January/February 2003
Dominant Space

by Unknown

Space...the beckoning edge of the mind. It defies ready description, challenges us with its illusive presence yet exists in the same undefinable way that all intangible things exist.

Within this realm 'space' is an important and acknowledged component. We tend to equate this space with sub-space and the explorative experiences to the submissives. However, space is not exclusively the domain of the submissive.

The Dominant and the submissive tend to mirror, reflect and balance each other in almost ALL aspects of the life experience. This is also true with 'space'.

When a Dominant is in normal space there is often a sensation of being in neutral or coasting. The person will function, deal with issues, handle problems and go about the mundanities of their daily life. This 'space' appears to be identical to the same 'top space' experienced by the submissive.

If something occurs to 'trigger' the Dominant then the Dominant will alter or shift. This is a transition from 'top space' to ON. At this stage the Dominant will become more alert and anything which is not 'involved' in what has triggered their attention will be set aside or discarded. If nothing further occurs the Dominant will often revert to their 'normal or top space' and resume whatever tasks they were engaged in. The sensations of being ON will vanish with the same speed that they erupted with. This space can be easily equated with a submissives marginally 'down' space with the distinction being a shift upward into clarity instead of downward into 'deeper space'.

If a Dominant is triggered ON and the stimuli continues for a period of time then that Dominant will progress past the sort of early 'watchful' stage to one of FULLY ON or UP. In this stage a Dominant will often feel an upswing of energy. They are actively prepared to react or respond quite literally to anything. They may find themselves almost hyper-active from this sudden energy boost and at times they will scramble mentally to adjust to what feels like a presence settling over and through them. They will note that their perceptions alter, vision acuity will often tighten, hearing will intensify, adrenaline will fly through them offering a rush of sudden strength. There is a sensation of increased awareness. Detail will often magnify.

If a scene has been initiated then the Dominant will often note a sensation of alert mental detachment. This is a seperation of their normal emotional responses to everything that is around them. Some Dominants will also note a sensation of energy flow, this appears or sometimes feels like it is emanating from the submissive they are scening - with some Dominants there will be the distinct feeling that they are INSIDE of the submissive. A part of the Dominant will experience the scene from within the submissive perspective. Some Dominants will report 'hearing' the mind of their submissive. There is often a sensation of accelerating excitement, these sensations may be so intense as to produce a physical quiver in the body. A differing set of responses will often seem to replace those they would consider to be normal. These responses are often keyed directly TO the person or scene they are involved in. The emotional detachment and altered responses allow the Dominant to take actions or 'play' with their submissive in ways they would have difficulty with in 'normal space'. It is important to note here that scening excites a Dominant, that excitement and the attached levels of danger pump chemistries into the Dominant's blood stream.