January/February 2002
The Toy Store
by FineArt

Gregory and Catherine had had a great day enjoying the scenic fall. They had driven along one of the nation's great rivers, stopping frequently to enjoy the colorful leaves, or some of the waterfalls that fed the river from the cliffs. The day had been chilly, breezy.

Gregory had Catherine dress in a long blue denim dress before they left that morning. It buttoned along the entire front... something Gregory enjoyed very much. Of course, she wore nothing under the dress... something Gregory enjoyed even more!

As he drove along the river hugging roadway, he had her tilt the passenger seat back a couple of notches, unbuttoned portions of the dress and played with her with his right hand while steering with his left. Catherine enjoyed the ride, even if she missed most of the scenery! She had not even noticed the broad smiles and thumbs up from a group of farm workers riding on hay bales in the back of a pick-up. Gregory had passed them rather slowly on a four-lane section of the road, his hand very busy in the exposed vee of Catherine's legs. Catherine had her eyes closed and was moaning rather loudly, her body writhing in her pleasure! It was a fun day.

It was early evening as they drove back toward home. Catherine was leaning across the console, her head in Gregory's lap, attending to him in a way he relished, when she felt the car slow and turn into a parking lot. Reluctantly, she sat up and pulled her unbuttoned dress closed as Gregory put the car in park. Immediately in front of the car, through the huge windows, Catherine could see clothing hanging in the brightly lit store. She could see all sorts of vivid colors, much of it with lace or feathers. She could also see a rack of leather corsets and another of what appeared to be latex outfits.

Gregory chuckled when he turned to her, starring wide-eyed into the shop. He reached over, pushing the right side of her dress top aside as he cupped and squeezed her bare breast. He pulled the dress back over her and began, awkwardly, buttoning her dress from the top as he said, "Ready for some shopping Cat?" Gregory only called her this when he was in an extremely playful mood. "uuummmm." Catherine was leaning forward to read the name of the store through the top of the windshield... in gaudy neon. "If you want." Her voice was a combination of curiosity and nervous laughter. Catherine had never been to a shop like this one. She was making it difficult for Gregory to button her dress... he stopped two buttons below her navel, just barely enough so she would not be exposed as she walked.

Gregory laughed and climbed out of his door, circling behind the car to open hers. Catherine was not allowed to even touch a car door handle when they were together. She wanted to button the dress more, but knew better about that, too.

Gregory held the shop's door open so Catherine could step in first. To the left, the moderately sized shop was filled with clothing. Clearly, this was not a place she would clothes shop with her mother! To the right were racks and racks of things Catherine had only heard about... what she knew were called "adult toys." In the middle of the room was a octagonal shaped counter where the clerk on duty looked up at them, seemingly more interested in the magazine he was reading. He was thin faced, with long, greasy black hair speckled with gray. His full black beard was tangled and had not been combed or attended to for a long time, it seemed. His dark eyes were sunken. He wore a black sleeveless T-shirt with some type of colorful design. His arms and what could be seen of his chest and shoulders were completely covered with tattoos. Catherine shuddered as she looked at him. He smiled as he leered at her, his eyes moving carefully up and down her body, darting down when a gust through the open door billowed her dress, exposing her shapely legs to her upper thighs.

Gregory slipped in behind Catherine, his eyes surveying the store. Taking her by the hand, he led her over to the racks of toys, heading for a wall display of leather masks and cuffs. As they walked past the counter, the clerk moved his wheeled chair to follow them, watching Catherine closely. Catherine blushed when she saw what he was reading, a tabloid style magazine of a huge breasted woman, smiling to the camera... with one huge cock planted in her pussy, another buried deep in her ass.

Gregory spent several minutes sorting though the leather goods, occasionally taking something down and placing it against Catherine's wrist or making explicit comments. Catherine kept moving so that her back was to the clerk, feeling his eyes boring into her, feeling the flush of embarrassment at his knowing these accessories were to be used, if purchased, on her!

After a bit, Gregory moved to a pegboard display that jutted out from the wall. Catherine followed, relieved that she would be hidden from the clerk's view by a rotating six-foot tall display. Catherine turned redder than a vine ripe summer tomato when Gregory took a pair of nipple clamps down from the rack and turned to hold them up to her breasts, the chain swaying as his eyes twinkled. She had felt the bite of clothespins, and was intrigued by the clamps, but was not particularly interested in any public modeling. She was very relieved not only by being hidden by the rack, but also that Gregory had not opened the top of her dress to give the clamps a live trial!

Gregory selected a set of packaged tweezers style clamps that he handed to Catherine, chuckling as he did so. She had not uttered a word since entering the store.

Next to the clamps were a display of braided leather whips, a variety of floggers and several riding crops. Gregory chuckled as he took down a short tailed leather flogger and snapped it across his forearm, immediately turning it a bright red. Holding the arm out for Catherine to see, he asked, "What do you think little one?"

"Interesting, master." Catherine was trying to remain invisible to and unheard by the clerk! Gregory took down one of the crops, again using it on his forearm. The snap of the leather on his arm echoed through the store and bright red welts raised immediately on his arm. "Wouldn't this look fantastic on your lovely cheeks, little one?"

The clerk chuckled as he rustled the paper, watching them.

Catherine had followed Gregory as he was exploring. She looked up to see the clerk's stained toothed grin as she said, "Yes master, if that would please you." She stepped back into the display rack and had to turn quickly to keep it from falling over. She could not believe she was gripping a huge device labeled "butt plug" in one hand and a "double dong" in the other! Catherine felt she could die of humiliation as she first steadied the rack, then had to bend down on the other side to pick up and replace the things that had fallen from the rack to the floor. The clerk openly leered as her unbuttoned dress slid off her legs, nearly leaving her exposed. And he laughed openly as Gregory described each item and its use as she picked it up off the floor. There were three different sized dildos, several butt plugs, a couple of large, colorful vibrators and something that looked like a large hair clip with beads attached to the closed end. It was labeled "clit clamp."

Catherine glanced up at Gregory in exasperation as his banter played to the clerk. He was having a ball; She was ready to leave!

When everything was restored, Gregory selected a clit clamp and a small flogger to go with the nipple clamps, handing each to his Catherine to hold. When he was finally ready to go, he led Catherine toward the checkout, commenting just loud enough for the clerk to hear, "Don't you just love new jewelry and blushers, little one?" His laugh was wicked.

"Yes master." Her voice was strained, and she could not look at the clerk. Catherine was further embarrassed when she had to hand each item to the clerk, whose eyes went to the very place they would be used on her as he rung them up. Gregory paid for them and left the bag containing the items on the counter for Catherine to pick up. The clerk was actually licking his lips before he said to Gregory "She otta be great with that stuff. She's one hot babe, man!"

Catherine looked for a postage stamp she could hide under.

"Can't wait for her to model them!" Gregory replied as he was turning to leave... and stepped right into a woman who had silently entered from the back room. Gregory almost knocked her over, reaching to steady her by grabbing both her arms.

The woman, who was likely in her late teens or early twenties, looked like she had weathered many more years. Dressed in a very worn, completely transparent teddie, she had once been very attractive. Her long, dark hair had not been cared for, and she was extremely thin, wasted away. Her drawn face and sunken eyes said volumes about how she was abusing herself with drugs and poor diet and who knew what else! In a steady stream, she burst out "I gotta great show for ya two in da back if youse want. Lots of close up pussy and tits." Lifting hers as she said this. "It's cheap! And for a couple a more bucks I'll do myself while youse watch. Youse ain't cops are ya? If not, for $5 either of you can touch me anyway ya wanna." Her eyes were begging, moving from Gregory to Catherine and back.

Gregory quickly released her and stepped back, reaching for Catherine's hand, anxious to move on now! "No thanks, I'll have everything I need when I get home!" He quickly led his Catherine from the store and into the car.

The rest of the way home, Gregory and Catherine talked about what they had together and how fortunate they were to share their lives with one another.

It was not until they got home that Gregory had his Catherine model her new accessories. He loved the look and reactions of the chained clamps accentuating her full breasts. The clamp below left her extremely ready for his more intense personal attention, and the flogger brought a rosy glow to her bottom, thighs and, later, breasts that Gregory always enjoyed. Their first "real" adult toys brought them years of pleasure, but they never forgot the comparison of what they shared with how others had fallen.

They knew what they shared was unique... and very special.