Under the Three Moons

by Michael

Tal (Gorean for hello) and greetings,

Gorean D/s is based upon a series of 25 books written under the pseudonym John Norman. He introduced the series in the mid 1960's and published 25 Gor novels through 1988. There was to have been a 26th book published in the late 1990's but due to financial difficulties it was cancelled. There is a group currently working on getting all 25 books reprinted and the infamous book 26 published. The books were believed controversial in their content. He describes a world that supports "Institutional Slavery" but is diverse and tolerant of culture and race. Most of the peoples described have been taken from the Earth at an earlier period in history and prevented from developing into a technological society by a mysterious race of creatures known only as the Priest Kings.

The story line appears to be based on the beliefs of a society of philosophers founded by Pythagorus who was born on the Greek isle of Samos in 580 BC. An example of these beliefs includes the concept of a Central Fire that separates the Earth from a Counter Earth. There is a key character in the series that is named Samos. This should be of no surprise since John Norman (Lange) is a Doctor of Philosophy.

Because most of the Western Civilizations do not condone the institution of slavery that leaves only voluntary slavery, unless you are willing to take a chance on kidnapping and unlawful detainment charges. A woman may be enslaved on many levels. And that level may change with time or with other activities that may be taking place. We live in a far more complex society than that on GOR. Kajira on Earth often have employment outside the home, children to care for and all the pressures applied by today's fast paced lifestyle. Norman describes a world in which the pleasure slaves have little to do during the day but clean her master's small chambers and prepare for their master's pleasure come evening. On Earth, a kajira is often up with the sun, feeding children and Master. Off to work or even worse staying home and chasing behind some number of off spring. But even with all this, the kajira that has found her heart and her belly will be ready for a pleasurable evening with her Master upon his arrival.

Despite what many believe, Goreans are not by nature cruel to their kajira. I know several couples that are married or cohabiting but live a Master-kajira relationship. These couples seem happy and healthy and stay together a long time. Some couples will decide to have a second and sometimes a third girl join the "House". When this occurs, the master's favorite is often assigned or otherwise rises to the position of "First Girl". She would be responsible for the running of the house as far as the kajira are concerned. She should insure that they are trained and ready to provide for the master's needs. It is not uncommon for the second and third girls to compete heavily for her position. This of course keeps all the girls at their best.

Some of the differences that may be found in a Gorean home include the use of a "love" or ravagement lamp. This is either an oil or candle filled lamp that is lit to tell the neighbor's that it is not a good time for a visit. Often the sounds of delightful bells can be heard emitting from the ankles of the kajira in the house. On Gor like Earth a girl is belled because it pleases the master and it helps keep track of the girl as she proceeds through the house. Anniversaries are often celebrated monthly on the day of a kajira's capture and collaring. This is to signify the joy and pleasure that she brings her master. A kajira may often wear slave silks. These are diaphanous bits of silken material to make her feel more naked then naked. Then there is the collar, most kajira wear at least a symbolic collar 24/7. This helps remind them of who and what they are. My Mika feels incomplete when it is removed even for a quick cleaning. Mika has three collars that adorn her neck. The first is a thick leather one that has three D-rings placed 90 degrees apart. The second is a simple serpentine silver collar that she wears daily. It could be referred to as her street collar and third is a thick hinged sterling silver collar with a mechanical lock in the back that produces a distinctive click when closed. This collar was purchased with a matching bracelet. The total weight of the two pieces is 160 grams. Mika wears this to local lifestyle events and activities that require a more "dressed" appearance.

In the Gorean series the masters did not use corporal for pleasure. The girls in the series deeply feared the Gorean five bladed whip. Unlike our fictional counterparts, terran Goreans often engage in activities that may be viewed as more traditional BDSM. Mika can often be found bound and striped from the sting of a bamboo cane, riding crop or my Heartwood Deerskin flogger. Of course there is a great difference between using those items for pleasure and using them for punishment. Mika finds great pleasure in properly applied corporal for pleasure but much like her chain sisters in the novels, Mika deeply dislikes being punished though often requires it (wiry grin).

In the upcoming months Mika and I will tell you our story. How we met. How she went from a VT kajira to RT. You will also come to hear of a most profound event. Mika was branded on the twelfth month anniversary. A real brand. Third degree burns and scabbing and keloids. We will give you all the details including pictures in just a couple of installments.

My goal for this column is to promote acceptance of those that wish to follow the traditions, customs and rituals as outlined in the Gor novels. In many venues the word Gor will bring about deep seeded prejudices. Gorphobia runs deep in newsgroups and in many traditional BDSM organizations. If over the next few months I shed some light on this lifestyle that I have enjoyed for about twenty-seven years I will have accomplished my task.

I always enjoy hearing from Goreans and non-Goreans alike. Feel free to write with questions or comments to Michael@desertvista.com