January/February 2001
On Subspace:  The perspective of a female submissive
by celeste

Imagine flight without power, without wings and yet you soar. Imagine knowing everything and nothing. No coherent thought and yet no thought unclear.  Perfect understanding in the midst of utter chaos. Complete darkness amongst blinding light. Every nerve heightened to the point where there is no feeling. Every brain cell screaming independence in a melange of joining. Imagine the universe imploded while exploding and you have begun to scratch the surface of subspace. It is the inner, the selfish, the outer, the selfless. It is all for you and nothing for you. It is the ultimate mental trip taken with your physical self. It is of you and in you and for you and because of you and yet it is also the complete juxtaposition of eternity and the total connection of everything. It is the duality of oneness. It is the state of complete detachment and togetherness. Subspace is where humans are gods yet do not exist. If this all sounds like contradiction it is because there is no describing subspace.. there is only the experience. The vast majority of submissive will never attain the levels needed to gain access to the realm.. the vast majority of Masters would not know what to do with a sub that was there.. and once attained it is no guarantee you will be allowed back. Subspace is a state of mind when your state of being is ready.. it is the enhancement of self by releasing all you know and all you are and just being.. it is space without vacuum, breath without oxygen, life without blood. It is and is not all things. It is and is not nothing. It is the closest thing to death you will experience, it is the richest form of life. But let me warn you, nothing can prepare you for the submissive just coming out of subspace. The reactions run the gamut of emotion.. she may laugh uncontrollably or cry hysterically or both. She may shake, sweat, curse you and deny herself. Without fail, there is one certainty.. she will 'need' her Master/Top.


Aftercare is always important, but I cannot stress enough how imperative it is for the submissive leaving subspace. A blanket, something to hydrate, preferably electrolytes and a Master's arms will go a long way to alleviate her fears and help her calm down. (I have spoken to a number of people that truly just want to be left alone after coming down, especially if they are coming down from subspace with a play partner as opposed to a life partner or SO. Individual's vary and it's something you should talk about before scening with someone.)

This is very important.. without proper aftercare.. subspace can cause 'damage' to a submissive. Reassurance of your love is the best medicine. Don't assume she knows this.. tell her.. spoken communication is the surest

way to bring your submissive back .. her tears are an honor to you, her laughter is pure joy. You will join an elite membership when you take your submissive to space .. as will she. If you truly need to fly in space, you must allow it to happen.. don't be afraid of what's out there.

In leather and bondage,