January/February 2002
Retribution - Part Two
by dark whisper

"Lick me."

I knelt between my wife’s thighs, her pussy open and gleaming just inches beyond the tip of my nose. I could smell her arousal, heavy and thick. She lay there panting. She was like some wild animal whose lust had overtaken all it’s senses, and had succumbed to it’s need for conquest. She was gorgeous. My tongue snaked out and stroked up the edge of a swollen lip, making her jerk slightly. Her newly shaved pussy was red and puffy. She’d used it well in three weeks. Since her crazy idea of punishment, we’d spent countless hours engaged in all sorts of sexual play-usually ending with me pleasuring her before she allowed me to release.

My cock rose as I thought again about that first day, the day she’d made me put on my collar for the first time. She was so commanding, every inch the boss. I loved seeing her that way, and she’d taken to the role like she was born to it.

"Damnit Dave, I said LICK me. Don’t fucking play with my pussy that way." Her voice was husky with desire, but the edge of power was unmistakable. The sharp sting of her riding crop stung my shoulders as she made her demand. My tongue slipped between her lips and she sighed with pleasure.

Long, deep strokes with my tongue, keeping clear of her aching clit. I knew she wanted me to stimulate it, but I wouldn’t. Not until she forced me. This was our game, and I’d learned the rules well. My fingers spread her labia wide, and I saw the way her clit peeked from it’s little hood. She must have felt my gaze, and I watched, fascinated, as she pulled it back. My cock leapt forward. I sunk my tongue deep into her pink opening, swirling and thrusting like a rapier’s lance.

"Oh yeah, my little pet. That’s right, fuck me with your tongue. Are you hot? Is your little cock straining for its pleasure?"

My cock was so hard it hurt.

"Yes, Mistress." My voice was just a whisper against her cunt.

"Do you want to touch yourself? Do you feel the way your cock strains against your panties? You like wearing my panties, don’t you, you nasty little boy?" Her voice was quivering with excitement. "Tell me."

My tongue was stabbing at her hole, thrusting deep. The fingers of my right hand were holding her lips wide as she pushed her hips at me. I felt the blood pounding in my groin as she taunted me.

"I’m so fucking hot, baby." I whispered.

Each week had brought a new sensation, a new humiliation. I always wore a collar - sometimes around my neck, and other times around my right thigh. Carrie insisted I never be without it.

Today, she’d forced me to wear her panties, and the elastic cut into the skin on either side of my balls. I wasn’t sure I liked the new experience, but watching the pleasure in her eyes when I did what she told me seemed to be enough to keep my cock hard and throbbing for hours on end. I’d never been so horny for so long in my life-not even when I was a teenager and ONLY thought about sex.

I heard her moans coming one on top of each other, and she ground her clit against my mouth. Her hands were buried in my hair and she yanked savagely on the roots. I knew she was going to come, and I thrust my tongue deep, holding it stationary as she bucked and groaned. God, when Carrie comes, she gushes, and my mouth sucked it all in greedily.

Her hips rotated and lunged, smearing her juice over my face. I held her securely in my grasp as the last of her orgasm slowly faded. I stroked the tip of my tongue up her slit and brushed the head of her clit. She gasped. Now…now I could concentrate on the tiny, oh-so-sensitive erection.

My lips closed around her clit and pulled gently. Carrie jerked. The tip of my tongue made little butterfly flicks over the underside as I slid two fingers into her sopping wet cunt and twisted them back and forth. Carrie was whimpering with urgency as I took my own sweet time. I drew the wet fingers down and circled the dark star of her asshole. Gently, I pushed the tip of one finger against the tight muscle, then pushed deeper still. The flesh resisted, but only for a moment. Her ass spread for my touch.

"Oh yes," she panted, "fuck my ass. Give me more, I want more." This last was delivered with a growl, and a quick swipe with the crop across my shoulders.

My cock was dripping steadily and was painfully hard. I couldn’t help it, I started to hump the air like a horny dog.

"Yes Mistress," I gasped in pleasure.

As soon my second finger joined the first, Carrie exploded. My ears started ringing as she howled in ecstasy.

"What’s the matter with you?! Fuck me. Put your little cock in my ass and fuck me like the dog you are!" Carrie was gasping and groaning as I yanked her too-tight panties off, spread lubricant over the head of my cock, and pushed hard into her squirming ass. I felt her open up and accept me like I belonged there. God, she was so tight.

I buried myself inside my wife. Carrie’s face was turned toward me, and I could see the satisfaction in her eyes as I did her bidding. I almost hated her right at that moment, but my body seemed to have a mind of its own. My hips pulled back, then thrust deep once more. Her ass-cheeks were grinding against the flat of my abdomen as she tried to take the whole of my throbbing cock.

I saw her riding crop hit the floor as I lunged into her time and time again. I picked it up, and shoved the thick handle deep inside her dripping cunt. She screamed and her whole body started jerking with pleasure. I felt the buildup of semen in my balls.

"Carrie," I was sweating, concentrating on not coming until she gave me permission, "can I…please…come?"

"Fuck! Yes. Come in my asshole."

I let loose. I felt thick jets of come erupt from the tip of my cock as I grabbed her hips and yanked her onto me. Stars flashed across my eyes as my body was finally granted release. My yells joined hers as we both rocked and rode out the crashing waves of orgasm.

I pulled the soaked handle of the riding crop out of her pussy, and slipped it into my mouth, sucking it greedily. My cock was still deep inside of my demanding wife as she watched me tasting her juice on the slippery leather.

I felt the tug of her hand on my leash as she pulled me close and kissed me deeply. Her upper lip was beaded with sweat and her breath was hot on my cheek as her lips pulled and sucked on the tip of my tongue. The tight muscles of her anus flexed, and I felt my softening cock slide out of her hole. A gush of my come dribbled down her damp skin as she released my shaft.

She pushed my head down until my eyes were level with her now gaping asshole.

"Lick me."