure you have their attention.

"Are you ready to Cum Now? Can you feel it? don't cum until I tell you too, Are you ready?"
"Can you feel it building? That spot of heat in your belly?"
"Hold that heat, feel it build but hold it in a tight ball right at the pit of your belly"
"You feel it get hotter Now, spreading through your center"
"let the ball of fire build hotter, but hold it tightly"
"feel the ball start to grow tendrils, feel them reach out through your chest and arms to your fingers"
"feel your fingers and toes start to tingle, feel the heat start to be pulled into your center"
"concentrate on all this heat of your body drawn into your center, draw it back in and hold it tightly"
"growing hotter, hold the fire tightly, until I tell you to cum < My Love, My sweet>
"Unbearable now, but hold it for me.. feel it ready to burst "
"When I say < Add your phrase or use 0> Cum for me I want you to feel that heat that fire run through your body and out your fingers and toes, are you ready? are you ready to cum for me? Say please"
<At this point pay attention to their movements, you may have to draw it out a bit, by counting slowly, or quickening up the pace if you feel they can hold the orgasm no longer.>
"Now, Cum Now! < My love et> cum for me feel that ball of heat explode through you, feel it run out your through your body"

Be sure to keep your voice quiet and melodious, Not sharp, if your not sure how to do this rent a hypnosis tape and listen to the way they speak ... It should be husky and sensual, your breath in their ear, Quiet so that they feel that it is all for them, that you two are the only ones there, private, safe, comfortable....

Each time you have sex, or play with a favorite toy, Keep the same count, with the same script ... with few if any variations. Have them hold their orgasm until the last moment and focus on their pleasure at that time. There will be time for you later. This will do a few things, it will make them feel special, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and it will begin to add a suggestion to their Mind to associate your words and the count down with orgasm.

Eventually, after the first few initial experiences slowly start to get rid of the Speaking portions, first every third sentence, then every other one and so on until you are down only to the count down from ten. This should take a few months or more until eventually the idea is down to knowing when they are ready to orgasm and that they should hold orgasm until you say zero, O, or your phrase.

After a period of time, that differs for most people, Just the count will be deeply associated with the orgasmic response. Once the mind is trained, for most, all it takes is a Bit of excitement, or a mild turned on feeling to have the count instigate the orgasmic responce. For those who are more suggestible the response can be brought on "Cold," even in public, Like in a restaurant or on a plane, ect. ect.

This does not work for every one of course, But it is possible with a large portion of the population. An interesting effect is that once a subject has an orgasm the effect is usually very easy to immediately duplicate. My record at this time is 34 orgasms in a 4 hour period, each more powerful than the last.

Finally the very act of with holding orgasm until given permission to do so often causes stronger and longer lasting orgasms even in male subjects. I do not make any promises here . I only give you the tools it takes work on both sides to accomplish these ends. but it does work

Copyright Wolfhold and Lord Wolf 2000