January/February 2001
But... I don't LIKE Pain!
by Master Bleu

You say that you do not like pain and thus are not interested in this lifestyle. I have heard it a thousand times before and in almost every case the person making that statement retracts it once they find out how 'erotic' some pain can be.

Follow along with me and see if you don't change your mind. I would almost be willing to bet that you have ventured into this lifestyle in the past and not even realized it.

Before we begin we are going to make a few assumptions about you and your sexual background. First, we assume that you are sexually active and have, or have had, a steady partner. Second, we assume that you have been active long enough that you have experienced many of the different lovemaking positions available to you.

We are going to discuss a position that I think that most of you have been in before and we shall try to do it in such a way that it does not cause you to blush, too much.

We are going to assume that while making love with your partner, at one time or other, you have been on top with your partner laying on his back. While on top, your partner has had full access to your breasts and has taken full advantage of that position.

We are now going to assume that at some point in time you have leaned forward just a little bit so that your lover could take your nipples into his mouth. He nibbles and you both are getting closer to where you need to be. The closer you get, the more excited he becomes and the more aggressively he nibbles. You feel little twinges of pain mixed with the good feeling of his nibbles. Not enough pain to kill your erotic feeling but enough to add that extra bit of stimulation that brings you closer to that special moment. He is getting closer, you are getting closer, the nibbling intensifies and in moments you find yourself


Just before you reach that magic moment, I want for you to stop and remove yourself from that situation. Place yourself, if you will, walking in your local shopping mall. If someone were to walk up to you at that very minute and squeeze your nipple with the exact amount of pressure that you were receiving with your lover, you would scream out in pain without a doubt. However, back in bed, you were about to scream out for a much different and much more enjoyable reason.

Let's take a moment and examine the two types of pain that you just felt. One was very erotic and enjoyable and the other was neither erotic nor pleasurable. Both were exactly the same but under different circumstances are received in totally opposite ways. My question to you would be, which would you prefer, the erotic pain or the non-erotic pain? I think most of you would vote erotic every time.

Now For Some Enlightenment!

Believe it or not, if you have ever found yourself enjoying a scene similar to the one you just read about then you have entered, even if just briefly, into the world of BDSM. But it was not a terrible, torturous, degrading experience it was something nice and pleasurable with my lover you say. Very true! Most people do not have a clear picture of what this lifestyle is all about and thus think it to be a dark and terror filled thing. Not at all, it is both loving and warm and can be very fulfilling for both partners.

BDSM is not about intense pain and degradation, rather just enough erotic pain to enhance the orgasms and build the bond of trust and love between partners.